SCANDAL: Ex-Ghana captain CK Akunnor tried to have sex with me, Maxwell Konadu's wife reveals

CK Akunnor is a former coach of Ghanaian giants Hearts of Oak

CK Akunnor is a former coach of Ghanaian giants Hearts of Oak

By Ameenu Shardow

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Wife of assistant Ghana coach Maxwell Konadu, Linda has made a shocking revelation of an attempt by ex Black Stars captain Charles K. Akunnor to have sex with her.

According to Linda Konadu, her husband does not see eye-to-eye with his ex international colleague due to his failed attempt to have her in his bed even at the time she was married.

Linda Kondau revealed in a tape aired by Accra-based Happy FM: “He [Akunnor] used to have a drum he plays like the PWD drum and when he saw me, he noted that ‘I can f*** this woman.

“But I told him that I am not the type of married women with footballers who have sex with their colleague footballers.

“It for this reason Maxwell [Konadu] is not free with him.”

Linda has remained married to the assistant Black Stars trainer well over a decade in a marriage that is blessed with children.

Her revelation is however likely to trigger an internal reprehension from his known introvert husband who is currently away in the UK with Ghana head coach Kwesi Appiah on national team duty.


  1. That´s true Germany says:

    this guy is crazy, that´s what he was doing here in Germany when he was playing for Wolfsburg…
    Cray STUPID guy.

    • Papa Nkrumah says:

      But I blame GSN for all this. I really don’t think it’s necessary that they go on and on about people’s wives when everybody has issues.
      And the contradiction is annoying…
      “Her revelation is however likely to trigger an internal reprehension from his known introvert husband who is currently away in the UK with Ghana head coach Kwesi Appiah on national team duty.”
      How can you tell us that Maxwell will be angry with this news when you claim through his wife that he already knows that’s why he is not cordial with CK Akornor?
      Please we are tired of this kind of news when we have only a few months to the World Cup.

  2. innocent says:

    This is a spots page and not for private matters.
    Kindly provide us with sports new and not some private issues.

    • spellBOUND says:

      oh brother, thank u. i stated the same thing days ago with the article on didier zakora’s divorce and some fools were ready to cut off my head…. how many reputable sports sites out there report things irrelevant on the field, let alone of former players… this is pathetic reporting and a joke to sports journalism…

  3. PAPA-KA-NAWU says:


    Even, trainers are trying to lure TRAINERS wifes to have SEX..GFA must rescind their appointment to STEPHEN APPEAH cos that dude dont have nothing to say but rubbish if this ALLEGATIONS are true.

  4. Asenegal says:

    Eei CK. Akoa p3 maa

  5. Asenegal says:

    CK. Woshua wati

  6. Troy says:

    Eii 3y3 as3m o hmmmm . But thE guy insulting Stephen Appiah should tone it down. Its uncalled for

  7. Benito says:

    Please we don’t wanna hear peoples private matters,we want relevant sports news.who cares if they are having threesome and foursomes.

  8. wilson says:

    it was in the news sometime ago that this linda woman is a flirt. when ck made his advances was maxwell there? what some of these women do is the hang around these fan-seeking footballers in their group and will jump into bed with any of them who makes an advance until they force to settle with 1.

  9. selfmade says:

    All these revelations are totally nonsenses!!! We are fed up with this bullshits!! With all due respect to our Ghanaian football wives, they should have respect for themselves because their utterances and behaviors are portraying nothing than desperate whores!! We are tired of this nonsenses!! They should stop this!! The Ghanaian media should start show some class!! Too many villagers in the media profession!!! Our Ghanaian women should stop allowing irresponsible Ghanaian media men to use them for their unprofessional news!! RESPECT WOMEN, VILLAGE JOURNALISTS!!

  10. ampomah ernest says:

    dis is very bad he needs 2 be question

  11. kuukuphilly says:

    As3m b3ba dabi…

  12. Bongo says:

    I said it, to stop publishing prayers wife matters on sports page not to bring confusion to d team. Why????. u see d flare flame now, increasing

  13. A concerned citizen says:

    What is going on..This guy was once connected to Odatey’s wife and now Konadu’s wife “as3m b3ba dabi”

  14. ogyam says:

    U marry a woman U met at a party…what do U expect when U are away?

  15. nkwanyede says:

    C.K. paaa wo p3 3mmaaa dodo because all marital problems are associated with you.
    your body sweet u

  16. spellBOUND says:

    hahaha, the heading for this article is too funny….. this news is just pathetic…. no comment… smh

  17. benito says:

    So why are you coming out now to disgrace yourself?what made you to confess?who knows whether he actually slept with you.women are all the same.they have one mother.just tell the world that he slept with you and not that he attempted to.

  18. sticky Straw says:

    I don’t think this is true ,if it were to true then I don’t ck akunnor should be ban from going to presidential palace else he gonna cause a havock there .Mr mahama pls don’t allow ck in

  19. wilson says:

    was konadu there when CK said what he is being alleged to have said?
    if the bad blood between the 2 ex footballers was because CK made advances to Linda, then it presupposes that Linda had already told konadu therefore, no internal reprehension can be triggered again.
    granted that CK said it, was it not possible like is usual of women, Linda went wriggling her waist in the sight of CK just to illicit that comment and then black mail him?
    is it not common knowledge that footballers & musician spouses usually dangle themselves amongst footballers or musicians for fun and anytime could fall pray to any of them willingly?
    haven’t we heard that Linda loves doing the thing here & there and that might have made CK to feel that he could also have a go?
    have also forgotten that maxwell is GFA darling thatwhy why he was moved from wa all stars to kotoko to meteors to blackstars to under 20 to local blackstars where even at a point made to replace CK? wouldn’t that be a more plausible reason why there could be the so called bad blood? CK played for under 17, under 20, under 23 and eventually played & captained blackstars. apart from meteors did konadu play for the blackstars?

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