Sports Minister calls for respect for Black Stars drummer/entertainer Joseph Langabel

Joseph Langabel in full force with the Black Stars team

Joseph Langabel in full force with the Black Stars team

By Ameenu Shardow

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Ghana’s Sports Minister Elvis Afriyie Ankrah has defended the inclusion of a drummer/entertainer in a 10-member supporting staff for the Black Stars at the 2014 World Cup.

Joseph Langabel, a professional painter is the man mandated to keep the Black Stars players motivated and entertained during major tournaments.

His humorous poems are always a great comic relief to both players and officials during assignments.

His role has however been brought into scrutiny after the Ghana FA signed an agreement with a firm to provide entertainment for the team during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Many believe Langabel’s inclusion is a waste of scarce resources as he has been captured in the breakdown of the approved $9.8m budget for Ghana’s campaign at the World Cup.

Langabel in his elements

Langabel in his elements

But Sports Minister Elvis Afriyie Akrah insists Langabel’s role is crucial for the team’s success in Brazil and therefore must not be compromised but rather given the fullest of respects.

“People who do their work well need to be respected no matter how small it is,” the Sports Minister said at a press conference earlier in the week.

“Ask the players themselves how much they are motivated by the singing, dancing and drumming they engage in before matches.

“It should not be discounted. The drummer plays a very important role for the team”

Langabel provides other vital services to the Black Stars team apart from his core mandated of entertainment.


  1. b4world says:

    yes i agree with the GFA,the drummer is a key part of the team motivation,the drummer old african spirit charger,an energy booster, a drive and a reminder of their people,the talking drum,that was how our ancestors who was taken into slavery across the world survived,revive and able to fight and revolt in slavery,check ur history if u don’t know,that was why the talking drum was banned in the usa during slavery.

  2. kuukuphily says:

    Langabell all the way,people are talking like they don’t know what kind of effect jamma has on players b4 a part of our lives and can never be eradicated.

  3. Benny says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with the drummer.l love the singing and dancing scene of the black stars.
    However what l detest is the so call placenta healer.

  4. Edem - Toronto says:

    I love the atmosphere drums before, during, and after games had on me as a school boy. Something i missed moving away. He is a must for the tournament. I bet if someone made a kickstarter account for the drummer people would spare their hard earned cedis to get him there. I think there are ways to trim the budget and keep him.

  5. Benito says:

    The role of this drummer can’t be overlooked,it brings a lot of fun in the camp and very motivating..jamma,can play a lot on the psychic of the team.

  6. Kofi(Atlanta) says:

    I support Langabel inclusion100%. Those of us following the Black Stars abroad and especially away matches, love the atmosphere this guy always bring. Thrust me, the players will even pay for this guy to be with them. I give hime money anytime we are together because he brings unity and entertainment not only for the player but the management and we the supporters.
    I really love this guy.
    The second person I will love to see in Brazil is Songo. He is always funny and good dude.

  7. Keleele says:

    Agreed! This Langabel guy is awesome. He plays a major role in the psyche of the boys.He is already on the plane. Go Langabel! Go Black Stars!

  8. selfmade says:

    This sports minister has nothing better doing than interfering in the affairs of the bs! Is becoming so ridiculous that such a young, energetic man is VISIONLESS in terms of developing other unknown sports in the country! He has become MINISTER OF BLACK STARS instead of his portfolio!! IS HE THE SPOKESPERSON FOR THE BS OR WHAT! Is indeed a big shame that such that our sports minister has abadoned his other works whiles doing PR for the national team and even going away the way of talking about the DRUMMER OF OUR NATIONAL TEAM! This is ridiculous and it shows how un-serious and jokers that this nation has become!! Boxing is dying, volleyball is dying, athletics is dying and moreover Ghana is performing abysmally in the Olympics games and most of our athletes are naturalizing for other countries and instead of this man focusing on this and improving other sports in the country, he has all the governmental time to talk about the BS DRUMMER!! NATION OF JOKERS INDEED!!

  9. selfmade says:

    These PR work should be perform by the gfa spokesman but NOT A WHOLE SECTOR MINISTER! Appearance and personality is everything and for a sport minister to have all the time to do these petty PR jobs portrays him as not serious!!

  10. selfmade says:

    A whole sports minister having all the time in the world to talk about bs drummer whiles other serious stuffs in our sport sector has been relegated to the background!! Sports minister indeed!! E.T. mensah is even more competent than this visionless minister!! NATION OF CHOKERS AND JOKERS!!

  11. 21guns says:

    I support this 100%,his inclusion will boost moral and entertainment

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