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Sports ministry's seminar calls for term limits for Ghana FA President

Published on: 13 July 2014
Kwesi Nyantakyi has led the Ghana FA for the past nine years

A two-seminar by the Ministry of Youth and Sports has recommended a modification of the football constitution to limit the terms of the president of Ghana Football Association (GFA).

The proposition was announced at the end of a two-day retreat of the seasoned administrators in Accra, Saturday.

The constitution currently allows the sitting president to contest for re-election once the four-year-term expires.

But the eminent managers say the term of the president should be limited to two-terms.

Ghana's shambolic outing at the 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament prompted calls for shake up in the football administration.

Issues of player indiscipline coupled with alleged poor management decisions dominated the headlines which culminated in the Black Stars' early exit from the tournament after amassing just one out of a possible nine points required to advance to the next stage.

It is the team's poorest outing at the tournament after exhibiting remarkable performances in their previous appearances in Germany 2006 and South Africa 2010.

President John Mahama has since constituted a three-member committee to investigate the issues arising out of Ghana's partaking in the quadrennial global showpiece.

The Sports Ministry in collaboration with the GFA also invited 60 knowledgeable persons including, administrators, referees, ex-national team players, coaches and journalists to the two-day retreat to advise on how to properly manage the game in the country.

Joy Sports' Benedict Danquah reports from the Best Western Hotel at Airport Residential Area, Accra where the event took place, that the Eminent football administrators also proposed a number of changes to the country’s football management, especially at the national level.

If the proposal is accepted and formalised, then the current FA president, Kwesi Nyantkayi would have to shelve any conceived plans to contest at the next congress.

The FA is preparing to go for congress next year to elect new executive officers and it is believed, Mr. Kwesi Nyantakyi may be gearing up for a third successive term.


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  • Rasheed says:
    July 13, 2014 06:40 am
    @PITO why are you looking for Akua Doris?.Do you want to give her to Nyantskyie to marry or do you want to marry her?.
  • ghanaluv says:
    July 13, 2014 05:08 am
    so how do u propose we deal with FA chairs who become bigger than their shoes and will not listen to advice from the public. mind you such a person can become a mogabe once he buys the people who will vote him to office. so we should remain powerless and see the nations passion takes a nosedive.Even if we want change for example how do we stop corruption in the FA. i think demanding 2 terms can be seen as public interest which fifa allows
  • PITO says:
    July 13, 2014 04:20 am
    I am looking for akua Doris.Has anybody seen her around?
  • selfmade says:
    July 13, 2014 03:51 am
    This government is just wasting tax payers monies as usual! They don't even know what they are doing or up to! All these recommendatins ll be thrown out by FIFA! FIFA is the legitimate governing body of world football and the have their own rules, regulations and laws that governed their respective associations or member states and hence all these so called experts recommendations ll be relegated to the back burner by FIFA! Checked the list of these experts and tell me if they have not contributed in one way or another for the total collapse of football in this country! They are all part and parcel of our present conditions and some of them are still active members of the so called exc. members and whatever u! As I said early, the only way for Ghana to probe the gfa is for the government to petition FIFA with respect to the match fixing allegations by our fa president and use that as the stand or platform to investigate this corrupted entity! This is the only way out! We have had about 30 of these useless, tax wasting football committee from time immemorial and none of them has yielded us any positive dividends and this one is another wild goose chase! This is another way of wasting our scarce resources and nothing better ll come out of it! If they want to bring democracy at gfa, then we are in for the total collapse of our football because I can see NDC/npp dirty politics crippling in and most of the issues ll end up in high court! Those so called experts doesn't even know the implications of their actions because dirty politics mixed with tribalism will be the order of the day at the fa and is clear that those pushing for this has their own agendas and schemes! As for me and myself, I know that FIFA will as usual throw out all these so experts opinion to the dustbin because FIFA controls what goes on in each of its member state and Ghana is no exception! Fifa rules are the same for all its member state with regard to elections and if this is what our eminent football experts are wasting time to deliberate on, then am sorry to say that they don't even know the rules that governed FIFA rules! Finally, the recommendations by the so called experts ll be given to the government to implement ams that's where FIFA LL descend hard on us! Lack of knowledge my people perish!
  • ghanaluv says:
    July 13, 2014 03:57 am
    nyantakyi is not as invincible as he thought we need a new face to curb his autocracy and all knowing posture least no third term for him and stepping down as BS chair is enough punishement for sending a weak coach to the world cup. next time listen to the people!
  • Ansong says:
    July 13, 2014 04:01 am
    All the 3 Kumasi coaches must be fired.before the GFA officials.because none of them has UEFA coaching license,and tactically blind.
  • selfmade says:
    July 13, 2014 04:12 am
    The so called term limits for the fa presidency ll as usual be turn into dirty tribal based politics by foot soldiers from both political divide and I can see a nasty scenario planning out from the election! With this so called election, the same incompetent people ll be voted into office and probably the election ll be rig in favor of the incumbent gov candidate and u don't have to be a ROCKET SCIENTIST to know that FIFA ll deal ruthelessly with us! So this is what our so called experts are wasting time deliberating on!! Lol! OMG! Sometimes, I simply can't believe how we can give useless titles to people who don't even qualify to be called by these titles! Eminent football personalities INDEED! These so called eminent personalities should debate on the fundamental core issues affecting the game of football and not this trivial issues of election which FIFA wldnt allow! The FIFA election rules are UNIVERSAL FOR ALL MEMBER STATE AND CONTINENTAL BODIES and that's why ISSA HAYATOU can still seek for re-election without FIFA stepping in! There is no term limit in FIFA's book and these so called experts didn't even know about it! This is indeed one of the most ridiculous ideas that has ever been proposed by people who should have known better! Two year term for fa presidency ll be more BLOODIER THAN THE GENERAL ELECTION considering how the fact that the fa is the BLACK GOLD OR GOLDFIELD! A term limit can push ANY FOOT SOLDIER without any knowledge about football to be become the fa president and this is Ghana whereby propaganda win elections! As much as I want NYANTAKYI to go, this is the wrong way to go because the so call term limit ll finally nail our coffins because when a new president is elected, he ll use his first term to recuperate all the money lost during the elections time! Corruption ll be the order of the day and nepotism cum tribalism ll be the order of the day! Common sense is common but not common to common people! I rest my case!
  • coach says:
    July 13, 2014 07:10 am
    @Selfmade, I am very much disappointed in you and your write ups. I wonder if it is really you because truly, you are not making any sense what soever. You want Nyatakyi with his incompetence, corrupt and arrogant posture to remain FA president forever right? Let me remind you that the FA and Ghana football is for Ghanaian s and not FIFA. Again, FIFA does not fund or finance our football, it's the government which does. Ghanaians have every right to alter our football rules to suit ourselves and not Fifa. Just look at how arrogant Nyatakyi has become, he thinks the fa is his family property, he does things with gross disregard and extreme disrespect to Ghanaians,he thinks he is even above Ghana because he thinks FIFA is behind him so he has every right to do wrong things with impunity, showing us contempt we do not deserve. At least, this will put a stop to his thievery and arrogance, FIFA can go to hell, this is our nation and our football,we have every right to change our rules to suit our interest when the need be.
  • Boro says:
    July 13, 2014 08:57 am
    Then Ghana must as well create its own WC or any FIFA organised tournaments?
  • selfmade says:
    July 13, 2014 01:04 pm
    Every Blackman thinks that election is the answer to our problems! Is not about elections as elections are different from DEMOCRACY! We can change the fa president as much as we want but if the basic problems are not addressed, these elections are nothing than musical chairs! The fa knows the fundamental problems that am talking about and this is what they should tackles rather than this so called term limit! Thee issues are many and is clear as crystal! The term of the fa presidency is least of our problems and those clamoring for it has their own agenda and no matter what they say here, FIFA LL BLOCK IT! FIFA ll allow the Ghana government to dictate to her on how football are run and any attempt to do so ll bring down the wrath of FIFA on us that's why I was saying that the time they wasted on this time limit is ureasonable to say the least! They should be talking about how to improve our local league, proper sponsorships, good training facilities, our football philosophy etc, I mean things that are doable not election or time limit for the fa! Ghanaians are simply naive and even those that ought to know better, sometimes fall into the same trap! Ghana is part of a global organization called FIFA, and its is guarded by rules and regulations and hence we are not an island to ourselves! What has fas presidency time limit gotta to do with what happened in Brazil? Amazing! We alslways have mISPLACED PRIORITIES rather than tackling the hardcore of the problem! The questions they should be asking now is, WHERE IS THE REST OF THE APPERANCE FEE? How many FA members were sent to Brazil? Why did the appearance fee delayed? Why has our players been using JUJU on themselves etc .. These are the questions that needs immediate answers not pressing self destructive and personal agenda's!
  • Kwabena says:
    July 13, 2014 02:40 pm
  • Soccer Brian says:
    July 14, 2014 11:58 am
    I totally agree with Selfmade tax payers money is being watered on fruitless venture , the real issues must be address