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Stephen Appiah wants John Mensah and Richard Kingson in Ghana squad for World Cup play-offs

Posted On Saturday, 21st September 2013
Stephen Appiah (left). John Mensah (middle) and Asamoah Gyan

Stephen Appiah (left). John Mensah (middle) and Asamoah Gyan

Ex-Ghana captain Stephen Appiah wants John Mensah and Richad Kingson to return to the Black Stars for the 2014 FIFA World Cup play-offs.

Mensah, Ghana’s General skipper, has been inactive since leaving Rennes at the end of the season.

Kingson has returned to active football after signing for Cypriot side Doxa during the transfer window.

Ghana face difficult home and away ties against seven-time champions Egypt for a place in Brazil.

The Black Stars host the Pharaohs in the first leg on October 15 at the Baba Yara and the return between 15-19 November.

Appiah, who quit international football after the 2010 World Cup finals in South Africa, has ruled out rescinding his decision.

But the former Juventus player believes the wealth of experience of Mensah and Kingson will be crucial for the Black Stars.

“No I have no plans to return to Black Stars but I pray the likes of John Mensah, Richard Kingston and other experienced players who are still in active football will find their boot and return to the Stars because the country need them in times like this,” Appiah said.

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  1. vybz says:

    well said capitano, our defense looks shaky and our goalkeeper is below his best …if we realy serious, we wud call them back ….in addition , baba rahman , muntari, nana kwesi asare ,frank acheampong are all needed in black stars

    • Africanus says:

      I beg to disagree to this call. Mensah can hardly play 90 full minutes. We can’t risk taking unfit players into such a crucial encounter. We should stop sounding so desperate, what we need is energetic crop of players who can play as a team. Matches are won by a team not by individuals. Yes, our defence line is weak, but a good coach should be able to come up with the right combination of players to do the job.

      • anokwale says:

        You are right. We get to desperate when big games come up. I saw someone on another site mention calling Junior Agogo!! If we are a football nation, we should feel that even if we had to field a B team because of injuries, we could still win. Other nations field B teams with confidence and do not start mentioning names of old.

    • afrikaba1 says:

      We also need Mohammed Polo bcos he has a lot of experience and he still play football every sunday. Nkwasiasem!!!



  2. selfmade says:

    We need mensah period and he should play!!! We can work on his fitness!!! He is still the best central defender!!

  3. John Sisko says:

    We do not really need Mensah, but we surely need Ole Le le Kingston,

  4. anokwale says:

    I cannot believe that people are calling for Olele. He is old and too short. A taller goalie can make a difference on those shots just under the crossbar. Remember Forlan at the WC? A taller golie might have deflected that one.

    • spellBOUND says:

      Your point is flawed brother. A taller keeper would also not have reacted fast enough on the numerous ground balls that Kinston saved against USA. Think brother. life’s full of tradeoffs.

      • anokwale says:

        My counter is that I am sure that all in this sight would be hard pressed to name more than two world class goal keepers that are under 5’10″. I think that height really does matter when we are talking about the goal keeper position. This is why even though the USA is behind the rest of the world in football, their first players in the Barclays Premier League were goalies. All of them had basketball or volleyball backgrounds. In fact, Tim Howard had a try out with the Harlem Globetrotters. My point is that if you are a championship team, a short goalie is not going to do it unless that goalies has some of the best reflexes and a basketball type vertical leap.

        • spellBOUND says:

          I understand your point and the height issue, but again LIFE IS FULL OF TRADEOFFS. either you’re short and are a master of midrange and low balls or you are tall and a master of aerial balls. a keeper with both qualities is not very common my friend.

          Also where is the 5’10″ coming from? wikipedia claims kingston is 6’1″. right at the average for goalkeepers.

          • anokwale says:

            Point taken. However, Kingston at 6’1″?? Ha ha ha maybe he was wearing “guarantee”. I have run into a number of the Black Stars in person in Accra and in the USA and the heights of Gyan, Essien and Muntari are exaggerated. I think only Vorsah, Boye, old and young Mensah and Paintsil are actually tall in person. I have not seen Kwarsey or Dauda in person but they look more like 6’1″ or 6’2″. I could be wrong but they are taller than Olele.

          • spellBOUND says:

            LOL. yea bro, i sensed the kingston height is a bit exagerated too.

  5. My friend u hve to talk sense was he nt short in 2006 and in 2010,talk like a man idiot

    • anokwale says:

      Your insult is uncalled for. I hate to tell you this, but there is a reason Olele has not been called by any major club. He is short, old and not that great. He was all we had in the past and he had some good games but if you think he is a top of the line goal keeper then explain why no big club has called him. Even some MLS clubs will not even call him.

      • spellBOUND says:

        @anokwale, age has more to do with him landing a club than height. read my response above. and i dont think hes all we had at the time. adjei was there. you cant say hes all we had because that would mean that the entire nation of ghana with its numerous footballers abroad had only 1 goalkeeper. if thats the case, then only gfa is to be blamed for not conducting adequate search for goalkeepers heading into a world cup.

        francia atta gyasi, your insults are unwarranted. you can make your point without them. thank u.

  6. zambia waatete of[koftown] says:

    Guys plsss stop that, age catch up on them face the fact.

  7. obele says:

    Olele can be appointed as the keepers trainer but not a keeper bcos the guy is over 50 years now. But for john mensah, i say yes we need him.

  8. A concerned citizen says:

    You guys in this forum must slow down. This is simple. Three keepers are called for a tournaments so 1st slot Dauda[ now jittery], 2nd slot Kwarasey[yet to shine in African power soccer] then 3rd slot Olee[ The most experienced world cup material now with a new club though retired from B/S]If Olele comes to justify his inclusion to be in the post so be it if not release him..period..]
    They must also called John Mensah [The gate of gilbrator experienced will stop Abou Trika and Sala]. All loop holes must be sealed before this crucial match with Egypt.

  9. don king says:

    fantastik argument, but i fink d rock is ok, bt olele am scared to say no, his muscles a weak nw

  10. Zambson says:

    Players already selecting players for their coach lmao….

  11. askantwi says:

    ole le is a no no. All the 4 goalkeepers we have now are far better tha Kingson. I don’t know what Stephen Appiah has been drinking or smoking to suggest such Absolute Nonsense.

  12. mr sports says:

    Has de selectn procidure been change,we dont need olele simple bcos no active play, john mensah is injury play derefore short team after one match can again.with dem we beat egypt in de friend. Lt give more train and support what we ve we will win. After all is coach job nor me or u

  13. Zambson says:

    The Ugliest ppl in the world = Ghanians…The new fraud center in the world = Ghana. The only country where they use juju to play soccer = Ghana..A show aired on DR PHIL today showed how little children in Ghana line up in Cybetcafe doing internet scam,frauding ppl….Ghana the doom nation.

  14. Zambson says:

    Ghana has overtaken Nigeria in 419 scam….You guys are truly slaves to Nigerians,you copy everything they do including the bad things.Zambia only copies the good things from Nigerians…

  15. lion-fire says:

    Do people have to really end their sentences with abusive words like idiot. Atta gyasi or whatever you call yourself, please grow up. Fool

  16. Boat says:

    why do u insult a person like ex captain’pls he was only expressing his opinion n nothing more.

  17. dflexq says:

    isaac amoako is even better dan ole le

  18. bossman k says:

    lets call Jesus. LET THE COACH DO HIS JOB

  19. tc soccerman says:

    Fuck Ghana because you lied about your youth team beating Zambia. We beat you and we are playing Niger in the final, so fuck you again modafuckers. You would have beaten us if you cheated on age, but MRI is in use now, you won’t cheat, assholes!

  20. we need mensah even gomaah wil play.i dont even believe in akwasi appiah he shud prove me wrong.

    • spellBOUND says:

      HAHAHAHA, i dont know, but for some reason i found your post really funny. i dont think AA will be proving anyone wrong. we all know the players are winning the games. AA is tactically bankrupt. even though ghana will continue to win, AA will not be the reason.

      thanks for the laugh though.

  21. tc soccerman says:

    Fuck all y’all niggaz, you ain’t responding to my posts, pussies. I am out of this shit. Keek lying bout Zambia, sorry ass bitches. We will wait and return the favor when Zambia host the under-20 in 2017. I can promise I will be in Zambia and not even our cops will stop us. I will mobilize my street people, just to cause havoc on Ghana, bitch asses.

  22. don king says:

    fire burn u nd dat ur mouth@ tc soccerman

  23. African Consciousness says:

    El Capito come on now, John Mensah is done. We have moved on long time ago. The guy has not been able to hold down a job since 2010. I love John Mensah too and I prayed that he will hire a physio and work himself back into action but the guy is a no show and we cannot risk such an important game with him in the line up. Not without any full time Club action. A combo of John Boye, Jonathan Mensah and Rashid Sumaila will do just fine in central defence.

  24. kwame agyei says:

    Eei, how can capito be our future coach? J. Mensah has finished his job, even B team will not sign him that’s y he got no club. I remember prior to 2006 German work cup a lot of ppl were calling Abedi Pele and Anthony Yeboah to be included.
    Let hv confidence on our young and energetic players and they will do the job.God bless Ghana

  25. gently john says:

    For Kwarasey id our best goalkeeper,where Isaac Vorsah?if he is fit he should pair with John Boye that is the best.

  26. gently john says:

    For me Kwarasey is our best goalkeeper,where Isaac Vorsah?if he is fit he should pair with John Boye that is the best.

  27. Sean says:

    People be real please, olele Kingston should be last to think off please please please, the ones we have are far better than him, so if you are thinking well cause he had chance with good players especially defends. With Mensah, yes we do need him as compare him and what we have now. But olele forget it, a keeper who can’t even block penalty and a fee kick, every free kick and penalty that pass through the post is goal. If he is good why he was sack and struggle now with not known club. Please people!!!

  28. Dr Who says:

    Let’s leave the pensioneers alone….football nowadays belong to the youth.

  29. Olonka says:

    @GHFUO u are very funny and I don’t think u r very serious.The premier league has kicked without any sponsorship and former sponsers glo was not able to fulfil even half of the contractual agreement.RTU could not pay the salaries of it’s players for almost a year and u want these establish stars to come and waste their time here?Which club can even pay any of them $2000 a month.Let me tell u that the league is not attractive enough to retain the local players and know wonder Fatau Dauda left to SA just to warm the bench. So we must do our homework first.

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