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Striker James Abban accepts Aduana Stars suspension over 'misinformed' gun allegations against coach Bogdanovic

Published on: 04 March 2014
Ex Hearts of Oak striker James Abban

By Ameenu Shardow, follow on Twitter @alooameenu

Aduana Stars striker James Abban has accepted the indefinite suspension slapped on him by the club for misinforming the public over a fracas with coach Milisav Bogdanovic.

The former Hearts of Oak player accused the expatriate coach of pulling a gun on him in a heated brawl last week.

The club have since established that the striker lied over the gun pulling issue and have consequently suspended him from all club activities.

Abban is also expected to write an apology letter to the club while denouncing earlier ‘misinformed’ statements made in the media over the misunderstanding with the coach.

The player has accepted the punishment slapped on him and says he is sorry.

“I take the suspension in good faith and now I have to apologize to the club, to the team, my fans and the coach,” he told Metro FM.

“The things I said were in the heat of the moment and for that I must be punished.”

Abban joined Aduana Stars at the start of the season after spending just one season at Hearts of Oak.


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  • [email protected] Brazil b3y3 hu huuu hu says:
    March 04, 2014 07:47 pm
    ABBAN REALLY? I hope he's not been forced to accept blame with words forced in his mouth? GFA needs to investigate this and if Abban is truly at fault, give him a year ban at least from soccer for concocting such lies and brouhaha in the league.
  • Lord Dennings says:
    March 04, 2014 06:36 pm
    Boy, do not be coerced to say or do things you did not actually say or do. If in fact you accept the punishment, it means you did not see a gun when you said a gun was pulled on you.If your team is right and/or you accept that no gun was pulled on you, then you need to be punished more than what you are being given. on the other hand, if in fact a gun was pulled on you,but your team is forcing you to make these statements against your will, then shame on your club and you need to re access the situation well before it gets out of hand. When you lied that someone has pulled a gun on you when in fact it did not occur,you are making an allegation of ill magnitude and you need to be punished. The couch could have lost his job, be deported or simply be ridiculed because you made a baseless allegation. Something is fishy here.How could you just say someone pulled a gun on you if you did not see one, how do you accept a punishment without committing a crime. In any case, the crime must fit the punishment and I am not seeing that. Aye hu huu hu