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Sulley Muntari's humble father reveals he warned his son against confrontation at the World Cup

Published on: 03 July 2014
Sulley Muntari punched Moses Parker twice at the World Cup

The humble father of Sulley Muntari has revealed he warned his son against confrontation before the 2014 World Cup and despite the warning the AC Milan star was kicked of the Ghana camp to physically attacking a team official at the tournament in Brazil.

Muntari’s father, Alhaji Muniru Sulley, has already called Black Stars management committee member Moses Armah to apologise to him following the violent unprovoked attack on him by Muntari.

Alhaji Muniru Sulley revealed that knowing his son's hot temper he gave the warning before the AC Milan player departed for the tournament in Brazil.

The Italy-based midfielder slapped the Black Stars Management Committee member, Moses 'Parker' Armah during a meeting to calm the players over their appearance fees.

However, Muntari sprung from his seated to land some blows on the face of the Medeama Sporting Club owner before he was thrown out of the Ghana camp in disgrace.

Muntari’s father is the head of the Hausa community in Dofa, and said: “It’s a shame the incident occurred at all,” and it shouldn’t have assuming Sulley listened to his warnings before leaving for the team left for U.S.A for their pre World Cup schedules.

“He has called me to apologize for his actions, and the first thing I told him was, ‘remember what I told you before you left for camp? As a former coach I know how heated the environment could be, but yet, he went on to do what he did, that’s children for you,” said Muntari’s father in the telephone call.

The scandal had caused many Ghanaian fans to demand the midfielder be banned permanently from the team as an example for future trouble makers.

After the unfortunate event occurred the Ghanaian FA had demanded Muntari apologize before further action was taken, but he declined.

This was not the only scandal to occur in the Ghanaian camp.

The players had threatened not to board a flight to Brasilia to face Portugal in their crucial game until they received the $3.8 million they were owed.

The Ghanaian government had to send a plane with the money to them.

After the incident occurred Alhaji Muniru Sulley called the Ghana FC and begged for forgiveness on behalf of his son.

Alhaji Muniru Sulley has a younger son Sulley Muniru, who plays for CFR Cluj in the Romanian league.


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  • Boro says:
    July 03, 2014 05:50 pm
    Puppy! You son is not hot tempered ooo this behaviour is the effects of taking excess Marijuana ( wee smoking). If this behaviour persist he has to stop else this behaviour can become frequent then lead him to ' ABODAM' that is the icing on the cake. I have lived with people like this before who out of anger resulting from taking 'wee' could go as far as pouring cooked food on a gas burner to put the flame off without necessarily putting the gas itself off for ours and still be sitting in it. Accidental spark and he could have died but this chap is very reputable in society, however he still has this atitude but stops when it becomes frequent. So i know what i am talking about.
  • kojo arko says:
    July 03, 2014 04:55 pm
    The person who wrote this article you are mad!!! you part of GHANA,S problems F**k you
  • Sulley Muntari’s humble father reveals he warned his son against confrontation at the World Cup | Sport Zone says:
    July 03, 2014 11:29 am
    […] Sulley Muntari’s humble father reveals he warned his son against confrontation at the World Cup […]
  • readi 2 dye says:
    July 03, 2014 11:56 am
    To fire akwasi appiah, we first have to get rid of nyantakyi.....nyantakyi is the root of all evil....c nyantakyi try to trick us by making akwasi appiah the center of attention. So please let's concentrate on getting rid of nyantakyi akwasi appiah we follow suit.
  • The bond says:
    July 03, 2014 11:59 am
    GSN stop this PR thing you are doing for GFA.
  • Mumbi says:
    July 03, 2014 12:23 pm
    MOSES ARMAH ARTHUR should also apologise to Alhaji Muniru Sulley for the hard blow he unleashed on Muntari which left him almost dead on the ground.
  • selfmade says:
    July 03, 2014 12:44 pm
    Who wrote this article! U sick bastard!
  • frank says:
    July 03, 2014 01:12 pm
    GSN is owned by the PRO of the FA so its not surprising it is being used to as a PR too for the FA.
  • Draman Appiah says:
    July 03, 2014 01:12 pm
    Shut your beak! Why can't you just write yours too. Foolish donkey.
  • He-goat says:
    July 03, 2014 01:50 pm
  • Nana Yaa says:
    July 03, 2014 02:02 pm
    I am always amazed at how Ghanaians are quick to call for leaders to be sacked. So many people are calling for Nyantakyi and AA to be axed. I don't have a problem about their sacking. My biggest problem is "Are the new leaders we put in place Angels?" We keep screaming for them to be fired...ok let the fire burn them. But please lets make sure that those who take their place are "super righteous". And knowing this my Ghana people if all of you go and seat on that GFA president seat won't you do the same thing? Let him you has not sinned throw the first stone!
  • Kweku Ananse says:
    July 03, 2014 02:08 pm
    @ He-Goat You said it all - One day Muntari could do something horrible such as beating his wife or deliberately kicking the ball into his own net before the supporters of this hot- tempered, incorrigible arrogant will see the monster they are breeding.
  • Rasheed says:
    July 03, 2014 03:29 pm
    Kweku Ananse,can you please tell me a story about kweku Ananse and the he-goat.Thank you.
  • bernardo says:
    July 03, 2014 08:38 pm
    We should thank God 4 everything, Ghanaians do u remember GFA v Mallam Issah,Samuel Osei Kuffour v GFA now Sulley v GFA,may de almighty Allah bless his father he is a father with wisdom,I advise the F.A 2 stop the chop,chop,chop.I will promote sully 2 Bukum Banku,after de F.A v Elvis Ankrah case
  • Kweku Ananse says:
    July 03, 2014 10:34 pm
    @ Rasheed Here's the story you asked for: Once upon a time, a fine you soccer talent started showing poor judgment and troubling behavior toward authorities, family and colleagues. Those fond of him thought he was special and there continued to encourage, defend and cheered him on. Lo and behold the situation grew worse, prompting his dearest peaceful dad to draw some caution, but to no avail. At a routine medical evaluation, the young man was found to be insane. A deep reseach revealed that the young man is our dearest Sulley Ali Muntari. As the Ga says " Omanfo s3k3 anaaa mla".