Sunderland officials to visit Kotoko on Friday

Dr.Sarpong and Sunderland CEO Ms Margaret Bryne

Officials of English Premier League side Sunderland will be in Ghana on Friday to meet Asante Kotoko officials.

The visit forms part of the partnership agreement between the two sides.

Kotoko will take the Sunderland executives to the Manhyia Palace to call on the club’s Patron His Royal Highness Otumfuo Osei Tutu II.

They visit witness the Adarko Jarchie training ground project and the club’s secretariat at Odeneho Kwadaso.

The contingent will also be sent to the Baba Yara Sports Stadium.

In December last year, Kotoko Executive chairman Dr. K.K Sarpong firmed up the implementation of a partnership agreement.

The agreement will see both parties explore various opportunities of mutual interests.

Kotoko will benefit from the coaching, medical and administrative exchange programs while Sunderland will benefit through the signing of players who excel during trials.


  1. never say die says:

    what place of kotoko will sunderland visit oooooo poor club

    • Romeo says:

      We have two complete training pitches, we have our own club secretariate, we have our own newspaper that sells more than any sports paper in ghana, we have our website which is updated every half hour, unlike Hearts whose website has been dormant since 2005. We have Otumfuo, we have five bonafide sponsors, we have two replica Africa cups, twenty-one league cups, twelve FA cups, SWAG cups, and numerous others. Above all we have the fans who love their team and a management and Board who know whats’ up.

      Wanna put on you stinking stupid cup and think properly now?

      • never say die says:

        poor u so will sunderland people sat on the news paper or what or will sunderland people buy ever pure to u.k poor u

        • JC says:

          As a Sunderland supporter I’m glad to see Sunderland supporting clubs not as fortunate as ours around the world, and hope to see more exiting African players at the club, to continue in the recent vain of Mensah & Gyan. Good luck I hope this agreement benefits your club and young players

  2. the truth says:

    Zambia are the best team right now in this tournament

  3. Paul says:

    I love the idea of your great Club being partners with my Team I support Sunderland and I’m looking forward to a great friendship developing between the club and Nations. This to a great friendship developing between Fans and Club ‘WELCOME’. KEEP ON SMILING.

  4. quame says:

    Romeo,we the KOTOKO family are impressed…you will soon be the next communications director…never say die must be crazy…confusing grammar…

  5. Jak says:

    Never say fucking or whatever yr name be,yr club don’t even have a park 2 even trained on,go fuck yrself.kotoko and dat yr ma da fuck club which one be poor club.

  6. Sunderland Fan says:

    I’m a Sunderland fan and this partnership looks like it could be a promising one. I don’t know too much about Kotoko but I’m looking forward to seeing their players make it through the Academy.

  7. SULLEY says:

    somebody better be smart here. they are coming like the way they came durig the slavery time. becareful what these white men bring to your table.

  8. Jealousy go shame!never say die think about ur sinking team but not sunderland visit.

  9. never say die says:

    please come again poor kotoko it true whiles teams are planing how to move their teams forward kotoko is thinking how to allow sunderland steal the little resource from them what can sunderland offer u .

  10. Eric says:

    Stop all these kind of childish and stupid behaviours of yur comments and focus on the big picture. He who have head should listen.

  11. Jak says:

    Stupid,never say die dey have much to offer mine you.

  12. charles says:

    Shame on you all, faabu the best.our marriage with Sunderland is killing them.

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