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Sunderland plotting Asamoah Gyan exit for big cash

Published on: 04 March 2012

Sunderland are reportedly putting plans into place that will allow Asamoah Gyan to leave the club permanently.

The Ghana striker is currently in the middle of a loan spell with UAE side Al Ain.

The 26-year-old is believed to be on a lucrative contract in the Middle East and as a result has no interest in returning to Wearside, according to The People.

Sunderland are happy to allow the centre-forward to depart the club on a permanent basis, but only if they receive a fee in the region of £26m.


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  • Jesse says:
    March 05, 2012 02:14 pm
    @joker,if you were first to get on this page an hour ago,you would have seen the initial post where they put it in black and white 6million.They only made the correction to 26 million hours after they have received bashing from posters on here.Regular visitors to this site know this that GSN are always making typo and changing it later without acknowledging those that pointed the correction to them. I urge you not to make a fool out yourself by jumping to conclusion.If it was 26million like it has been corrected now from 6million,I don't think more than 5 people here will all be blind not to see it.We are wide awake!
  • King Wise Don Fuzzy says:
    March 04, 2012 09:57 pm
    I pray they don't,else they will regret it.
  • 333 says:
    March 04, 2012 09:57 pm
    This site is a complete joke. . . 6 Million, . . . are you kidding me? So where does the information 'reportedly' come from hmmm? Who is the source of your speculation? Might as well rename the site, something along the lines of 'Gyan's own personal management, promotional, and and public relations farcical inc". How about some professionalism to lift this site from the ranks of schoolboy speculation (made up) blog.
  • King Wise Don Fuzzy says:
    March 04, 2012 09:58 pm
    I pray they don't,else they will regret it as they obviously do now.
  • Deadly 45 says:
    March 04, 2012 10:01 pm
    I will be astonished if Gyan is allowed to move for less than £15- £20 million. Stick him in the stiffs if he objects. Alternatively we could sue for damages for breach of contract for more money than he has earned during his want away escapade
  • Jesse says:
    March 04, 2012 10:12 pm
    This news is false.Sunderland is planning to allow Gyan go for' big money' and that is 6million pounds?That is a joke because how much was even the loan spell? Get serious GSN.Is 6million big money?Gyan will be sold to a top English club for not less than 15million pounds.Sunderland dolled out hard earned 13 million pounds for him and he only played less than a season so this news is misleading.It does not hold water.
  • isaac mensah youngface says:
    March 04, 2012 10:55 pm
    only when 26 million pounds not 6m....folks i know gsn has committed a lot of blenders previously but this time u guys are reading it wrong
  • abdulahi says:
    March 04, 2012 11:42 pm
    U guys should read very carefly befor atacking gsn,it is 26 million not 6
  • Itus says:
    March 04, 2012 11:56 pm
    It was 6 mill pounds earlier. someone must have corrected it
  • 333 says:
    March 05, 2012 01:24 am
    Wow. . . Even more embarrassing. Rather than admit a mistake and claim a retraction, blame the reader for not paying attention. I have the page saved in cache. Definitely said "6" million, . . . plus, he ain't worth 26 mil, he has only created an unstable/greedy reputation and has probably devalued himself during his 'sojourn' in Al Ain. He could have had a far greater career and respected reputation, instead he chose the quick buck over developing himself and his game amongst actual competition and criticism.
  • Boba Fett says:
    March 05, 2012 02:02 am
    26m. please read again.
  • dr edusei chicago says:
    March 05, 2012 02:05 am
    your your dawn business. read it or leave the site. im sick and tired of people questioning the source of the imformation.
  • Paul says:
    March 05, 2012 05:35 am
    Gyan is a complete joke, he will never play in the Premier league again. He can not be trusted as he is a selfish sly little fool. We don't want him back at Sunderland AFC
  • 333 says:
    March 05, 2012 10:11 pm
    A Wo/man referring to herself as wise and in the same sentence using the phrase "White Ingrates", . . . sheer folly? "Professing themselves to be wise they became fools." Just because the system is corrupt, we should also become corrupt to keep with the times? And why all the assumptions, labeling with stereotypes benyvv. I have seen this ignorance everywhere, Ghanians (assuming) evidently aren't immune to such. And to whoever made the comment that they are sick of people asking for the source of the information. . . What is this, a news site (a source of information) or virtual toilet paper, up there with the best sensational tabloids and what. . . Raise your own standards, or keep preaching how everyone should just accept things and lower there own. Also. Sessegnon is 10x times the player Gyan is, to whoever said he is the best player for Sunderland, and why would the manager/chairman keep Gyan at the club when he has had his head turned, . . . he would have been a liability, causing dissent and division in the dressing room. The decision made was the correct and only realistic one considering the circumstances. Bendtner who I consider to be fairly crap probably offers us more than Gyan would have this season with his expectations. Gyan can be happy scoring goals for fun against school football level opposition, good luck to him and his career.
  • don says:
    March 05, 2012 08:35 am
    how many times @333 have you in particular talk about ali jarrah here awudu issaka,football is full of uncertainty,for me he should go for the money than the fame,just look at what ghanaians did to him just this ended should know there is life afer football,i know alot of this hearts players that won the caf champions league,they are now struggling to make ends meet,they are well known,but that does not garantee them food.i know alot who are now working in europe just to make it,so hey guys i will say go for the money than the fame.and you should know 100% of ghanaian footballers play to earn a living.
  • Kojo Moscow says:
    March 05, 2012 09:11 am I pray they sell him, so Gyan can make some money for his family!!! Soccer is all about cash now, see Etoó playing in cold Russia
  • benyvv says:
    March 05, 2012 09:55 am
    @ don--you've said it all.Some people comment here as if the people concerned reads the gabbage on GSN. So many of these people who talk rubbish about GYAN'S move have one thing in come. (1)They are sharing the same house or room with their parents. (2)unemployed,have never worked,get up go to their parents for money. (3)never travelled outside of Ghana. (4)Mummy or Daddy's boy who has not tasted hardship before. l don't get it whether it sheer stupidity,ignorance,daftness or plain folly or combination. I want you stupid fools who has developed an insatiable appetite to run insult on GYAN calling him greedy to answer the ff question? (1)DID GYAN GO GO AL AIN BY HIS OWN ACCORD WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF NEIL QUINN? (2)HOW MUCH DID SUNDERLAND POCKETED FROM THE DEAL? (3)DID SUNDERLAND HAD THE POWER TO STOP GYAN'S MOVE? Anybody with 0.1 brain power knows that FOOTBALL these days is all about bussiness. Neil Quinn admitted Gyan's deal was too good to let go. Look at SPURS.Chealsea wanted LUKA MORDRIC at any cost but DAVID LEVI SAID NOT at any price ,to the extend that when LUKA MODRIC PEN IN his transfer request ,DAVID LEVI SAID''I WILL LET YOU ROT ON THE BENCH THAN LET YOU MOVE TO CHEALSEA''. Sunderland chose to do bussiness and yet you have some ignorant pillocks who gets drunk and find a cafe to comment utter garbage. You LOT ARE living in some village in Ghana or some dirty shed some where and talk rubbish. If any of you pays 50% of your monthly salary in tax,plus council tax ,MOT,DVLA TAX,CAR INSURANCE AND MORGAGE YOU WOULD NOT BE COMMENTIN THAT RUBBISH FROM HELL. HOW MANY OF YOU IDIOTS KNOWS THAT OF THE £30,000 A WEEK GYAN GOT PAID AT SUNDERLAND £15,000 GOES STRAIGHT TO THE TAX MAN ,NOT TALKING ABOUT INSURANCE WHERAS AT THE EMERATES HE ONLY PAYS 9%. FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLS.
  • Elsupremo says:
    March 05, 2012 10:49 am
    So why u take am personal. u den asamoah gyan dey share da money. charle u hit aa make u kai me oh!
  • Jesse says:
    March 05, 2012 10:59 am
    @benyvvv good comment and spot on.Its been really a long time since I saw intellectual post like your own on here.I don't understand why some people fell for lies peddled about Gyan by these white ingrates in Sunderland.How can a player who is binded by contract pick his bag and suddenly leave without the consent of the owner.He left because those in the helms of affairs gave him the green light.Some of us here are wise and will not jump on the bandwagon like even some folks on here who are tossed to and fro just by any news.You can't throw dust into our eyes.Any in any case who can genuinely say he doesn't like money?Too big for cheap talks! @paul,Gyan is not even coming back to Sunderland.He has made you guys rich and improve the lot of you and your foundation.Get off his back. There is no better player even now in Sunderland and most top EPL teams that GYan as we speak.If there is,name them If you are reading this post later,do not get offended about those who criticise GSN because earlier the figure they quoted was 6million and they only corrected it after some of us voiced our surprise at such an amount.I think it was a typo and they corrected it.That is no news anyway once they corrected it.
  • benyvv says:
    March 05, 2012 11:45 am
    @Elsupremo---This is nothing personal but sometimes when ignorance combines with folly it gives some of us no choice.
  • benyvv says:
    March 05, 2012 11:47 am
  • JokerR says:
    March 05, 2012 12:09 pm
    That is the nature of Ghanaians for u. they r criticizing something they themselves did not take time to read carefully. Gsn wrote there in black and white 26m yet some idiots are quoting 6m and criticizing. God help us, even as we turn 55 tomorrow to transform for some of these pettiness.
  • benyvv says:
    March 07, 2012 10:51 am
    @333--are you suffering from down syndrome or you are sheer pillock. Is sunderland your inheritance or something. FOOLISH IDIOT.
  • 333 says:
    March 05, 2012 11:24 pm
    P.S. I mean no offense to anyone here that has the ability to think critically.
    March 06, 2012 07:39 pm
    basically he is a multi millionaire i dont think he needs the money for his family. i make 15 k a year he made 30 k a week at sunderland and its rhumoured it was alot more than that hence darren bent leaving sunderland. i think gyans family will be allright financialy some how. the fact he was on mega money anyway then gone to a mickey mouse league with no competition just says alot about him GREEDY doesn't need the money but took it over proving himself in the best league in the world no one will want to pay 26 million for him because he is not lyal to his employers or his fans. he might have changed and instead of playing infront of 30'000 fans at least every game at sunderland he is playing infront of 300 he will never play for a top club again. not saying sunderland are the best club in the world but he was linked with tottenham when he was with us now he's playing in the sand in a crap league rant over GYAN stay away from sunderland no one wants you here. hope you know youve ruined your career. needed to comment on here because most of you are thick as pig sh*t
  • 333 says:
    March 07, 2012 08:06 pm
    Not hard to see who the fool is ben. Resort to insults again because your lofty wisdom cant conjure anything worthy of the bytes it would take to store it. Down syndrome? At least I don't proclaim to be wise when I am really just ignorant and arrogant. Is Gyan your inheritance?!?. . . whatever that means.