The Inordinate Presidential Ambition Of Nana Konadu

Kofi Coomson Vindicated?Predicted Konadu?s ambition 18 years ago.

A News desk report by the Daily Star has established that Ghana?s ace investigative journalist (now self retired), Nana Kofi Coomson had 18 years ago predicted in a story published in the Ghanaian Chronicle that former first lady, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings had a long time ambition to lead the National Democratic Congress (NDC) as it?s presidential candidate.

The story published on Monday August 8-Wednesday 10, 1994 Vol. 3 No. 79 of the paper, when Nana Kofi Coomson, then the Editor-in-Chief of the paper gave a vivid account of a secret plan then hatched by the former first lady to contest the presidency on the ticket of the NDC after her husband and former President, Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings? eight years tenure in office as president.

The report headlined ?SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED-THE RISE AND RISE OF MRS. RAWLINGS? indicated that the former first lady whose controversial decision to take over the umbrella emblem from the NDC is causing fear and panic within the ranks of the ruling party was considering the then Ghana?s Ambassador to the United States, Mr. Ekwow Spio Garbrah as her running mate.

Read details of the unedited report as published in the Ghanaian Chronicle in 1994 and authored by Nana Kofi Coomson.


SHE WHO MUST BE OBEYED…The rise and rise of Mrs. Rawlings

By Kofi Coomson/Editor-in-Chief

?FROM THE SLIGHT genteel damsel that she was when she started work at Union Trading Company (UTC), Accra 20 years ago as a clothing designer fresh and starry-eyed from the University of Science and Technology, through to the tumultuous three months of the whirlwind of 1979 (AFRC) when her brooding, troubled and rebellious husband rode into the eye of the tiger, Mrs. Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings has today shot herself into the number one-and-half spot in the national command and control superstructure.

Such is the depth of her confidence and the intensity of her tunnel vision that she has even upstaged the almost mythical Grey one himself, Security Chieftain, Captain Kojo Tsikata calling most of the shots in the area of appointments and even destiny of men in office. More than the President whose back is not as fatal as his bite, Konadu Rawlings has conjured a reputation as a man eater, a Rottweiler whose snarls are just as vicious.

But the real news is that ?Chronicle? has learnt a long term super secret labeled AGENDA 2000 which seeks to slot in Nana Konadu as the Presidential Flag bearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the year 2000 when His Excellency Flt. Lt. (Rtd) Jerry John Rawlings finishes his second term of office. It will be a classic re-enactment of the Korean scenario. The Great Leader Jerry Rawlings handing over to his Dear Wife-Nana Konadu Rawlings. Though the reports of this plan have leaked, the reaction of people is one of incredulity ?Too ridiculous, and unreal to be true?.

But it is real, and a running mate has even been considered, allegedly put forward by herself and appointed at her insistence to be the ambassador of the United States. He is suave, debonair, once respected Ekwow Spio-Garbrah from Cape Coast, 40, master of communications and the art of feinting.

AGENDA 2000 meets irregularly to discuss battle strategies and fund raising for Jerry?s second and final term. Surprisingly not all members of the 2000 are political schmegges. They include the more respectable Dr. Obed Asamoah, a Stanford university trained lawyer from Bala Likpe and Minister for Foreign Affairs. Other lesser revered names include Mr. Mike Gizo and the man generally characterized as the first lady?s poodle, Mr. Enoch T. Mensah, the Minister for Youth and Sports.

One name missing from the list was Mr. Vincent Assiseh, the Director of publicity who has been trying very hard to ingratiate himself into their ranks by conducting plainly adulatory interviews filled with drooling panegyrics which jar the sensibilities of readers of average intelligence. Another notable power broker is a low key secretary at the Washington office of the World Bank, Mrs. Mamle Koufie, nee Mate Kole, an old Achimotan mate and confidant of the Rawlingses.

The Tsikatas have been well and truly crowded out. Kojo will not be the type to fall on the ground and roll on his back at the crack of the first whip. Tsatsu who more than anyone has the president?s ear has had his green card to the first bedroom withdrawn by the first lady who cannot stand his guts He is seen as a liability because of his record in public office, but another theory not yet subjected to ?Chronicle? scrutiny in that Tsatsu, a bachelor in his 40s is suspected by Nana Konadu to be girl hunting with his husband.

Konadu demands nothing but complete obedience and subservience from those around him. She must have her way. And potential threats to her dominance must necessarily give way.

Her own family is not exempted, as Nana Yaa Agyeman, a gusty journalist in her own right found out. She got removed from Ghana Broadcasting Corporation when she failed to stand up when her sister (same mum and dad) Mrs. Rawlings went to visit. When she visited Construction Pioneers (CP) as a Public Relations Executive, she was again eased out. Nana Yaa is married to Haruna Attah, the editor of ?THE STATESMAN? who was also elbowed out of Ghana Films where he used to be managing director, under inexplicable circumstances?.


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