Transfer Tavern: Portuguese giants Benfica resurrect interest in signing Ghana midfielder Rabiu Mohammed

Benfica have resumed their interest in Ghana midfielder Rabiu Mohammed

Benfica have resumed their interest in Ghana midfielder Rabiu Mohammed

By Akyereko Frimpong Manson

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Portuguese giants SL Benfica have rekindled their interest in signing Ghana midfielder Rabiu Mohammed, understands. 

According to reports in Portugal, the Lisbon giants will official table a €3 million offer with Russian Premier League side Kuabn Krasnodar for the signature of the 24-year-old who played at the 2014 World Cup for Ghana.

Benfica declared interest in signing the former Liberty Professionals midfielder from French side Evian TG but he opted to head to Russia.

However, despite enjoying limited playing time on his debut season in the league due to injuries, the Portuguese Primeira Liga title-holders have maintained their interest in the central midfielder after he impressed for Ghana in Brazil. understands the midfielder is interested in joining Benfica if they officially make a bid for him.


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