USA beat Sao Paulo's Reserves in friendly win

MLS: All Star Game

After being defeated by Sao Paulo last week at their training center in Barra Funda, the USA team got another try at Muricy Ramalho’s team.

However, this time, they faced Sao Paulo’s reserves and their players that did not see action on Sunday on their 2-0 loss at Bragantino for the Paulista tournament.

The USMNT came out victorious by a final score of 2-1. Jadson, who scored in their first encounter last week, was the man in charge of scoring for Sao Paulo. There is no news yet on who scored for the US.


  1. ZG GH4LIFE says:

    It don’t matter who they play or beat, June 16th they will meet the BLACK STARS OF GHANA.

  2. yaw2 says:

    In your dreams..Ghana is going to win the World Cup for Africa…The blacks stars of Africa will deliver is for Africa……Stay bless…

  3. Access says:

    Yeah your right one of the west Africans team can win it and that team is Ghana,the rest will disappoint Africa just like always….

  4. Everlove Arthur says:

    Oh usa play 100 friendly matches still Ghana will beat you

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