USA coach Klinsmann fires Ghana 2014 World Cup warning

Jurgen Klinsmann is USA coach.

Jurgen Klinsmann is USA coach.

USA coach Jurgen Klinsmann says they will banish their curse in matches against Ghana at 2014 World Cup when the two sides meet in the opening match of their group.

The two countries were drawn on Friday to face each other in the opening match of the group which includes Germany and Portugal.

The game will be the third successive time the two sides would meet at the World Cup with the Black Stars winning in the two previous occasions.

The USA will also play Ghana in Natal on 16 June having twice lost to the Black Stars.

Ghana eliminated America in the tournaments of 2006 and 2010 which has sparked fresh fears among the Americans that the dose could be repeated.

But Klinsmann says they must now defeat the Black Stars to prove that they have improved over the past two and half years.

“Now is the time to beat them,” said Klinsmann.

Black Stars will play Germany in Fortaleza on 21 June in Group G, having also drawn Portugal and USA.


  1. Israel Akins says:

    May God see Ghana true! The group is not a palatable one at all.

  2. Papadinho says:

    this man is dreaming

  3. kuukuphilly says:

    Massa dis no be basketball oo..

  4. texas says:

    Well to be the best, one needs to beat the best and over all obstacles on ones path. And that is exactly what Ghana will do. If you do not want to play a team in the World Cup, then never think of winning the world cup. Why even participate? Black Stars players are ready for the battle…….remember – it is always impossible until it is done – Nelson Mandela.

  5. kukuphilly says:

    klinssman,klinssman,klissman.if u throw a ball to a wall it bounces back to u ooo.

  6. Regobert says:

    We shall overcome! What we need now is to prepare and prepare very well and hope that injuries don,t come our way to any of our potential player to be part of the squad.I perfectly agree with taxes that “If you do not want to play a team in the World Cup, then never think of winning the world cup. Why even participate?” In SA Germany did struggle to beat us by a lone goal due to lost of concentration and l think those mistakes must be corrected now! But we must not underrate US or any team at all. For Portugal, we must not focus on Cro per say but just take each team head on. No team is unbeatable these days in soccer! The stars should be more than self-motivated to excel in brazil.

  7. Benito says:

    We must not ignore the threats from the coach at all even though they have not improved to me as he claims.they can’t be mere pushovers.I will like to use this medium to ask the gfa to give me the assignment of scouting on the u.s.a team since I can do a good job for my country without any remuneration,besides I reside here in the USA.0018622155683 is my number

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