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VIDEO: AC Milan striker Balotelli reduced to tears on Essien debut

Published on: 10 February 2014
Balotelli in tears

It was a powerful, yet painful moment for AC Milan striker Mario Balotelli as he returned to the bench during the team's match against Napoli.

Balotelli was on the bench hiding behind a jacket after being subbed out with 15 minutes remaining.

When he removed the jacket, the camera caught a flood of tears streaming down his face.

Allegedly, as multiple sources in Europe reported, Napoli fans had been shouting racial slurs at Balotelli -- whose parents are from Ghana -- and they were awful enough to reduce the 23-year-old to tears.

After the match, AC Milan manager Clarence Seedorf did not address Balotelli's tears other than to say that they were not "abnormal."

“We are players and there are times when we express ourselves that way. I see nothing wrong or abnormal in that. I experienced it at times too,” he told Sky Sport Italia.


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  • Benjamin says:
    April 06, 2014 09:58 pm
    He should pay no attention to racism and concentrate on his game
  • yahayamohammed says:
    April 25, 2014 03:38 pm
    racial discrimination should be dealt upon,,, Baloteli should not hinder his mind to all those nonsense fans or whoever are out there saying. the white teaches education but there are not learning it.
  • Archibong E. Ekpenyong says:
    April 29, 2014 04:29 pm
    To me, what Balatolli should do is to concentrate in his game. He should'nt allow that racist chants to distract him when playing on the field of football. The authorities in charged knows what to do. The problem is that the white foes are killing the spirit of football.
  • Archibong E. Ekpenyong says:
    April 29, 2014 04:45 pm
    Well, the white's are teaching us (the blackrace) about the bad dampened effects of racism, and they are the people practicing it, thereby, showcasing it to the world to see how it suits them. Well, those arrogant fools should tell me when, how, the time and when the black people has chanted racist songs to the white race, even when they played in the African soil?
  • Chibs says:
    July 07, 2014 09:32 am
    I think its high time that we Africans started hitting back at these racist with similar racist chants. When they call us Niggas or whatever they said to Mario,we need to call them by the similar chants too..describing them by their skin looks like Pigs! Its too much of racism from these whites. We have to wake up and stand for our rights. Who do they think they are?? Am tired of these racist!