VIDEO: Afriyie Acquah speaks after Ghana's 2-2 draw with Germany

Afriyie Acquah in action against the Netherlands in a friendly.

Afriyie Acquah in action against the Netherlands in a friendly.


Watch unused substitute Afriyie Acquah talk about Ghana’s 2-2 draw with Germany last Saturday which gave the Black Stars a glimmer of hope of progressing at the World Cup.


  1. Selfmade says:

    We’ve big mouths talking rubbish all the time but we can’t perform. Nigeria, Ivory Coast and Algeria are the true giants of Africa while Ghana are simply Black Dogs (BD’s).

  2. Onyx says:

    Only dogs can see other dogs, no wonder fools are always ignored.

  3. Benny says:

    We were praying for Portugal to beat USA,now that Portugal drew with USA,what do we do.Anything is possible but in reality you don’t jump from1000 feet with umbrella .
    We had our destiny in our hands,quality and hungry players yet thanks to AA who is more interested in doing favours to individuals than glory to the nation is making it seems that we will be jumping 1000 feet with umbrella and hope angels of heaven will guard our feet against stones.
    AA has shown absolute nativity and stupidity.
    Look at How Klinsmann has moulded mediocre players.What was the reason of Adomah in the USA game?
    After all those hoping from man city to Anfield what came out?
    I could sleep last night when Portugal drew with USA,all because of AA.
    He wanted every opportunity to use Dauda and couldn’t wait for the opportunity.
    We would never be in this mess if we had impartial coach.
    I never say never until it’s never.impossibility is only a word,hope some how a miracle unveil.
    Having said that AA needs the sacking after the World Cup,he can’t be trusted with the emotions of 25million people.Football is a multi-billion dollar business and should not be entrusted with a novice,
    Two years in a job but could not assemble his best eleven and a strategic game plan.

  4. abia says:

    @Selfmade u dnt knw w@ u believe in anymore. I pity u…

  5. Navy seal USA says:

    Kwasia bi nti………AA is a disappointed fool.

  6. Gye di says:

    I keep wondering why AA always used his second eleven whenever Kwarasey is between the poles? Is it a gimmick? A way to proof that Kwarasey is not up to the task. Look at the two goals Kwarasey conceived and those that Dauda conceived and draw your own conclusions.

  7. Mumbi says:

    Frogs crying. Accusing USA & Germany of match fixing when they have not yet played.

  8. edward says:

    Some pple always wanna prove beyond doubt of their immaturity in the game of football. Always pointing their dirty fingers at AA… So u expected A A to tell Jordan Ayew to pass the ball to Asamoah gyan , against Germany … If u have nothing encouraging to say, just save your useless comments in your heads…. If AA was your father, or uncle , u won’t be calling him a fool….

  9. Kwabena says:

    AA is the greatest thing that has happened to GFA.

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