Video: Andre Ayew insists Ghana yet to hit top form at AFCON

Andre Ayew insists Ghana yet to hit top form at AFCON

Andre Ayew offering Mixed Zone comments

Andre Ayew says Ghana is yet to peak at the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations following a 2-0 win over Mali on Saturday.

The Marseille midfielder however insists the Black Stars are not yet 100% in terms of form at the tournament and that people should expect more in coming games.

Watch Andre Ayew’s Mixed Zone reactions in the video below:

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  1. kevin says:

    YEAH that is very true. and when you do hit top form no team can dare.

  2. keith from germany says:

    this dude is very in his speech n asamoah gyan is as usuala very jovial guy.nice interview.

  3. keith from germany says:

    i meant this dude very eloquent in his speech n asamoah gyan is as usuall a very jovial guy.

  4. goody says:

    A.A Andre Ayew…….The next Maestro,Africa should watch-out

  5. KWABAS says:

    Issah Hayatou and his corrupt dinassour cronies should put their heads in shame for awarding that AFRICAN BEST to YAYA who as usual looks no where near average in this tournament as well as previous ones.
    Dede agaist Mali for me was a world beater,best individual performance in the tournament so far.
    If he keep up the momentum,he should be awarded the best player for AFCON 2012,NO DOUBT.
    Yaya Toure is only lucky to be playing in a team(man city)who has pump £500 MILLION IN THE LAST 3YEARS ON PLAYERS.hE IS NOTHING SPECIAL.

  6. koo says:

    where is Kofi Africa?

  7. Rahim sumba says:

    WELL SAID ANDRE AYEW,, keep it boyz well done

  8. sesay says:

    to be fair, Yaya Ture is a very top player, i just would have love to see my country man win it that’s all. come on Gh!

    • Patrick TN says:


  9. texas says:

    W here is useless Gaye who calls himself soccer expect?

  10. kwame naagbewa says:

    I think We need to give Jordan Ayew some playing time as well. Ghana has a young time and an extremely huge potential to even win the 2018 world cup with this Talented but young squad.
    We should all remember how Andre Ayew was given the chance in Afcon 2006 and He flopped big time, on the contrary Jordan is showing even more promise on his debut compared to Andre Ayew in his debut CAN 2006. Ghana needs to be bold and play our young Chaps more even if they flop sometimes. Namely Jonathan Mensah, Jordan Ayew, Adam Kwarasey, Samuel Inkoom, Daniel Opare et.c. THESE YOUNGSTERS ARE OUR FUTURE!

    • carbonite says:

      Dede was given the change in 2008 and not 2006, he came on around the 78min against Nigeria and DID NOT flop!, in-fact his first touch almost resulted in a goal. What caused some Ghanaians to criticize him was the Cameroon game which he STARTED. The critics claimed he was NOT strong, playing colts football…. blah blah and that Barusso should have been played in place. On the Cameroon game, the whole Ghana team FLOPPED and not only Dede. Ghana ended up playing for third place with Dede dropped.

      The case for Jordan is a bit different. He is very talented – no one doubts that – for sure but he is a little SHY on the pitch, Yes SHY on the pitch. Personally, I do not know what is causing this because his dad was not shy on the pitch… That said, i believe he will be freed from that soon.

    • Jana says:

      Dear Chuck,I love your web site. I note that there is a list of all arlcites up to 2007 then arlcites month by month after that. Do you have a ocmplete list of 2007-2009?Blessings in Christ,Rowland

  11. funi says:

    It funny hw fast d tides cn change. He was criticized immensely in d first match, jus luk @ hw hailed he’s bn within Sam few days. Hmmm

  12. keith from germany says:

    kwame naagbewa ayew debut tournament was can 2008 hosted in ghana not can that time he was in marseilles youth side.pls check ur facts.i hope u take my correction in good faith becuz we are all here t learn from each other.

  13. COCONUTHEAD says:

    Keith from germany, you are right about your correction. We all live to learn. You stop learning when you go six feet under.

  14. Emeka says:

    @ Coconuthead, well said ,am sure ur name really depicts ur head….hahahaha lol. 1 luv bruv!

    • Cicuit says:

      I honestly can say i hate apple. i grtanuee its a bunch of old dudes that just don’t understand.who ever buys this thing is mentally challenged. Its a bigge i touch. THATS IT.a few more gonna say though, congratz on the iphone. but your next 10 products don’t need to be the exact same shit. its old. for fucks sake -.-

  15. black moon says:

    dude give them hell..

  16. coconutman says:

    I want to see Prince Tagoe before Jordan returns to the line up as the striker of choice.

    • Benjamin says:

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