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VIDEO: Cash-for-fans trio force Black Stars players into hiding with begging spree

Published on: 18 June 2017
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The phenomenon started as an act of benevolence but the situation is now an obligation – a trio of Kumasi-based fans chase Black Stars players and beg them for money through praise-singing.

Some of the players initially used to give the fans money willingly but it has now become an obligation.

The Kumasi-based trio led by Kwabena 'Abilele' Nyame have now made it their trade for praise footballers or administrators in exchange for cash.

Be mindful that when the Black Stars are not in town they shift their attention to politicians and celebrities as well as the affluent in society.

The trick of the trade is to stay at vantage points including airports, places of public gatherings like funerals and church service but they have a special focus on the senior national team.

This means they know the team's training schedules as well as other public events while constantly placing themselves at the team's hotel.

The condition compels most of the players to remain in locks in their rooms with the canker becoming excessive.

The number keeps increasing and the situation becomes worse if the team travels outside the region.

These fans travel in their numbers to Accra and Tamale when the Black Stars have an assignment and sometimes try to get access to the players in their rooms for money.

These 'beggars' use force to get money from the players and sometimes slap the players with insult if they refuse to give them money.

They shout the names of the players when they are training, showering them with all accolades and expect money in return.

Some even throng the training grounds with drums, singing and praising the players expecting cash in return.

The worrying situation got out of hand when the Black Stars played Ethiopia in Kumasi.


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