Video: Ghana defender John Boye scores own goal against Portugal

Ghana defender John Boye has pulled off a contender for ‘own goal of the World Cup’ after slicing into his own net in his side’s final Group G game with Portugal.

John Boye scored an own goal in Ghana’s match against Portugal

Ghana defender John Boye has pulled off a contender for ‘own goal of the World Cup’ after slicing into his own net in his side’s final Group G game with Portugal.

The Black Stars had themselves come close to scoring before Portugal hit them on the break.

Boye somehow managed to put the ball over goalkeeper Fatawu Dauda and into the back of the net.

Watch video of Boye’s own goal below


  1. katongo says:

    Where is that your false prophet, and what happen 2 that ur juju men.??????

  2. Sizzle says:

    This country needs a revolution starting with the head of Mahama all the way down to the last corrupt individual in the country

  3. PITO says:

    1) GFA has turned into a ruling MAFIA  organisation run by a THUG called Nyantakyi. Then again this is what we get for keeping someone as president for over 13 years! Till He is now capable of challenging EOCO over auditing, disqualifying ALL his opponents from elections and recently caught on video arranging Blackstar friendly matches with an ‘investor’ on the porch of a first class hotel in miami whilst wearing sunnies and asking if their name is really “Diamond”… only a few seconds after giving them the green light to organise a test friendly match! ARE WE DUMB IN GHANA? CAN’T WE SEE???? CAN’T WE SEEE???   Oh How powerful we have sat on our ass and allowed this man once competent man to become. Even players fear him…He has tasted corrruption and he is rotten!!!

  4. Painful but life goes on. It’s not the end of the world. The guys put up a gallant fight. It’s alright.

  5. jeff says:

    I told you portugal did not train in a car park

  6. Sizzle says:

    Fuck you GSN!. You sit there and allow Zambians and Nigerians come on this site to insult Ghanaians then you delete my comment?… Fucking timid, stupid yellow belly Ghanaians! A country full of dummies; no wonder stupid Mahama is our president

  7. Benny says:

    Nyantakyi is too arrogant,he should be sacked now.AA should go,stupid man.

  8. Ghanaman says:

    AA is okay,we lost to a better team .AA will bring AFCON to Ghana.

    • K Man says:

      AA is NOT okay. We had chances even today to beat Portugal but again team selection and lack of urgency and silly mistakes, The attitude of the players under the coach be it a lack of focus or silly errors is not acceptable. Ghana should have gotten out of this group but the coach and players were not in tune and there was a lack of purpose. That is down to the coach.

      We want to settle for mediocrity….Portugal’s goals were gifted to them and Warris missed a sitter. Ghana 4 years ago would have won this match and USA and probably Germany even though overall there are better players now.

    • Hh says:


    • mikron says:

      they want to win AFCON, hahahaha u forgot ur husband and master the almighty MALI will be there? country of jokers, they (mali) or burki faso (9ja wives) will always beat ur stupid team. so dont count AFCON yet.

  9. soccer brain says:

    i feel like eating some green chicken soup !

  10. Alhaji Mohammed Germany says:

    Not only Boye score against His own Team…..Dauda also score against Ghana….i have always said i stand to my words-He has never been a really Goalkeeper..after this world cup ,its going to be difficult for him to get anaother Club……

  11. Kwame says:

    All you who are complaining about Nyantakyi and AA, how many of the missed chances were their making? We can’t even blame the players. The team didn’t disappoint. Next time any of you learn how to kick a ball to selected for your village teams you can come here and complain all you can. Do you guys think the World Cup is like playing ampe?

  12. What the GFA and Elvis Afriyie Ankra want they have now gotten it.Most of they senior players were not committed enough to die for the nation.So coach should not call any senior players to the team again

  13. GHANAarmedROBBER says:

    Senior Prophet TB Joshua advised Ghana to go to the world cup with Richard Kingston that they will succeed but the fetish GFA felt they could rely more on the pronouncement of Kweku Bonsam…….now see………I personally know we do not have a team… was we the fans that was over-hyping these players,out of the whole squad…..I can single out only Dede Ayew as the BS strength because he never lied with his age…..the rest are old men parading themselves as in their late twenties……Kwasia team and coach

  14. bill says:

    Stupid john boye.after kissin de dollars u scorin own goals

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