Video: Kumasi prophet shamed by failed Ghana World Cup semis prophesy, blames chaos in camp

Published on: 3 years ago
Video: Kumasi prophet shamed by failed Ghana World Cup semis prophesy, blames chaos in camp
The Kumasi-based prophet, Stephen Adom Kyei-Duah, who had predicted that the Black Stars were going to qualify for the Round of 16 at the ongoing World Cup in Brazil, has asked for a probe on Ghana’s campaign at the competition.

The Kumasi-based Christian pastor, Stephen Adom Kyei-Duah, who had predicted that Ghana would reach the semi-finals of the 2014 World Cup has found the right excuse for his failed promise insisting his prophesy was not fulfilled because of the chaos in the Black Stars camp.

Kyei-Duah, who was recorded on Youtube to have rightly predicted the results of the opening two Black Stars matches at the World Cup, joins a long list of pastors who have been shamed by their failed predictions.

This further diminishes trust many football fans have placed in spiritualists who claim they can predict scores and even overturn the results of matches.

He said even though he had prophesied Ghana was going to proceed to the next stage of the competition, events

Prophet Kyei-Duah said if God had a blessing for you and you don’t prepare yourself to receive it, you should expect that blessing to elude you.

Ghana’s participation at the World Cup ended on Thursday when the Black Stars were beaten 2:1 by Portugal.

Prophet Kyei-Duah called on Ghanaians to sit back and ask questions on what actually happened and prepare well for future tournaments. He argued that the wrangling in camp, agitations over money (appearance fee) and indiscipline were issues that could have incurred the wrath of God for Him to decide to snatch victory and glory from Ghana.

Prophet Kyei-Duah insisted that prophecies are not established and be fulfilled at all cost just because God had ordained it. It does not work like that, for you must condition yourself and work on it.

He said the fact that the first two prophecies on the USA and Germany matches were fulfilled meant that, God had already done it, but said in this world, when one is giving you something and you do not prepare yourself for it, you lose it.

“We should stop rush judgement and do a post-mortem,” he said and added that "man proposes but God disposes “.

Prophet Kyei-Duah said even when the prophecies were put aside and one looked at the performance of the players in the USA and Germany matches, morale was high, which was indicative that Ghana was performing better only to slump in the Portugal match.

“I have given a lot of prophecies and many of them were correctly predicted. I do not see why someone should say I am a false prophet.”

He said he had been able to prophesy since 2009 till now and many of those prophecies came to pass.

Prophet Kyei-Duah, had prophecised at a church service at his Believers Worship Centre at Kenyasi in Kumasi as far back as December 31, 2013 that God had revealed to him that the Black Stars were going all the way to the semi-finals.

“One loss, one draw, one win. Ghana will go to the next stage of the tournament with four points. Ghanaians have to relax; we’ll get to the semi-finals,” he had said.

He subsequently published a number of video recordings on Youtube in which he was seen prophesying the outcomes of the USA-Ghana and the Ghana-Germany matches ahead of the encounters.

Below are various prophecies made by Kyei-Duah

December 31, 2013

Before USA-Ghana match


Before Ghana-Germany


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  • beautiful
    says: 3 years ago
    God definitely had a plan for Ghanaians. The players did not receive it but rather decided to fight for money the root of all evil. I know ofnnot for the indiscipline and everything we would have made it like God said through his prophet. Even though it has already been prophesied you still have to work for it. When it was revealed to Rachel that her younger son will be greater than the older, she did not sit there but worked on it and when the time came for Isaac to give his blessings she prompted Jacob to go and cook the stew and bring it to his father. Thus she worked on the revelation. The players allowed indiscipline and money to get in the way of the reception of their glory
  • mukmin
    says: 3 years ago
    We failed to qualify for the knockout stage because Allah decided to expose frauds like you. No human can see the future if you could you would have foreseen the problems you're blaming for your false prophecy. Also if anyone could see the future nothing bad will ever happen to them like this embarrasment you have brought unto yourself.
  • Bright Darko
    says: 3 years ago
    We failed to work on the prophecy of God which was revealed to Prophet Kyei Duah .Which was also the 4th prophecy for 2014 world cup.Even though our first match was sold,the chance was still there for us to qualify to the next round of the wold cup...So am in bed with Prophet Kyei Duah............
  • samedge
    says: 3 years ago
    Bright comment my brother. Thumb up!
  • The truth
    says: 3 years ago
    Very true indeed. False prophets are ruining Ghana and ruling our illiterate population
  • A concerned citizen
    says: 3 years ago
    This prophet has a point. The Scripture says "God is not the author of confusion" In other for a prophesy to fulfill every body involved must play part. Let's do some maths here. Germany beat U.S to pave way for Ghana to move forward but Ghana's confusion even made them score an own goal.
  • Divaro
    says: 3 years ago
    Those of you discrediting the prophetic word, please stop exposing your ignorance about the things of God. If you are a student of the Word of God, you will know that a true prophecy can be aborted. Thanks.