VIDEO: Ex-Ghana star Odartey Lamptey talks about DNA discovering his daughters weren't his

Nii Odartey Lamptey

Nii Odartey Lamptey

Ex-Ghana international Nii Odartey Lamptey has spoken about his relationship with his three daughters he thought were his biological children until a DNA test proved otherwise.

The former Aston Villa player is fighting a divorce case in court file by his ex-wife Gloria, whom he accuses of infidelity.

Gloria claimed Odartey Lamptey is sterile and that it was her husband who opted for an artificial insemination.

Watch Odartey-Lamptey speak about in an interview with TV 3’s Ama K Abebrese.


  1. keith from germany says:

    Odartey u have my respect.
    Such a humble guy and a matured man.
    Evenrhough his education level was low he has made the best out of his life and his english is very incredible this shows how intelligent odartey lamptey is.
    Education is key but its God Who gives knowledge.

  2. papasi says:

    @ Keith, ur comments smacks of maturity and intelligence,, I’m impressed my self about ur comments also. Kudos!

  3. Dualson frm cech says:

    Thts cool fro our living Legend, indeed i acknowlege ur maturity sir.

  4. Dualson frm cech says:

    Wow thts cool from our living legend,May the lord continue to be with u sir.

  5. kwame says:

    Odartey, u are a man, and may God be with u.Africa Loves u

  6. King Bobo says:

    He should cater for his kids.

  7. Assemblyman says:

    This guy odartey abr3 ruff! Been used,abused and cheated on by so many people in the past .mostly his agents and didn’t received due wages from his playing days in Belgium,England,Brazil,Argentina till he realized football pays him,in later careers in Saudi and China .unfortunate that his wife of many years did this to him,God only know best.May he strengthens him.Amen

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