Video: Watch David Accam's outstanding goal that has got Manchester United scouting him

Video: Watch David Accam's outstanding goal that has got Manchester United scouting him

Video: Watch David Accam’s outstanding goal that has got Manchester United scouting him

Watch David Accam’s outstanding goal last week which has not English giants Manchester United sending scout to watch the winger who is seriously in form.

He scored the second goal as Helsingborg defeated Malmo 2-0.

Watch the video of the classic goal below


  1. samva says:


  2. Ghanaman says:

    I am a man of football. I love it. I watch some swedish games when the internet runs smooth in tema. But let me tell you one ting. The swedish league is poo! This boy is good but he will find in hard at manchester. Start from the small prem club like westham or astin villa.

  3. Da rock says:

    This man should take Adomah’s place…..PERIOD

  4. Chu says:

    Once this kid is right footed, i think his inclusion would be justified. We need to watch him in the trial matches

  5. ben says:

    We have a player like richmond boakye yiadom
    is playing with the top top players like ronaldo,
    messi, iniesta, xavi,pepe, bale and the rest in the
    Spanish la liga. AA must utilize this chap very
    well because of the experience gain at the
    Spanish league . AA we want players who are
    playing in better leagues

  6. fanta says:

    Coach AA and we gh’s are not seeing the relevance of a player like boakye yiadom, who is playing in the toughest league in the world at all. The guy has gained enough of experience in the Spanish league, which wl help the black stars team very well.

  7. risky says:

    This chap is really talented. It does not matter where he is playing. How he excels is what we looking @. For a player to run with the ball right from his half of the pitch all the way to score…? mehn, this is about pure talent.

  8. risky says:

    Don’t know much about his recovery rate at the back, but if we looking @ his attacking abilities, i will say he is far better than the likes of the Adomas, J.Ayews, Wakasos etc.

  9. harry says:

    Masa,you guys are over hyping this chap.He is a talent and needs to grow as a striker.He is not matured yet for Brazil.May be next AFCON.

  10. Benny says:

    No wonder he is being compared to Ronaldo.He is good.

  11. 21guns says:

    Man on fire, the guy deserves a chance, I thought it was Messi, what a player, adumah must be replaced with accam period

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