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Video: Watch Kwarasey's impressive performance in Norway's tough game

Published on: 26 May 2014
Adam Kwarasey was in excellent form for Stromsgodset

Adam Kwarasey proved that the SOS from his club Stromsgodset to solve their goalkeeping crisis was worthwhile as he impressed in their tough match against Rosenborg on Saturday.

The goalkeeper got the approval from the Ghana FA after a desperate plea from Stromsgodset to play for them even though he was in the World Cup camp preparing for the tournament in Brazil.

He made several crucial saves in the match showing why he is important for the Norwegian giants and also demonstrated his readiness for the World Cup in their 1-1 draw against Rosenborg.

Watch the video of his performance below:


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  • Saxcee says:
    May 26, 2014 07:53 pm
    I don't mind if either Kwarassey or Adams starts for the BS. As for Dauda di3 noooooo. Not even fit for the bench to be real.
  • Benny says:
    May 26, 2014 08:18 pm
    b4world ,you have always been negative about Kwarasey since 2011.You even criticise him against Brazil in UK where he displayed an unbelievable talent with magnificent goalkeeping Adams is better than Kwarasey,are you for real mate ? Would you seriously bet on Adams in post against Germany or Portugal? Common,don't criticise blindly.
  • Emmanuel Gyimah says:
    May 26, 2014 08:35 pm
    hi guyz infact i like men with such interest in foot ball. y dont u let us wosap each oda in this group chart. 4real........ lov u guyz...
  • asembebadabi says:
    May 26, 2014 06:14 pm
    play kwarassey period. Dropping fatau dauda is a clear sign of seriousness by the coach. The voice of the people is the voice of God
  • b4world says:
    May 26, 2014 10:16 am
    wat r u guys talking about,i did see nothing impressive about his goal keeping,adams is better than him point blank,if the coach put this guy in goal,we will b in trouble,he lacks that goal keeping killer instinct,n snake eyez
  • Johnny says:
    May 26, 2014 01:00 pm
    We could use a better video. This one did not show much. As at now, I still prefer Kwarasey to Dauda and Adams, but something tells me Adams could be a revealation at the mundial. I hope he is give a chance in goal against Holland. From what I have seen of him, Adams is the most total package; in the air, ground and agility. Can't wait to see him in action against the Dutch.
  • [email protected] 4 last 4, Brazil 2014 says:
    May 26, 2014 02:10 pm
    spellBOUND YOU THINK HE'LL DOWNLOAD THOSE PICS HUH? Haaaaaa spellbound, in case you didn't know, Papadinho is about 4 feet 2 inches tall and KPB is 6'1", what do you think will motivate him to download those pics for all to see? Haaaaaaa, you'll wait forever. Lol
  • sammy says:
    May 26, 2014 11:00 am
    I luv u guys
  • george says:
    May 26, 2014 11:09 am
    was adam scoring d goals?wat kind of propaganda is dis. we all want him be number one but this is a fake video
  • wee ba says:
    May 26, 2014 11:49 am
    He is good,far better than a bench warmer
  • spellBOUND says:
    May 26, 2014 12:22 pm
    papa, upload a picture of u and dauda.. i will pay to see that. LOL.
  • Sconzy says:
    May 26, 2014 12:16 pm
    I think Adams is the best among the three so Kwesi Appiah should choose him as the number goalkeeper.
  • anokwale says:
    May 26, 2014 12:39 pm
    This is not a time for joking. We have no choice but to go with the goalie who is active in Europe in a top flight league.
  • Louis says:
    May 26, 2014 12:26 pm
    4get about Dauda n concetrate on Kwarasy bcos dis guy is realy gud. we can't compare Dauda to Kwarasy sam1 who plays all day out with a bench wamer
  • Papadinho says:
    May 26, 2014 10:26 am
    This guy is really good. Eh I just saw KPB at a washing shop. They came to wash their clothes. Damn can't believe I really saw them. He Dede, Jordan, Atsu, and two others. Great. Atleast I got to take a pic with them. Kevin is really kind. They just made my day Bless.
  • cofie says:
    May 26, 2014 10:26 am
    what do u mean by killer instincs. we need someone who is cool and collected. nt jittery like Dauda. Cant u see the Athletico Goalkeeper?
  • African Consciousness says:
    May 26, 2014 01:34 pm
    Kwarasey should be given the confidence by the Coach. Start him against the USA but keep Adams close. Stephen Keshie admitted after the Chan game between Ghana and Nigeria that Adams is the real deal. He will be the hungriest to play for the Black Stars because he knows a good performance will get him a top flight job in Europe. Dauda is good but why couldn't he get the starting job in South Africa? This is where Dr Appiah has to use all his experience, instincts and wisdom. Coach has to make the wise choice, pick the goalie with no fear, good positioning, gives his defenders time to do their job, cat-like reflexes, controls his defenders, is good at collecting corner kicks, all ariel balls and point blank shots. The goal keeping and defending positions can make or break Ghana's chances in Brazil. The midfield and forwards are water tight as tight as a frogs or ducks arse/ass.
  • Emmanuel Gyimah says:
    May 26, 2014 08:37 pm
    hi guyz infact i like men with such interest in foot ball. y dont u let us wosap each oda in this group chart. 4real........ lov u guyz... 0263767689. letz wosap for easy communication in football
  • Assemblyman says:
    May 26, 2014 09:29 pm
    Hahahah aha..killer instinct !! Did I read that!! Hahahah..who bought that guy the akpeteshie hahaha.i bet he didn't do him any favor than using the English terminology "by-heart".. Hahahaha,,my ribs oo,,,hahahah ,,ajeeeiiiiiii!! Hahahahaha..
  • sabato says:
    May 27, 2014 09:14 am
    I fink Dauda shd b replaced wit BRIMAH. Period !