Video: Watch video of psychic elephant predicting Black Stars defeat at the World Cup

Video: Watch video of psychic elephant predicting Black Stars defeat at the World Cup

Video: Watch video of psychic elephant predicting Black Stars defeat at the World Cup

Watch video of psychic elephants predicting Ghana’s defeat at the hands of Germany in their Group G clash at the World Cup this month.

An elephant, famed for its psychic prediction of the results of football matches, has projected that Germany will defeat Ghana at the World Cup, making it difficult for the Black Stars to reach the second round of the competition in Brazil this month.

Watch video of his prediction below:

Do you think the elephants Nelly will get her prediction right? Make your views known in box below


  1. Jo says:

    Ahahahahaha gaga. The elephant is trying to tell us that they will force a win on us. Sounds like cheating for the Germans to win, because the ball failed to enter and was forced in. We live to see.

  2. michael says:

    ghana,s ball struck the goal post first that simply means it will eighter be draw or a win for ghana against germany. ghana will beat all the teams in the group. and we will meet brazil in the final and repeat the 2009 u-20 dose for them once again mar it on the wall of your house i promise

  3. JesusLuke says:

    pls the elephant is not God and in the world cup its only God that can tell………………….

  4. Tanko says:

    The elephant was stolen from Africa and so the prediction is deceiving . Germany’s best against Ghana this World Cup is going to be draw!

  5. Vinny says:

    We are not settling for this brain wash, that is a big joke. Can somebody tell me which position this elephant plays in the Germans team lol. A way of lifting the pressure of their knecks. Ghana is going all the way to win the trophy.

  6. texas says:

    Foxsoccer reported yesterday that the elephant predicted that both Ghana and the USA will defeat Germany. So GSN come again.

  7. PITO says:

    These are all mind games. OUR PLAYERS minds must be safe guarded and psyched up to beat germany.

    I hope we have a good Psychologist on the team?

  8. Benito says:

    Bullshit,when’s in Africa it’s “juju” elsewhere it is psychic and so it’s good,what difference does it make? Emancipate yourself from mental slavery.

  9. Benito says:

    Stupid elephant!!!!

  10. Richie says:

    “Do you think the elephants Nelly will get her prediction right? Make your views known in box below”


    • Chu says:

      Richie tha was too much. Nelly ony3 gb3mi

    • Chu says:

      I condem the use of such mediums used to predict match outcome. Imagine if octopus Paul were fromAfrica? it would had been totally condemned. But this faggots are hiding behind nature and invokiong demonic consultation. Paul was used for kebab. This elephant shall make good the upcoming Ghana beat Germany 2nd match. Octopus Paul had one match wrong meaning, it is not 100% accurate. Why fear this senseless beast trained to kick into the net which is not black yellow red. What if two German flags were placed on both posts?

    • movich says:

      herr massa, u dey form wai. i almost just choked on water wey i dey drink. u fool ruff!

  11. charles says:

    the ball could not even enter at the first shot as compare to the kicks into the Portugal n German post

  12. Pinkus says:

    The psychological tricks have started. First it was the octopus, now it is an elephant. Let no positive minded person fall for such dirty tricks. Our psychologist must try to work on this, so that no one goes into the pitch thinking that Germany has won the game already. If this is spiritual, or spell, then I must say that we have more than enough people who can neutralize this bogus elephant. My appeal to the stars is to forget the mind playing game and focus on the tournament. Elephants do not win matches.

  13. Genuwine says:

    Hahaha what a funny mind games be this , why they did not let the elephant shot into the German post, well if you check every shot the elephant had it was once but the elephant shoot twice meaning they can not score us , this is pure white witches and their evil spirit , if this Africa they will say we practice voodoo but now look at where the your do called western world is doing , but Ghana will score Germany their best will be draw .

  14. Hung Pham says:

    With the track record 30/33 correction like that, No expert ever been better ! Even though nothing and no one is perfect, 90% correction is NOT just guessing. ALL , not most of so called expert’s records never even come close to that ! For soccer results. I rather listen to the no talk, not so smart Nelly elephant than so smart, talkative experts. If it is just straight win, lose and draw, I’ll bet my $ on Nelly elephant prediction 100% of the time. There are tons of things that existed in universe that we don’t know and don’t believe . Few people have that psychic gift, so do some animals !

  15. Hung Pham says:

    After read all comments above, I just love Nelly the elephant so much. I don’t know that she realize that she’s living in Germany or not, if she does, she doesn’t care that the crazy soccer German fans may fry her after the 2 big upset loses like that. Stupid ? Gutsy ? or Who’s care ? Luckily that those who criticized and condemned Nelly do not work as her care takers, otherwise she may not have anything to eat after her predictions came true ! Thank God !

  16. yehoda naa merley kodi says:

    I know that GODdoes not tell lies

  17. yehoda naa merley kodi says:

    God would help us

  18. yehoda naa merley kodi says:


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