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We will no longer sign 'old' players - Berekum Chelsea chief Oduro Sarfo

Published on: 08 August 2014
Berekum Chelsea's signing of Baba Amando was a spectacular failure

Berekum Chelsea’s General Manager Oduro Sarfo says the club will no longer be signing ‘old’ players due to their bad influence on the younger ones.

The Blues have been over the years a safe haven for several Ghanaian players who failed to cut it abroad and are looking for a platform to relaunch their careers.

Players such as Baba Adamu Amando, Charles Taylor are some of the notable spectacular failures of Chelsea’s then-model to attach experience to their squad which often came with heavy financial commitments.

But the club’s general manager says this policy has been abandon since the ‘old’ players turn to have a bad influence on the budding ones they look to bring through.

“There are a lot of young boys all around with bright futures in football but these old players come in to influence them with their bad attitudes,” he told Skyy Power FM.

“This is very bad. Instead of the players to guide the young ones, they turn themselves into rebel leaders and start dictating to officials. This must stop.

“Chelsea for instance will not be taking that route anymore. The modern day football is for the youth.

“The old ones should go into coaching or administration or other areas but not continue to play and badly influence the young ones.”

Chelsea escaped relegation by the skin of their teeth and will be looking to avoid such a torrid fight in the coming season.


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  • Life says:
    August 09, 2014 12:02 am
    Kwasiaaa panin is Becos of the bad ways you treatin de players dats why you guys nearly relegated and de way you guys betrayed mr kyeremi, this just de beginin of the end of Brekum Chelsea . Selfish managers nd chairman nana Kwame, is a look me look London .jesus wil catch you guys
  • Pjay says:
    August 09, 2014 12:23 am
    Kwasiaaa paanin,de same way you guys corrupted g.f.a is de same way you guys corrupted Chelsea,you guys even lucky you were not relegated to 3rd division,since you guys betrayed mr kyereme, hav you guys ever payed your players before Morethan a year, how can you guys run a club Lik dat,do you kno of a playa called Perlo and klose of German World Cup top scorer, do you know Deir age but stil playin active football. The only thing you guys are good of is to blame and Becos of them too you guys have job to take care of your family and your small small side chiks, de world wil see you guys all,