I will only select players capable of playing at the World Cup - Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah declares

Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah

Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah

By Ameenu Shardow

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Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah insists he will not be experimenting with his selection for the 2014 World Cup and that all players who eventually make his final squad will be capable of playing.

The Black Stars trainer is in the process of finalizing his 23 man squad which he says will be announced on “May 8th or 9th.”

Appiah however admits the enormous challenges he faces in selecting a limited number for the tournament to be staged in Brazil from a wide pool of Ghanaian players scattered across the globe.

The ex Ghana captain however says the overriding factor for his final selection for June’s tournament will be to bring in players who will be capable of playing in Brazil as and when the need arises.

This means Appiah has overruled the usual norm of taking fringe players to major tournaments not necessarily to play games but to get the feel of the competition.

“It is very difficult to select players especially in a country with over 24 million coaches,” he told the latest edition of GFA TV to be aired on Saturday on GTV.

“And there are so many good players but then we have to select a limited number of 23.

“We are not going out there [World Cup] to experiment and therefore when you are selected then you should be able to play any of the games as and when the need arises.”

Appiah is the first Ghanaian to lead the Black Stars to a World Cup finals and one of only two indigenous coaches leading African teams to the tournament.

Ghana is drawn in Group G where they will be facing Germany, USA and Portugal.


  1. Onyx says:

    We wish you the best and hope you will be a man of your words, other than that ghanaians Wont go easy on you, looking forward to the 23 man squad before i unleash any comment.

  2. keith from germany says:

    The best thing to do will be selecting players who are playing on a regular basis.
    But since nepotism and favouritism is going on in the blackstars,players who doesnt derserve a call up(fringe players like dauda) will be called at the expense of player of regular starters.
    If only we blacks will be honest and do the right thing,things will be going well for us.
    AA hasnt been able to solve the left full back position.
    We have alot of players we can fill in that position.
    Baba rahman and jeffrey schlupp are all left fullbacks with schlupp also as a striker.
    I have in the past never criticised a blackstars coach but we cant pretend as if we are not seeing the nepotism and favourtism which is going on.
    All we can do is to wish the team good luck but i still have my doubts

  3. Benny says:

    You have tucked the bull by the horn Keith from Germany.We need honesty in selection.Selecting Dauda based on what?when you have players playing week in week out.
    The problem is AA has no coaching philosophy and game plan so he it is always difficult for him to select players to suit a playing pattern.He results to people telling him what to do that is why that stupid goalkeeper coach had the guts to say Dauda’s place is sealed.Assifuah should have been selected in place Jordan when we played Montenegro.l doubt whether he will select on merit.

  4. Logic says:

    You guys are unbelievable. calling for players such as Rahman and schulup untill they flop like David addy. Like it or not the coach is doing better than any foreign coach could. Tactically bankrupt? Because he decided to try bench players in friendly games? Leave him to do his job he is the one there and you are at home speaking noncense.

  5. Ansah says:

    Respect your opinion keith but baba and schlupp have less than 2 caps for ghana between them , and are not exactly playing at the highest level in europe where as David addy and opare are. I think they are both decent players but not ready yet to go to this years world cup, maybe 2018…

  6. keith from germany says:

    Bro ansah with all due respect you got it all wrong by saying playing in the english championship as well as the second bundesliga is not the highest level.
    Bro ansah in the portuguese league apart from fc porto,benfica lisaboa,sporting lisboa and sporting braga,all the rest are second class teams no disrespecr to david addy.
    Second division teams in germany or england are all capable of playing their respective countries first divisions at the highest level.
    There are alot of national teams players playing in both the second bundesliga as well as the english championship.
    These two leagues aint easy.
    Kwesi appiah hasnt been fair to baba rahman because he called him against sudan a year ago but he featured Tp mazembe richard kissi-boateng who we all know dont deserve a call up.
    I mean how can you know ir find out that a player is good if u dont try him?
    Bro ansah over to you

  7. keith from germany says:

    And bro ansah it is also a typical african thinkin by saying they are not ready.
    If not now when?
    How old were rooney,owen,özil,götze,podolski,schweinsteiger,thierry henry,david trezeguet,patrick kluivert etc etc when they all started playing for their various national teams?
    These players started at an early age.

    • anokwale says:

      I have to agree with Ansah. This is not a time to experiment. Let us see what players do in AFCON qualifiers and AFCON 2015 before we start talking about WC. There is much to be said about having the confidence when you are put on the WC stage. The same people calling for first timers will be the first to crucify Appiah when one of these kids make a mistakte because they are nervous.

  8. Muba says:

    Selection on merit is key, however we must not forget that experience is also paramount. The thing about tournaments and league action is that the other can’t be compared to the latter so sometimes you pick experience over merit. A tricky one that’s for sure. I’m not saying any names because I’m being objective but I think we should consider experience as a factor in player selection as well. God bless Us all.

  9. CEREBRAL says:

    AA, Ghana will remember you as the first local coach to qualify us to the WC. If you do very well you will be remembered by the world as a great manager, and you will go places and be sought after. If you fail, Ghanaians will vilify you and you will become a footnote.

    Most Ghanaians including myself want you to succeed. The key to success has already been given to you by being selected to be the coach of the Ghana Blacks Stars, that is a huge responsibility…you are like ‘Jonah’ you cannot escape!

    I am not a coach, and you probably will not read this, but I need to get these off my chest somehow in a blog.

    Some tips for success are: 1) selection of the best players, if you are in doubt between two players research their performance statistics and you will know who to pick 2) preparation at camp will be important, refine the strengths of each player and help them avoid weaknesses. 3) talk to the players collectively but also get closer to them one-on-one and confidentially listen to what they have to say. 4) Build the confidence of the players to the highest peak for each match. Also any technical personnel who is not confident, or who does not believe Ghana is good enough, you must not employ for Brazil…fire them. 5) Scrutinize where the team stays in Brazil, what you eat, drink, sleep etc should be the best. 6) Watch out for bribery…it happens even in top European teams…the only way to catch it, is to talk about it with the players to be wary about it and let them know the consequences. 7) By now you should know the pattern of play of Germany, The USA and Portugal…get to know their key players…employ the help of a football statistician to crunch the numbers for you, without that you cannot beat them. Our opponents at the WC will know our key players like their palm.

  10. sticky Straw says:

    @ keit who clean toilet in Germany why u don’t u have anything to do at home u disagree with everything that akwasi appiah or gfa will say no wonder someone calls u self coach on this site pls I want know how much baba abdul raman pays u that disturb ghanaians ears with player playing for unknown second division club in Germany why u does your cleaning , don’t Think that ghanaians are fools because even blind man who cannot anything will tells u that addy is far far betters than raman and also interms of experience addy has been playing Europa league secondly portugese league to me is better than Germans league because apart from Bayern munich all them are low class teams whiles in portugese league we strong teams like FC porto ,benfica, sporting Lisbon and braga which are very dangerous in European competitions

  11. Fiifi, Berlin says:

    These discussions on who Appiah should select or had selected in the past and why, should be put on hold till AA brings out his list in May! AA is aware of the task ahead and knows Ghanaians have short memory! If he sucks at the Brazil WC nobody would remember that he is the first Ghanaian coach to qualify the BS for the world cup, people would rather “bash” him from all corners! To avoid such a situation, he is trying everything within his powers to get things right.The media has not been helping him with their speculations and their so-called “very reliable sources” reports and “anansesem” stories either! AA is not having things easy at all with the numerous advice and assessments from the thousands of coaches and experts “pinching” him from all corners! Have confidence in him and give him the support, I believe AA would do the right thing!

  12. sticky Straw says:

    @ keit from Germany how can a sensible man compared german second division to POrtugese top flight league a!!ba even the picture doesn’t look Right because even bondesliga cannot be compared to the portugese league apart from BAyern the rest are wack teams

  13. PAPA-KA-NAWU says:

    EVERY GHANAIAN IS GOING FOR YOUR WORD..Dont lets fouvouritisms of yur pre decessors BOSSES dictates for U..Besides GHANAIANS are tired of giving DOMINIC ADIYIAH more advantages to prove himself by calling him every match..Dont even dare o favour ADIYIAH till he gets a club..Try
    KARIKARI of Turkish second tier Balikesirspor..
    That Guy is very good striker. His type of play and goal scoring is just like ASAMOAH GYAN.

  14. A concerned citizen says:

    Ansaah..Don’t mention David Addy for he has already dropped himself when BS played Montenegro

  15. Africanus says:

    Hope coach Appiah will include Afriyie Acquah in his squad to Brazil.

  16. texas says:

    Yes we have so many very good and able pool of players out of which only 23 will be chosen. We all have our favorite players we want to at the World Cup but that is not going to happen. Therefore we should be ready to support the 23 players that will make the final selection period.

  17. Ansah says:

    Bro keith i see where your coming from that the championship and 2nd bundesliga are good leagues but lets not forget that david addy has played europa league this season against top class teama so that has to go into consideration as well, and yes i agree that rooney gotze etc were all young but these players are extra ordinary guys and even with that being said they had to play a series of friendly matches before going to a big tournament , the same cannot be said for baba or schlupp

  18. Benito says:

    Why can’t we for once allow the coach to do his work? Why do some people commenting here like Kate or whatever you call yourself think he knows better than the coach,if you Keith think you can do it just put in your application and take over,simple as that!

  19. keith from germany says:

    @sticky Raw i will never return evil with evil but i will rather conquer the evil with the good.
    even if am a toilett cleaner it is hundred times better than selling narcotic drugs.
    th best way to answer a lunatic is by ignoring him and not paying Attention to him.neverheless may GOD BLESS YOU STIKY RAW

  20. Assemblyman says:

    Kwasia boy of a coach!! Listen to yourself and consider sending fatau.then explain to us on what that might be based on ..

  21. No nepotism,no tribalism.I hope you are able to stay to your words.we are watching.

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