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World Cup 2014: Nigeria assured by President over bonuses

Published on: 27 June 2014
Super Eagles

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has assured the country's senior players at the World Cup that the squad will be paid their bonus money.

The president's guarantee comes a day after after the Super Eagles players boycotted training on Thursday.

BBC Sport understands Nigeria's players fear they will not be paid after the tournament - a situation that occurred after last year's Confederations Cup.

Nigeria play France in the last 16 of the tournament on Monday.

While the players have demanded they receive their money now, the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) is not in a position to make that payment until it receives its prize money from Fifa.

It is that impasse that has led President Jonathan to intervene.

There also appears to be an issue over the amount the players think they are owed.

BBC Sport understands the players believe they are each $15,000 (£8,800) short of what they were expecting for reaching the last 16 in Brazil.

It is thought the problem lies in the interpretation of the bonus structure, with the players believing they will only receive $10,000 for their win 1-0 over Bosnia-Hercegovina and $5,000 for the 0-0 draw with Iran.

The players' understanding was they would receive a $30,000 payment for qualifying from the group.

However, it is believed the NFF's offer to the players includes the agreed win and draw bonuses plus 30% of the prize money due from Fifa for reaching the knockout stage.

This is understood to rise to 40% of the prize money from Fifa if Nigeria were to win their round of 16 match, 50% for a quarter-final victory, 60% for a win in the semi-final stage and 70% for lifting the trophy.

While all parties work to find a resolution to the misunderstanding, coach Stephen Keshi has insisted it will not affect the team's performance.

And it has been confirmed to the BBC that the players will travel to Brasilia on Friday as scheduled and will train in the evening and over the weekend.

It is not the first time the Super Eagles have made a stance over money - last year they arrived late for the Confederations Cup in Brazil.

Source: BBC


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  • ginger says:
    June 27, 2014 10:20 pm
    @selfmade, u are among d few ghanians I respect so much on dis forum, pls, can u tell on what basis is ghana d best african team in d world?... I knew it from d start dat our ghanian brothers will never support us against france dey will rather support france to beat us dats african man mentality for u..
  • ginger says:
    June 27, 2014 10:22 pm
    "On what basis is ghana d best african team in world cup"
  • selfmade says:
    June 27, 2014 10:56 pm
    Nigeria is going to the quarter finals in this WC and I have my reasons!! Mark it today! Everything favors them!
  • mikron says:
    June 27, 2014 11:14 pm
    hahahahah the losers are at it again. Ghanaians are praying for our downfall in the round of 16 as their weak and kungfu fighting team is out. what sore losers. i have news for u, we re beating france come monday. watch out. Nigeria and Algeria we trust. the best so far. how i wish ivory coast are here with us. they are the 3rd best african team after the above 2.
  • wamaselo says:
    June 27, 2014 05:22 pm
  • Botswana says:
    June 27, 2014 06:21 pm
    Nigeria n Algeria be strong and make Africa shine now,the whole continent is behind you.
  • Collynzo says:
    June 27, 2014 07:10 pm
    Gayna is out, I guess it is time for GSN to start talking about all things Nigeria.
  • king says:
    June 27, 2014 07:16 pm
    France will beat Nigeria hands down.Mark my words
  • wakaso says:
    June 27, 2014 07:18 pm
    u are right,GSN wil now b talkin about NIGERIA.
  • OGYA says:
    June 27, 2014 08:26 pm
    Talk about money and you are out. The next chicken to be fried will be the Super Chickens. They are out. They are on their last led. Thanks for a free goal given to them.
  • selfmade says:
    June 27, 2014 08:44 pm
    Ghana has been the BEST AFRICAN TEAM IN THE WC and I want anyone to debate me on this! I want AA to stay but before he do that he needs to TELL US WHAT HAPPENED IN BRAZIL! If he has lost the dressing room, he needs to resign and if not, then he should tell us what was the reasons behind what happened in Brazil! AA CAN WIN US THE AFCON! Everything I have said concerning this WC came to pass and even before this WC started, I said we should concentrate on the next edition of the AFCON as we are in a pole position to win and it seems like am a prophet! AA ll win us the AFCON!
  • bj says:
    June 27, 2014 09:11 pm
    Why is it some Ghanians hate their Nigeria brothers? It is high time we supported both Nigeria and Algeria so that these teams can do Africa proud. France cannot stop Super Eagles, I can put my money on it. I see Nigeria in Semi Final becs of Keshi. I'm not a Prophet but the Team is good. Algeria cannot survive Germany. Ghana lost their chance to progress against USA.
  • Rasheed says:
    June 27, 2014 09:17 pm
    France will beat Nigeria hands down. Mark my words
  • goodnews says:
    June 27, 2014 09:28 pm
    God bless super eagles, God bless nig, God bless africa
  • Johnwizey says:
    June 27, 2014 11:45 pm
    Ghana should keep hating on Nigeria. We are beating France come Monday, we are not responsible for your woes. So you guyz should shut the hell up and see how the Super Eagles will surprise the world on Monday
  • KiSy says:
    June 27, 2014 11:52 pm
    U think nigayria can beat mighty France with hit and run football. This no be Iran oo. Has keshi ever beaten an European team. Abeg make I hear word!
  • OGYA says:
    June 28, 2014 12:06 am
    Selfmade, you are full of bunk, what kind of crap have you written? You really want this cream wheat to tell you what happened in Brazil. I hope you are not drunk. And then your idiocy continues with your childish comment that you believe this crunk can win Ghana the AFCON. Keep Dreaming On. I don't blame you, birds of the same feathers flock together.
  • Olu of 9ja says:
    June 28, 2014 12:35 am
    Say anything about 9ja, but we do not want to play entertaining football, but to win matches and tournaments.Go Super Eagles, Go Nigeria, Go Africa
  • Rasheef says:
    June 28, 2014 01:02 am
    Selmade'are you challenging me?.We shall see.
  • kwasi nkroma says:
    June 28, 2014 01:16 am
    @ginger and DJ my brothers we are talking about soccer here .and looking at the subsequent games nothing shows that Nigeria will survive an African and proud to be one forever but Nigeria against France hmmmm.I have already bet it and is going to be first half win to France
  • selfmade says:
    June 28, 2014 01:24 am
    Ogya... I had wanted to insult u very well but am not but ll rather talk sense to u as I can see from your stupid write-ups here about tribalism and all those bullshits in 21 century as coming from a deranged moron! U are the first person and a ghanaian that in have seen over here linking the national team to tribes and that tells me that u nothing than a pipe fiend, living in a hole and watching the world from a crack!! U have no shame and dignity as a Ghanaian and I pity u a lot because if anyone can come to a social forum like this to spew those bullshits about certain tribe in Ghana,then that empty, inferior filled tribe bigot deserves noones attention and is clear that forumites see you as nothing than a small time village champion with identity crisis!! In 21st century when all people are coming together to build a strong world and a united humanity, am just sorry that u are still living in the caveman's eras and still preaching tribalism! U are one sorry Ghanaian and Ghana is as it today because of your deranged type!! Dude, I don't know u and I don't want u to be my friend, but judging from BACKWARDS WRITE UPS HERE which is full of tribal hatred and bigotry,u better do some soul searching to deal with these demons troubling u because SUPREME TRIBALIST ARE NOTHING THAN COWARDS! Is very shameful of u to come here to spew such venom which is not only childish and immature but it speaks volumes of who u are, how your family are and the environment that u were raise in! Take your time to read all the comments posted here from time immemorial and tell me if its TRIBAL BASED! In fact, the forumites over here may have one or two issues but they show CLASS AND LEVEL not to descend into any tribal sentiments except u who always incite tribal and ethnic sentiments! If u think that u can his behind your phone or PC to incite tribal bigotry here, better think twice because the phone or the PC was made by a human being and the same human being have the means to tracked whatever comes from it! The law is no respecter of person! Finally, is about time u know your entity because u are lost soul searching for a proper identity but to remind u, a lot of Ghanaians are above this STONE AGE MENTALITY OF YOURS AND PROBABLY YOUR FAMILY and we know that to jaw, jaw is better than to war, war and that's why after 50 something yrs though we still facing hardships,we still togather as one people! U are a very dangerous person and a nation wrecker but I challenge u to break yourself from COLONIAL CHAINS AND MENTALIY ENSLAVEMENT BECASUE YOUR ARE STILL BOND with the chains!! Beneath, whether white, blue, grey, brown etc we are the SAME!!
  • selfmade says:
    June 28, 2014 01:46 am
    France is very beatable in this WC and in fact there is no team that is not beatable under the sun! Those sayings are just urban myth or illusions!! Nigeria can beat them and one thing forumites keep forgetting is that, Nigeria just like Ghana are slow starters in major tournaments but peaks at the competition progresses and that's why Nigeria looks more far dangerous going into the France game! People keeps referring to Nigeria game against Bosnia and Iran as their reference point of how bad Nigeria is but I can tell those people that Ghana and Nigeria always plays their best games against quality oppositions or the the quality opposition brings the best out of these two nations! Ghana and Germany is a typical eg!! Nigeria ll beat france comes Monday!! Mark it! Some Ghanaians are getting jealous because Nigeria is making waves but a word to these people that, A JEALOSU PERSON CAN NEVER PROGRESS IN LIFE!! If u don't let or allow your neighbour to harvest a thousand, u ll never harvest a ten!
  • Emma says:
    June 28, 2014 01:47 am
    Ghana - appearance bonus for a player = $ 100,000.00 Nigeria - for qualifying to the round of 16 = $ 30,000.00 ....appearance bonus???? $..... May be I am wrong. Who is richer and who cares? I hope it does not affect the performance of the Super Eagles in their next match. Viva African soccer!
  • selfmade says:
    June 28, 2014 02:26 am
    Nigeria unlike Ghana has some solid CV with respect to beating big European or south american teams! Checked the profile of Nigeria and u can see that they have defeated spain, Brazil and Argentina in the Olympics and they rise to the occasion when least expected! People thinks France is unbeatable but south Africa defeated France in 2010 WC and Senegal also defeated the same France who were then defending champions joint WC! France has lost to all African opposition from in two previous wcs and that shows that Nigeria rather has an edge over France on Monday! Nigeria ll beat France judging from my football history! The France national team always falls flat and always struggle against African opposition due to their nature of games and the players they use and that's why Nigeria starts as favorite against them! Someone ll say France lost all their games in south Africa and hence south Africa wins is a fluke but if that bafana squad can beat France with even more seasonal players, then, Nigeria who are the reigning champions in Africa with this squad ll easily beat france on a good day! Those who are waiting for Nigeria to fall on Monday better find some heart absorbers or shock absorbers as Nigeria ll clinically beat France on monday!! Lastly, Nigeria has been the most tactical African team in Brazil something ghana was doing very well in our two previous wcs and though they haven't play that free flowing Nigerian football in this WC, they have done the most important thing of progressing to the second round and should they maintain that tactical disposition on Monday, history favors them to beat France on Monday!! France has fall to all African opponents in the WC and they ll fall for the third time! I know what am saying because prior to the WC,I said that Ghana has not beaten any western European team before and that both portugal and Germany ll deny us our spot and I was right!
  • kwame says:
    June 28, 2014 03:08 am
    Even life in most times is by chance or luck, not to talk of football. So respect should be given to whom its due and our african brothers that made it to round 2. Peace....
  • Boro says:
    June 28, 2014 05:17 am
    They boycotted training because of bonus? Hahaha! Ok get ready because you are next to come. West africa indiscipline ( wai for short).
  • Nigeria the best in everything says:
    June 28, 2014 07:21 am
    we are the best we no de carry last like black goat, Nigeria 3 France 1. Fly eagles fly the sky is the limit.
  • CARTELMAN says:
    June 28, 2014 07:22 am
    Dis is Ramadan period remember. Muslems including the players will be fasting. With France parading mostly islamic players ranging from Benzema, Sissoko, Sacko, Sagna etc and Nigeria parading only christian players except one Ahmed Musa, i dnt see the French standing in our way to the quaters.
  • Nwan9ja says:
    June 28, 2014 07:37 am
    This stupid gsn, u refused to write about nigeria's victory against Bosnia but has jumped out at d slightest bad news in the mighty super eagles to report nonesense, jealousy will kill u people and nigeria will continue to progress.
  • bj says:
    June 28, 2014 08:47 am
    I don't know why some Ghanians have this kind of mentality. Ghana and Nigeria are more than a brothers. Ghana is my second country. Let us put senstiment and rivalary apart, Super Eagles all the way. I shed tears when USA scored d winning goal against Ghana. I want Ghana and Nigeria to succeed at full international level as they have done in both U17,U20 and U23. Let rally round the Super Eagles. They are the only Africa Hope. Go super eagles, go Africa
  • ty says:
    June 29, 2014 03:39 am
    Na bad belle go kill you ghanians. What d f*ck. Idiotic mambas
  • Femi says:
    June 29, 2014 09:53 pm
    This is the worst football website on the planet. Its sponsors are blindly sentimental and most of the stories I read here are highly hypocrytical. They say that GSN is strictly for Ghananian soccer stories but whenever your brothers in Nigeria lose a game or have negative bonus issues in the SE's camp to resolve, they jump to this site with stories carrying outrageous headlines. For your imformation, this website is creating hatred among football fans across the continent and u people should stop this rubbish.