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World Cup coordinator - 'God will punish Ghanaian journalists for sex claims against Becca'

Published on: 10 July 2014
Becca was accused of sleeping with a Black Stars player

The coordinator for Ghana's 2014 World Cup ambassadors has launched a scathing attack on Ghanaian journalists claiming 'God will punish them for spreading lies' about musician Becca having sex with the players during the tournament in Brazil.

Wading into the on-going confusion is the Coordinator for the World Cup Ambassadors, Mrs. Afua Haujato, who has chosen to call–out Ghanaian journalists for peddling falsehood concerning the ambassadors, according to her.

Becca was accused in certain quarters of sleeping with Ghana midfielder Emmanuel Agyemang Badu during the tournament even though the two were not based in the same city in Brazil.

But Haujato insists such reports are calculated to damage the image and reputation of those mentioned in the report.

“God will punish the Ghanaian journalists for spreading such falsehood on the ambassadors for taking Ghc 20,000 and about some ambassadors sleeping with the footballers,” she told Andy Dosty on Hitz FM, when she was called upon to answer some of the many nagging questions shrouding the ambassadors and Brazil 2014.

When asked about the speculation about songstress, Becca sleeping with Black Stars player, Agyemang Badu, she stated: ‘It is sad that people can fabricate and spread such lies. God will punish the Ghanaian journalists spreading such rumours.”

The saga of Ghana’s participation at the World Cup, the appointment of ambassadors and the ensuing issues continue unabated

There’s so much inconsistency and inaccuracy in what transpired with regards to how much the ambassadors were paid for their roles of raising funds for the Stars’.

On the exact amount given to the ambassadors, she said: “Nobody was paid. The ambassadors got nothing for the involvement in the Brazil campaign. They were only given $250 a day for the 15 days that they were in Brazil, and the amount included accommodation and feeding.”

Becca has already threatened to take legal action against the websites and newspapers who published the claims insisting she had nothing to do with any footballer and did not visit Maceio where the Black Stars lived.


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  • selfmade says:
    July 10, 2014 04:33 pm
    This girl has lost all her dignity as a lady and it ll take the hand of god to restore or gain her dignity back! All that the defenders of this shameful girl keeps saddling us with is that, she and badu were not in the same city or hotel and so what? These are two mature people who can plan and sneak out to have sex without anyone knowing about it! Again, these two can have sex anywhere in Brazil even in the absence of a hotel as is clear that, they have been doing this in camp for a long time! Even if is not true, the mere fact that these guys names has popped out of all the people in Brazil means that they have something going on! Isn't this so called songstress who can't even sing married? Something went on in Brazil between them and people saw them that's why they have been talking about it! I heard becca and badu are good friends and they were good friends in national camp too? Were these guys paid huge amount of dollars to go and play football or to socialize? This is a very shameful act and portray us as a non serious nation!! Whiles serious national were planning of winning matches, badu and this so called ambassador were socializing! How many of the WC nations send so called female ambassadors to Brazil? Our leaders are not only SKILLED IN THIEVING but they also have DIRTY MINDS( ADWENE FI) as well! If our leaders are thieves, perverts and molesters, then it means this country has no future at all! This is a warning to this Becca girl to stop opening her ass to men or stop her flirting attitude because some Ghanaian men are VILLAGERS Some many of Ghanaian leaders are from the bush and THEY KISS AND TELL!
  • Benny says:
    July 10, 2014 08:39 am
    Ghana is a joke ,I am sorry to say.Even the USA with their multi-super -popular stars did not send anybody as ambassadors, yet Ghanaian leaders for reasons known to them took the so ambassadors who are only known to Ghanaians to Brazil and pay them to watch World Cup. John Dumelo was in Brazil promoting his own clothing lines yet he was getting paid by the tax payer.The so called ambassadors all went with their divergent interest . On the issue of Becca,why are people accusing her and Agyeman Badu and no one else? What did they see? I guess she has to get use to what comes with her choosing career.