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Zambia coach turns attention to Ghana in 2014 World Cup qualifiers

Published on: 09 June 2013
Herve Renard

Zambia coach Herve Renard has turned his attention to Ghana knowing that the fight for Group D's sole ticket to the final phase of the World Cup qualifiers will go down to the wire.

The Frenchman is convinced that the Black Stars will not slip-up against the group's whipping boys Lesotho after the Chipolopolo thrashed them 4-0 on Saturday.

This also means that the Zambians are underrating the tough Sudanese who they meet next week in Ndola, confident they will beat the Nile Crocodiles.

But Sudan will be on pushovers having beaten Zambia 2-0 in their first meeting before a protest over an unqualified player gave the Chipolopolo the advantage in the group.

Ghana defeated a tough Sudan side 3-1 in Omdurman on Friday night to keep the pressure on Zambia who are just one point ahead of the Black Stars despite the protest.

Both Zambia and Ghana must avoid slipping-up against Sudan and Lesotho next week respectively to ensure a photo-finish for the group's sole ticket.

Even before they face the Nile Crocodiles on Saturday, Renard is rather focused on the final group match when they travel to face the Black Stars most likely in Kumasi.

“It is important on our way to finish first in our group,” Renard told reporters after Saturday's 4-0 thrashing of Lesotho in Ndola.

"Ghana did very well yesterday but we hope we will do well against them,” the Frenchman said refering to Ghana's 3-1 away win over Sudan in Omdurman on Friday.

With two rounds of matches remaining it is now a straight fight between Chipolopolo and Ghana to finish top of the group and reach the play-offs.

Sudan and Lesotho have been eliminated by their defeats this weekend.


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  • Zambianosis says:
    June 12, 2013 10:51 am
    Scenario 1: Zambia beats sudan, has 13 points. Ghana lose to Lesotho, has 9 points. It means the Kumasi game is a formality for Zambia even with your quartert of Ayews, PKB and Essien. Scenario 2: Zambia beats Sudan and Ghana beats Lesotho. Points, Zambia 13, Ghana 12; that is what everubody is expecting. Salivating final match in Kumasi. Scenario 3: Ghana draws with Lesotho and Zambia wins Sudan; Points, Zambia= 13, Ghana 10 points. Watch out for scenario 1 and 3 Ghanaians. Its not my fault, but it is written somewhere that you are Zambia's customer. Check your records.....
  • OBSERVER says:
    June 14, 2013 02:22 pm
  • PITO says:
    June 09, 2013 04:52 pm
    These zambians koraa what kind of cantanklaus is this? they are like nkonsonkonson. APPAIH AND THE BOYS MUST BE SERIOUS AND SIT UP!
  • abanthubaya says:
    June 09, 2013 05:14 pm
    We are coming to get you my friend. We are ruthless whenever we meet Ghana.
  • askantwi says:
    June 09, 2013 05:17 pm
    they just will not go away. but they will. if you want the job done well, you usually have to do it yourself. So we will take them on and take them out.
  • Chichi says:
    June 09, 2013 05:24 pm
    Ghana here we come zambia 4 life go zambia go
  • lalasu says:
    June 09, 2013 05:33 pm
    Renard, do u think u're done with Sudan yet to think about Ghana? u will be surprised in ur own backyard.
  • sam says:
    June 09, 2013 06:09 pm
  • Union Leader says:
    June 09, 2013 06:25 pm
    This Ghana-reject is full of himself and always making noise. If my beloved Black Stars can't beat your mediocre team in Kumasi,then truly we don't deserve to be in Brazil at all. But first things first ,we need to beat Lesotho in style(at worse avoid defeat) before planing the massacre and disgrace of these Zambians. They know they re mediocre yet they want the whole world to know they re the best in Africa. Black Stars are up for the challenge,and we will settle that in Kumasi come what may.
  • @kwame says:
    June 09, 2013 06:36 pm
  • ***Censored***
  • Samedge says:
    June 09, 2013 06:56 pm
    Kwasiampene! Are u done with Sudan, let alone turning ur attention to Ghana
  • Zambia Soccerman says:
    June 09, 2013 07:07 pm
    Hey Ghana reporters quit fabricating stories about Zambia,you claim we don't respect you? Its the shit you write about Zambia. We Zambians respect Ghanaians and your soccer team, but we will not bow down to you. We are coming to play with you in Kumasi or wherever you wanna take it, moon or wharever.We will beat Sudan and come and park 7 players in defense and clog up your midfield and Ghana is done.You ain't got Stephen Aphiah that could dribble and keep the ball, so you are in deep shit. HR Has not said his focus is now Ghana. You guys needs to quit being obsessed with us and get a life.
  • zambia says:
    June 09, 2013 07:10 pm
    ghana be awere that when we come it we be war not football.i know that the supporter are saying it we be a walkove but zambia is another team,if u black pipo think at all cost zambia will give an easy game then u are in ur a real zambian and a football follower its a 50.50 chances nevertheless zambian will come for a victory.
  • texas says:
    June 09, 2013 07:21 pm
    We will win the game in Ghana and beat them up as they did to us in Zambia...
  • john says:
    June 09, 2013 07:31 pm
    Zambia will be difficult to break this game will be a draw Zambia has never been to the world cup they will not just allow Ghana to win. This game will be very tough i doubt i would want to watch this i forsee a lot of heart attack from both sets of supporters
  • lasoso says:
    June 09, 2013 07:51 pm
    @john,better join the women in the kitchen if you don't have the heart to watch the match and by the way believe you are a Zambian.
  • Samedge says:
    June 09, 2013 07:56 pm
    @John what are u talking about? Beating chipoliopolio will be so easy in Kumasi but then start weeping bcos Sudan won't spare u at all.
  • lasoso says:
    June 09, 2013 08:16 pm
    @ abanthubayy , you are very funny,can't you see the writings on the wall,even a fool can read.The two said matches Ghana lost to Zambia was as result of complacency and bad blood in the camp of the black stars.We have now kick those lazy and unpatriotic players out and now playing with a discipline and a determined team and so watch out your country might be the next victim of goal harvest in the hands of the BS.
  • thank God we are not zambians says:
    June 09, 2013 08:17 pm
    we will beat dis zambians guys calm down
  • lasoso says:
    June 09, 2013 08:23 pm
    don't count your chickens until they are hatch HR.Ghanaians are taking every match at a time and you will shocked in the final round.
  • texas says:
    June 09, 2013 08:33 pm
    We will move heaven and earth to whip the Zombians in Kumasi.
  • Ghanaman says:
    June 09, 2013 09:24 pm
    fOOLISH zambian IDIOT!!! If you could not even play defense to keep you lead against Lesotho how do you expect to do it here. A bullet will hit your head before you walk out of here without anything but defeat!!
  • One Ghana says:
    June 09, 2013 09:25 pm
    Listen you guys Herve Renard once coached Ghana and he knows the impetus of the team. If Zambia play on open game with Ghana then they will lose. However its imperative to note that by the time Zambia play Ghana we will lead the group by one point and we be playing for 2 results; thus win or draw! Our game plan hence will be to park the bus and using speedy forwards to catch you on the counter and Renard has already mustered this before! Ghana be warned......
  • Dr Who says:
    June 09, 2013 09:38 pm
    Why do some of you waste you little energy on Zambia! GH qualified to the next stage of the WC last friday after the win in Sudan while Zambia lost out at the 1-1 against Lesotho in Maseru.Both GH & ZAM will win both their next matches and the decider will be in Ksi.Black Stars home invincibility will prevail since it has never lost an WC or AFCON for over ten yrs.With our destiny in our hands & with revenge and how the players were treated in Zambia by their police,we will definately win by fair or foul means to the next stage.Fellow Ghanaians save your energies.
  • African Consciousness says:
    June 09, 2013 10:00 pm
    Coach Appiah and Max Konadu and every Ghanaian player that dons the Ghana whites on September 7, 2013, every Ghana fan whether you are at the sports stadium in Kumasi, by your TV set or listening by radio, remember this. The game is about the Zambia Coach. Renard thinks just because he is white he can come to Africa and and get his way. This must not be allowed to happen. We all know what the French did in Africa centuries ago. Some of the Ghana players plying their trade in France know how they are sometimes subjected to racial abuse with monkey chants and bananas being thrown at them. This is about more that just a soccer game. This is game is about Principle. Renard went to the CAF and FIFA and got his team 3 points that they should never have gotten. This is the problem with the Frenchman. He is not honest and he is not fair. He thinks just because he is a white Frenchman in Africa he is better and is entitled to win when he faces an African Coach and African players and he must be stopped. There is no better place to teach this Frenchman humility, honesty, justice than in Ghana. We have to teach Renard about African pride. We have to teach Renard that Africans are just as good if not better that the Frenchman. we have to teach Renard that all men are created equal by the one true God, regardless of the color of their skin. We have to teach the French racist fans that racism is dead and we will bury it in Ghanaian soil. For the last time I will implore Kevin Prince Boateng, Michael Essien and Andre Dede Ayew to join their fellow Black Star team-mates to help put this racist soccer cheat called Herve in his place. He did not deserve 3 extra points at the expense of the Black Stars yet he was able to get it because he is white. An African Coach could have filed that same protest and would not have gotten those 3 points. Herve must be stopped in Ghana, Kumasi will be his Waterloo! Kumasi must be his Waterloo! Kumasi will be the end of the Coaching career of this soccer cheat. We will show him that Ghana is about honesty, courage and love. He must be taught that soccer is about a game of skill that must be won on the pitch and no where else. He must not be allowed to cheat Ghanaians and get away with it. Every Black Star who is lucky enough to be called up on September 7, 2013 must play like a hero, they must play every second of the 90 minutes like there is no tomorrow because there will be no tomorrow. There will be no Brazil 2014. Long live Ghana, long live African football.
  • Eric, Toronto. says:
    June 09, 2013 11:27 pm
    Ok..We are waiting patiently for your disciplined and determined team in kumasi. Ghana will make your Zambia team useless mark my word. How is Zambia going to stand the might of Kumasi, the slaughter house of Ghana football? Ask your Coach he knows it, he's been there with the Blackstars before and he knowingly what awaits him in Kumasi that's why he's worried. We've done it to alot of teams in Africa. i.e..Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Algeria, Morroco just to mention a few. I'm not bragging but we can give Zambia two free goals to start the game but Ghana will come back and beat your Zambia team in Kumasi trust me. The best person you can authenticate this info from is your own Coach Herve Renard. Ask him if am lying.
  • Tetteyfio says:
    June 10, 2013 12:46 am
    I am surprised at how many Zambians are commenting here. How did they find this site?
  • Samedge says:
    June 10, 2013 05:04 am
    @Tettyfio this is no big deal. If u want fire them back, go to They are scared that Ghana has elimimated them like that & this why they are confusing themselves at this site.
  • Kwaku says:
    June 10, 2013 06:40 am
    Wat an embarrassment to african football it wud be shd these local breed of zambian footballers make it to the world cup......mbesuma wud be a fufu pounder were he a ghanaian,september shd just cme quickly cos am itching as i hear these zambians boast....the african teams need a leader at the world cup and that is Ghana.....kumasi is kumasi,we ll punish u like primary school boys cos dats all that u guys are....
  • apiangalege says:
    June 10, 2013 07:09 am
    Chipolopolo of Zambia will maintain their one point lead over Black stars till the end;watch out.Ghanians are too arrogant,pompous and empty.When was the last time the black stars won anything?With all their insolence and bragging they ve never represented Africa in the FIFA Confed,never qualified for the final of the olympic not to talk of winning the gold medal or silver medal;their 4 cup of nations triumph were achieved in medevial times when other countries were stil sleeping and lacking interest.They love their juju and relied so much on it.By the way,am a Nigerian and I support the Chipolopolo of Zambia against the black rats of gaynia
  • KKD says:
    June 10, 2013 08:35 am
    My friend shut upppp!!!!!!!!!!! When you kept asking questions? have you ever qualified to the world cup???? Pls. note that boys have no place amidst men. Zambia is a naked boy on the street.Cheers
  • Derek says:
    June 10, 2013 09:38 am
    You Ghanaians are so unbelievable, you are saying zambia is nothing and that you will teach as a lesson while @ the sametime you are spending sleepless nights begging Dede Ayew, Micheal essien & kevin prince Boateng to come play for you against. Am sure you have realised that your chicken squad is not strong enough to stop the high velocity chipolopolo bullets thus the desperation of calling back unpatriotic players who have turned their back on Ghana. Chipolopolo all the way! Brazil here we come!
  • kwado assamoah says:
    June 12, 2013 02:46 pm
    foolish pipo of gana no wander u re black like charcoal how can u win a game b4 playing
  • mubvengwa chinyemba says:
    June 18, 2013 07:49 am
    you are so Primitive TETTEYFIO you think Zambia is a BUSH we are coming to show little known kumasi where you known of buy games in the name of winning!