Zambia FA chief Kalusha wants indisciplined players to be axed from the Black Stars

Published on: 3 years ago
Zambia FA chief Kalusha wants indisciplined players to be axed from the Black Stars
Kalusah says unruly Black Stars players must be sacked from the team

Zambia FA chief Kalusha Bwalya has hit out at Ghana players for their shambolic showing at the World Cup in Brazil insisting players who cannot not obey the team's regulation must be axed from the team.

Bwalya, the former African Footballer of the Year who played for Dutch giants PSV Eindhoven, said the Black Stars must put the country first to be able to achieve success for the team. The CAF Executive Committee member insists Black Stars players must obey the team's regulations and keep unity in the squad, revealing that divisive tendencies will negatively affect the entire squad.His comments come after key players Kevin-Prince Boateng and Sulley Muntari were axed from the Black Stars at the just-ended World Cup in Brazil for various acts of indiscipline.

This and some other factors affected the team's performance at the World Cup which resulted in the Black Stars early exit from the tournament in disgrace.

Bwalya says disruptive figures in the Black Stars must be axed from the team even if they are highly talented because they will destroy the harmony in the team.

 “The players need to look at the stipulated rules on player behavior when you are invited to the national team and if they are not in agreement with these rules then they can excuse themselves from the teams camp because they can destroy the harmony in the team and become the focus of attention," Kalusha told Citi FM.

 “To play in the national team there are rules and regulations and as a player you need to know what the team expects of you.

"We have all been in the game and have played the game we sometimes have strong characters within the group but we always try to tell them to put the team’s interest before their personal interest.

"One man cannot win laurels for the team on his own but a team working together can achieve great things for their nation,”he said.

Kalusha, who has led Zambia to several successes at the FA President, says Ghana should pick valuable lessons from their disastrous World Cup campaign which resulted in the teams early exit from their group.

“I believe that the people back at Ghana have learnt lessons from this World Cup,” he added.

The Black Stars will resume their duties September when they play in the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers for the tournament in be played in Morocco.

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  • aldridge kabungo
    says: 3 years ago
    I agree with the man totally!this man is were he is today because of disipline.In everything you do,disipline should come first if you are to go far.
  • Dr Who
    says: 3 years ago
    Show me an indiscipline team and I will show you a failed team.
  • Attoh
    says: 3 years ago
    Very well said Kalusha. Thank you so much. I'm confident the Ghanaian soccer authorities will stick to their guns and keep those "bad apples" , all-knowing, indiscipline players out.
  • jb
    says: 3 years ago
    Discipline start from the top of management, are these corrupt FA disciplined themselves? Is very easy to use players as the reason for black stars failure, Ghana FA and stupid AA did everything to perfection that's what they're telling us. Is the players fault. .fooooooooools
  • Mr T
    says: 3 years ago
    Ghana is a great Team. As a Zambian i wanted them to reach the semi finals. But if such indiscipline acts were spotted in the squad then its sad for African football.Mind you they were supposed to carry the shoulder of Africa at the world cup and do us proud. Keshi and company were right to axe such players.
  • Benny
    says: 3 years ago
    I have said this before that in Ghana if you keep quiet to be cheated, trodden upon ,then you are disciplined and humble but if you stand up for yourself you are deemed indiscipline and arrogant.This is why any ruling government and his Ministers and MP's loot the country at will. Would Kalusha keep quiet whilst 70 officials who has no roles in Brazil ,sit in business class and five star hotels whilst the playing body cramp in economy class and in the case of KPB ,he was given a leaked hotel room meanwhile those role- less FA executive were in five star hotels suite some costing $5000 per night.There were pictures taken where they are happily enjoying coconut on the bench and some hard partying. Apart from Nyantakyi staying in five star hotel and bussiness class with his family he was shown on camera negotiating match fixing. KPB ,Essien and Muntary only wanted answers why there were so many officials with no particular role in Brazil and what had happened to the $9million budget. The GFA should put their house in order and they will see the discipline side of the players.AA is very weak exactly the kind of coach the GFA wants.In 2010,milo did not allow any GFA member near the teams hotel. Let nobody blame the players .Kalusha is speaking out of ignorance.
  • shine
    says: 3 years ago
    Ghanaian Journalists need a better studies before they be comes Journalists. Kalusha is not a Ghanaian and can never be a Ghanaian how comes his now advising Ghanaian football matters knowing that his own country Zambia has the same problems. It pains me much to listen to poor and scandals Ghanaian Journalists who just finished Primary School education and now be came freelance iliterated news givers. Zambia has never qualified to the World cup since soccer created in Africa and will never get that opportunity how comes Kalusha doesnt looks into his dying Zambian team? If Black stars performed bad it is only Ghanaians to complained and not mother fuckers who dont know their left or right. Zambians are dying with hunger and corruptions than any African nations masters stop puting Zambians along the line they still geting civilizations in that land of Land lock country. Every player fight for their rights including the good people of Ghana. Corruptions has rocking African football thats why normal African national teams perform lower in World cup tournament. FA always stolen the players bonuses and buys prostitutes all over and then gave them monies any how. It has to stop now cause this is the issues that can create war and attacks. FIFa should takes his fucking football out of Africa we dont need it. It is killing our economies and makes us poorer. Every FA members in Africa are all mother fuckers satanic Agents Luminati members occultism bads men. God shall purnishe all African FA members, your time shall comes your family shall surffer if you continue to steal poor monies.God shall speak the truth Ghana FA your time is coming not very long.
  • pk
    says: 3 years ago
    No return for the so called trio. Even in retirement, should stay from BS camps.
  • A concerned citizen
    says: 3 years ago
    Kalusha.."dzi wofie As3m"..leave our players have to tackle it from the source..the source no.1 is coach AA who has ego problems and has no coaching capabilities to mess GFA "chop chop" management.coupled with colonial the records these players have sacrificed themselves tremendously for the nation a lot and can not be treated like that for there is no smoke without fire.
  • kalaba1
    says: 3 years ago
    @Shine what ever your name is! king Kalu is only Advising your fa as a football legendary and would u say Zambians are dying with hunger when your people are all over seeking for asylum check your facts right runinig away from the economical crunch in Ghana