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10 Best Football Tips

Published on: 14 August 2019

Football is an old sport. It attracts millions of fans from all over the world. Most countries hold several soccer leagues each year. However, the sport has many upsets. It is tricky for amateur punters to make a profit from football betting. Betway is a prominent bookie which offers a wide selection of soccer markets. It offers the latest match updates and team news. Here are ten top football tips every punter should follow.


1.      Understand the Sport

Some sports fans often watch soccer fans but don't understand certain things about football. Analyze the current form of players and teams. Check whether your favorite team has sidelined any of its key players due to injury.


2.      Set a Betting Target

Most successful bettors have a certain football-betting target. Review your profit frequently to evaluate your helps you determine whether you need to change your betting strategies.

3.      Research

Gather information about a particular league or team. It includes head-to-head statistics, team news, and recent form. Research helps you make informed decisions while placing bets hence increasing your chances of winning.

4.      Use an Analytical Approach

Many gamblers bet on impulse. It is advisable to be analytical rather than letting your emotions to control you. Specialize in a specific league to understand the styles which most teams use. Also, assess the form of opponents.


5.      Appreciate Your Profit

Some amateur punters try to make hug wins each day. They create bets with high odds and place small stakes. However, experienced gamers who take part in secure online football betting with Betway placed football bets of less than four matches. It increases their winning chances.

6.      Keep a Betting Record

Track wins and losses to calculate the amount of money you spend on gambling. Record the types of markets and the amount of stake you normally place. You can reduce the number of bets you include in your accumulators if you are on a losing streak.

7.      Place Accumulator Bets

Accumulators are popular in online betting. They help gamblers make a huge profit from small stakes. It is essential to win individual bets in an accumulator. Pick markets with nice odds to avoid adding many events in a single accumulator.


8.      Favorite Teams Also Lose

Some people believe that underdogs cannot defeat strong teams. Most bookmakers assign low odds to favorite teams. A team with an unusually high odds can defeat a popular team with a huge margin.

9.      Use Different Bookies

Brand loyalty is common among many bettors. The gambling industry is highly competitive. Most bookies introduce bonuses to attract gamers. Sign with different betting firms to get offers on certain bets.

10.    Pick Few Events

You might get tempted to place many bets in a single accumulator to win a huge payout. It significantly reduces your winning probability. You can place a huge stake on four bets rather than putting a 12-fold accumulator.

Top football leagues such as La Liga, Italy Serie A and French Ligue 1 started a few days ago. Many bookmakers strive to attract new clients. Some of them offer bonuses and promotions. It is important to understand soccer and check the current form of teams and players to win bets in Betway. Also, it is wise to consider predictions from genuine tipsters to avoid making loses.


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