10 Tips for Getting Recruited to Play Soccer in College

Published on: 27 August 2019

It’s no secret that many students get into colleges thanks to outstanding results in sports. Many schoolers dream to attend a college of their dreams with the help of soccer. Though American football is native to the American nation, many youngsters also adore European soccer. This kind is popularized and MSL (Major Soccer League) is beloved by many Americans. Many boys and girls try their career in soccer.

Soccer may provide them with a scholarship. If they continue to progress, they may turn into real stars and have an outstanding career. That’s why so many schoolers practice this sport. However, it’s not easy to get recruited. There are certain demands you ought to fulfill. This guide provided by AdvancedWriters professional essay writing service covers them all and provides 10 tips to reach this goal.


Crucial Tips to Get Recruited

Take a look at our list and memorize it:


  1. Complete questionnaires.

    College soccer consists of 3 divisions and some juniors’ communities. Almost each offers some questionnaires and it’s important to fill out all of them. Thus, different colleges will have some information about you. Coaching systems of colleges always study them to spot some perspective soccer players. If you don’t fill them out, you sufficiently reduce your chances to get even noticed.

  2. Create a video.

    One of the inevitable parts of the soccer recruiting process is to create videos. Some schoolers may be taken by surprise but it’s true. Coaches and their assistants want to see players in action. Therefore, don’t hesitate to make a short movie about yourself. What to picture? Well, you’re free to add content on your own. Make some shortcuts about your techniques, skills, physical conditions, shot accuracy, and so on. Don’t forget to add a few minutes about how you play in the game. It’s much more difficult than film a training process. If you make a great movie, some coaches will put you on their shortlists and will visit some of your games.

  3. Attend ID camps.

    Most coaches actively attend ID camps for college soccer. It’s a great possibility to see potential candidates to their teams with their experienced eyes. Colleges eagerly organize such camps during the summertime. For example, in the year 2018, more than 93% of coaches who attended those camps found multiple talents. Thus, you receive a two-in-one benefit. You try your own strength and can be chosen by some coach.

  4. Provide your coaches with your schedule.

    If some coaches contact you, provide them with your schedule. You will surely play for your school team. Perhaps, you will participate in some tournament of talents and skills. Make sure your coaches are aware of those events. Send them emails and remind about your persona. If they attend those events and you succeed, you have all the chances to be invited to a college.

  5. Be responsive.

    Some students waste chances because they respond too late. Regularly check your email box and if you see a message from a coach, immediately respond.

  6. Consider the demand in your position.

    Your chances also depend on the position in the field. The most demanded players are forwards, midfielders and goalies. However, big and tall defensemen are also perspective.

  7. Take the lead instead of your parents.

    Many students allow their parents to make all the negotiations and agreements. However, it’s your future and you ought to be in full charge of it. Meet and discuss the details with coaches on your own.

  8. Pay attention to your score.

    Mind that good results in sports aren’t the only factor to recruit you. Make your academic progress just as vital as sports and score high.

  9. Compose a good personal statement.

    The part of the college application is to write a personal statement. Write in it about yourself, your strongest traits and qualities. Mention the reasons you want to study at a college and tell about your talents in soccer.

  10. Be selective.

    Don’t haste and consider several options. Compare various colleges, their benefits and match with your expectations.

How to Meet Some Demands

There are several prompts, which will help to overcome the potential problem and meet the necessary requirements. These are as follows:

  • Get online support.

    At times, students aren’t able to manage all their assignments and succeed in sports. Thus, you can use the assistance of expert academic writers for the most difficult tasks. They will guide you through any academic complication and will help to cope with any assignment you have. Their assistance is fast and dependable

  • Contact colleges early.

    Create a list of at least 10 most prospective colleges and contact each. Thus, you’ll have a good basis and a rich choice. Compare potential variants to identify the most beneficial ones.

  • Train hard.

    You have to work hard every day. Don’t miss training and go for the extra ones. For example, famous Cristiano Ronaldo always comes to his training earlier than the rest of the team and leaves them the last.

  • Ask your current coaches to help.

    While you learn at school, you already have coaches. They may help you to find proper colleges and get recruited. Ask them to contact several good institutions.

There is one last tip for you. NEVER GIVE UP! Constantly work and improve your athletic and academic skills. Use our tips as well to improve your chances to be recruited by a college of your dreams.