2014 World Cup: Ghana FA to orientate Black Stars ahead of final squad naming

Published on: 20 May 2014
2014 World Cup: Ghana FA to orientate Black Stars ahead of final squad naming
Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah will drop three players from his provisional squad

By Ameenu Shardow

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The Ghana FA’s top hierarchy will hold a meeting with the Black Stars to advice them against excessive remonstrations when the final cut for the 2014 World Cup is made.

Black Stars coach Kwesi Appiah will begin preparing his provisional 26-man squad for June’s final in Brazil from Tuesday in Accra.

Appiah will be working with the 26 players until after their friendly match against the Netherlands on May 31st where he will be dropping three players.

Some affected players from final Black Stars cuts have reportedly vented their disappointment by hurling verbal abuses and threats at coaches and officials over their final exclusion for previous tournaments.

Striker Baba Adamu ‘Amando’ hurled insults at officials of the Ghana FA and angrily announced his international retirement after he was left out of Ghana’s squad for its maiden World Cup campaign in Germany 2006.

Midfielder Laryear Kingston was also reported to have charged at then coach Milovan Rajevac when he was told he will not be making the final Black Stars squad for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

It is against this backdrop that the Ghana FA will be meeting the players to advice them against misconducting themselves after the final squad has been made.

“Three players will be dropped; it is a matter of public knowledge,” Ghana FA boss Kwesi Nyantakyie told Joy FM.

“So of the 26, each and every one of them is a candidate for dropping.

“We are going to have a meeting with the players tomorrow [Tuesday] when they arrive and we will drum home this point.

“And then we will also try to manage their expectations, that look, if you are dropped from the 23, that is not the end of the journey.

“Maybe if the person is a young player, we will tell the person ‘you have a future ahead’.

“If the person is an old player, maybe you had your chance and if you are out this time, you shouldn’t worry because in the past some other people gave way to you to hit the limelight.”


  • Viper
    says: 5 years ago
    Oh Portugal have named their final squad.
  • na kwame
    says: 5 years ago
    says: 5 years ago
    and so what
  • Paul
    says: 5 years ago
    Thus why i said the 26 players named was a recipe for confusion. He could have gone ahead with his final 23 to cut everything short. Now you have to hold some unnecessary meeting to tell the players what. Definitely the droped ones will be emotonally affected so why didnt you go ahead to name the players you already know are making the squad to avoid this kind of bogus meetings.
  • Boro
    says: 5 years ago
    Because our previous management stained their hands with bribbery and corruption in selecting players into the BS. AA form day one has made it clear that he will not condon with that and it is now paying well for AA. But you see these old nation wreckers now want to be part of the credit AA has succeeded in bringing into the team. There was no roar in naming the 26 man squad, so how can there be roar when the final squad of 23 is named. There are lots of steps you the FA can take to improve on our football look for them so that u can get credit on those rather than waiting to ride on peoples success .Shame on you all!
    says: 5 years ago
    In my opinion, Accam might be a good player, so jordan ayew, but we do not need them. The reason is we have two good strikers of Gyan ana WArris. Adrew Ayew can strike if the two strikers are injured in the course of initial games. KPB can also strike and both can play the midfield firmly. Having Atsu, Agyeman Badu and Afriyie Acquah supplementing as fit. KASA, ESSIEN and Muntari, all can play any positions in the midfield and probably some defense positions when needed..With Rabiu waiting. Boakye yiadom and one of tthe full backs say inkoom or afful will drop if schlup seems to be preferable.
  • Ghanaman
    says: 5 years ago
    O massa LETSEE you have spoken the truth. I have agree with you but jordan needs to go to brasil. The new players needs to be off the squad as thier positions are taken already. The vibes in the camp needs to be kept
  • Ben
    says: 5 years ago
    GFA shouldn't correct bribe from any of the players.
  • Ben
    says: 5 years ago
    GFA officials shouldn't correct bribe from any of the players.
  • hisinnocency
    says: 5 years ago
    my ppl this is not a matter of old or new players. we are talk of players in FORM.
  • kkknj
    says: 5 years ago
    I think it is all about what AA want to achieve. If the player do not fit into the team, there should be no reason taken him to Brazil because he was a core player. This is about Ghana's interest at stake, its not about individual player's interest.
  • Unknown
    says: 5 years ago
    masa but you paa why?