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4 Footballers Who Love to Play Casino Games

Published on: 14 May 2020

Footballers make a good living for themselves. It is no secret that many of them do so well that it can be difficult to find things to do with their money. What may surprise you is that many of them enjoy being a frequent visitor to casino games across the board. They will play games ranging from online slots to high stakes Texas Hold’em without hesitation because of the allure of it. What are some of the more well-known footballers who enjoy casino games and gambling?


The Common Trait Among the Footballers

The one common thing as you start to read and learn more about the various footballers is that casino games are something they enjoy quite a bit. You may not think that someone as popular and big as a Wayne Rooney or a Ronaldo would care to play casino games, but they do. The reason for this could be due to their competitive spirit, the need for constant action, and risk at stake. Whatever the purpose of gambling, the fact is that they play a little bit of everything.

The casino games of choice for the footballers are going to vary depending on the superstar. It could be online slots at or it could be table games such as roulette and blackjack. It all boils down to the personal taste of the footballers that will drive what they want to partake in from a gambling perspective.



Wayne Rooney

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One of the individuals who may be the most famous footballer of all who enjoyed casino games is none there then Wayne Rooney. Wayne Rooney is a big name in the soccer world and the former Manchester United player enjoys his fair share of casino games.

Which are the casino games of choice for this superstar? Wayne Rooney enjoyed playing table games, including blackjack as well as roulette being his two favorites. Other gaming activities that Wayne Rooney would frequent include horse, as well as greyhound racing.


Andros Townsend

Andros Townsend is another footballer, formerly a winger for the Spurs for a stretch of time. He is quite well known for his ability to gamble a lot. He broke betting rules along the way too due to his appetite for slots, table games, as well as pretty much any other gambling activity out there.



The Brazilian footballer is very well-known for the years he spent with Real Madrid. While there, Ronaldo tore it up amazing the world with his skills out on the soccer field. From a gambling perspective, there are plenty of casino games for which Ronaldo was a big fan. He is famous as one of the best poker players in the world, competing in Poker Stars.

Phil Bardsley

Like Wayne Rooney, Phil Bardsley is a big fan of the game of roulette. There are plenty of other table games which Phil will partake in, including blackjack and others. Phil Bardsley is best-known for his time playing in Sunderland.

At the end of the day, the footballers are going to do what they want when it comes to playing casino games. Some of them will go with the games of chance such as roulette, while others will play the odds a bit more with blackjack. You even have some that will want to take their strategy and competitive spirit to the next level with hardcore poker games. In the end, it is all about trying to drive home competition and getting that feed of the action. Footballers will play all sorts of casino games and matching up what the most famous play can be quite interesting, to say the least.

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