4 Tips to Keep Your Online Betting Capital Safe

Published on: 22 August 2019

Traditional Betting has always come with its fair share of risks- you can never be completely sure if a bet will pay off! A calculated risk could lead to the winning of millions, or it could result in a dip of fortune.

The sudden internet explosion has led to the creation of various online betting opportunities. The ‘risks’ of online betting are different than those associated with the traditional game. Aside from the uncertainty of making a bet, gamblers now have to worry about their online safety. Rumours of hackers, bugs and viruses are enough to make anyone second guess their decision to bet money online.


Online Betting has been fast growing in popularity, and safety has become everyone’s primary concern. With a few simple tricks you can enjoy all the benefits of betting from home, while keeping yourself and your money completely safe!

  1. Use Established, Licensed Websites

Using legitimate websites is one of the best ways to protect your safety online. Before using an online betting platform, it is always helpful to do some research about the website. Try and find out how long the website has been running for- fake websites are usually newer. You could also check the search bar at the top of your browser. If there is a lock before the name of the website that means that it is secure. Furthermore, online reviews can be quite helpful. The online betting community is quite large, and is committed towards creating a safe betting experience for all. These reviews can help you understand which sites are legitimate and which might steal your money.


  1. Install A Strong Anti Virus Software

Online betting websites often use advertisements to supplement their income. While the websites themselves might not be dangerous, the third party advertisements could lead to viruses hacking your computer. Viruses differ in their intensity, some can cause your device to slow down, while others can steal your personal information. Installing a strong anti virus software will enable you to protect your device from such unwanted threats, and will help you keep your money safe.


  1. Upgrade Your Password Game

A strong password is one of the simplest ways of protecting yourself online. A good password usually has a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters, and perhaps numbers as well. The harder it is to guess the password, the better it is. In case you’re using more than one betting account or website, make sure that you create different passwords for each. Moreover, never write all your user IDs and passwords together in a word document. As mentioned before, your device is never completely safe and a document with all your passwords could become the victim of a virus attack. The safest option is to write your passwords down on paper, or better yet, memorize them.


  1. Be Aware of Spammers

Lastly, it is always helpful to be aware of what a company can and cannot ask you for. For example an online betting website will never ask you to email them your bank details- they will ask you to fill those in on their website while registering. Spammers often try to extract information from customers under the disguise of official problems, or security threats. If you are unsure about the authenticity of a claim, you can always reach out to the website through their official customer service channels available on their website.