Five big-name signings expected at Hearts

Published on: 01 August 2011

By Ameenu Shardow

Management of Hearts of Oak in the coming days will be outdooring five new signings, understands.

The unnamed players according to the head of recruitment of the club, Harry Zakkour will excite the teaming fans of the Phobians who have been clamouring for big name signings.

"We have five big names but we don't want to make noise about them for someone to go and hijack the deal," Harry Zakkour told

"Until we finish all negotiations and secure their cards, we won't reveal their identities otherwise the few big clubs with one man show might whisk them away with their serious cash."

Zakkour however reiterated that fortunes of the club will not change overnight with the acquisition of these players.

But then a three-year program has been put in place to ensure Hearts of Oak regains its past glory.

"We are building the team for three years just like I did in my time as Hearts chairman.

"It is not easy this time around, the quality and prices of players are not like before so we only have to be patient to be successful again," he added.


  • henry
    says: 8 years ago
    They don't have whooo.If they claim to be the oldest club,they should be bold to their catch.E ee!aboa kasebi suro owu ooo
  • ahoofe
    says: 8 years ago
    always same shit
  • Maxwell Johnson
    says: 8 years ago
    Your wish,wait and see for yourself on August 8th when we outdoor our newly-recruited big name signings.I guess you guys have forgotten the one heading the recruitment committee,the tycoon himself Harry Zakkour!!You can talk shit but we shall keep on proving you doubters wrong.PHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBIA we truly never say die until the bones are rotten.
  • fred genuwine
    says: 8 years ago
    maxwell shut up , who told you this dude is tycoon? for where, you dont know what you are saying , selling friend rice and Chicken , can never turn him tycoon , his days of deceiving players with friend rice and Chicken is over , now check is everywhere , so nothing for you , if you are not ready pay cash for good and quality players , phooobriam
    says: 8 years ago
    Well,you people can continue to criticize us but our motto will surely keep on strengthen us till the last hour. PHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBIA
  • kassbak
    says: 8 years ago
    Dzi wo fie asem wo ati.
  • poke
    says: 8 years ago
  • Oyisha
    says: 8 years ago
    Nonsense, you dont have foko to buy even division two players. All you did in the past was to lie to the players. Now they have brought back the chief liar to head their recruitment team to propagate more lies, but it wont work. Hearts, try and get things genueily and stop this robbery. Fake people
  • quophai
    says: 8 years ago
    These big names include- Bright Nsiah (Hearts of lions), Prince Attakora Gyima (B.A Stars), maybe Gilbert Fiamenyo (not concluded), One guy called Quaye from Edubiase who is being swapped for Osei Pele and cash. These are good players but why should Phobia and Kotoko watch whiles all the best materials are taken? which big name players are available now? compare Chelsea's signings with these ones and you know why Harry is talking of rebuilding.
  • Obi Ba
    says: 8 years ago
    No one builds a team for the future with big names. If as many as five big names then you should be ready tomorrow not next three years. Future teams are built with young talented players. So Harry come again. What are you doing? Is it building for the future or building to take charge now? This means you don't have any big name signing, or you are confused.
  • Frempong ephram
    says: 8 years ago
    Am happy zakour s the leader of my dear club recrtment commtee,he has done t before and always count on hm to delyver.
  • Aweh Gaskia
    says: 8 years ago
    All critics of the Oak Tree shall perish in jealous