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Published on: 13 October 2019

Sports betting is not just about fun and games. Many people make a living out of it. While not everyone can have a successful gambling career, there are ways to become better at it. Listed below are some tips to become good at sports betting.

Line shopping

In every successful sporting betting story, at some point, they will give credit to line shopping. Line shopping is a great way to get an edge. It involves looking for trusted lines, usually well respected like 파워볼사이트먹튀폴리스 (Powerball Sites Muktupolis) and then finding similar sites that are slow to update their own lines. In any case, it can happen during the last hour before a game. A particular book might post a listing of a -3 for a team then suddenly all other lines also start dropping. However, comparing the listing of two lines, one might list at -2.5 while another would still be at -3. This is a great opportunity to bet on the underdog and "chase the steam."

Tail a capper

Another way to find success in sports betting is to follow a respected handicapper who's been known to give or sell pics. There are many reputable sites that sometimes sell picks that you can use for profit. The key is to be early because this is where the "steam" that was mentioned above usually starts. If a major syndicate is shaping a line, you would want to be the first one to grab that opportunity before other books catch on it and adjust their lines.


There is a short supply of bonus in the last couple of years but they can still be profitable if you found them. Bookers sometimes offer a bonus for a first-time deposit. There are times that they offer reload bonuses for those players who deposit. If played correctly, this can be a great opportunity. It's always advisable to max out a bonus while it is still being offered. So if a bookie offers a 20% reload bonus for deposits of up to $2000, then it would make sense to deposit the full amount in order to take full advantage of the bonus. It's also considered to be a good play to sign up for a new book when there is a bonus at stake.


There is always the option of doing it yourself and become a handicapper yourself. But most of the information you're going to get that are widely available is already factored into the lines. So it won't do you much good to know the weather or the records of coaches on games as well as the stats. This is all information that's been accounted for by other handicappers and bookers. But if you are good with numbers and quite adept with a computer, you can develop a program to quickly process the available data and come up with your own edge.

Be the bookie

Because of the internet, connecting with other gamblers is extremely easy and possible. It is certainly possible that you effectively become the bookie and offer gamblers odds on different sports outcomes. You can still make a profit even taking into consideration the house commission.

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