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5 Tips to Selecting the Best Crossfit Shoes for Your Body Type

Published on: 14 December 2018
5 Tips to Selecting the Best Crossfit Shoes for Your Body Type
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The College of Sports Medicine recently conducted a study on the shoes that people wear. More than 85% of the people who participated in this study wore the wrong shoes when going out for a run. Are you wearing the wrong shoes as well?

Remember, putting on the wrong shoes when you go to the gym for training or for a run increases your likelihood of suffering from an injury. That is also true even when you wear CrossFit shoes. Here are 5 tips to selecting the best CrossFit shoes for your body type.

  1.    Classic Crossfit Shoes for an Average Body Type Did you know that 60% of the human population has medium arch feet? Experts describe this arch as biomechanically efficient. Consequently, it does not need as many features as other types of feet namely high arch and low arch feet. Classic CrossFit shoes are ideal for people with medium arch feet because they do not have any exquisite details. They are also cheap and almost universally available. Get these shoes if you have an average body type.  
  2.   Minimal Crossfit Shoes for Light Weight Runners Runners love minimalist CrossFit shoes because they help you run quickly. Remember, these shoes are lightweight and flexible. That means that they do not weigh you down as you run. Instead, they offer you a minimal level of interference. However, studies have shown that they are suitable for lightweight runners only. These studies are alarming for people who weigh 187 pounds or more. There is a threefold increase in the risk of injury when they opt for minimalist CrossFit shoes as opposed to classic ones.
  3.    Running Crossfit Shoes for Heel Strikers People run differently because their bodies are different. For example, some people land on their heel as they are running or training in the gym. Usually, an aggressive heel strike occurs when someone has tight calves. In this case, they require a CrossFit shoe with a high drop. More specifically, this drop should be 10 to 12 millimeters. In contrast, those who run towards their forefoot should go for CrossFit shoes with a 4 millimeters drop.
  4.    Olympic Crossfit Shoes for Bodybuilders    These CrossFit shoes are durable. That means you can go with them to the gym for a long time without buying another pair of sports shoes. However, they have an additional quality that makes them suitable for bodybuilders. More specifically, they have a small-elevated platform making it ideal for lighting. They also have a stiff sole, which is good for performing squats. However, they are not too stiff which means you can perform jumps with them as well.

5.    Toe Crossfit Shoes for Sweaty Feet According to Pretty Fit, toe CrossFit shoes are ideal for people who prefer breathable sports shoes. These shoes increase the airflow between your toes while encouraging the loss of body heat from your feet. Consequently, you would be feeling cool as you perform exercises at the gym or run for a couple of miles. However, these CrossFit shoes are suitable for people who weigh 156 pounds or less. Use these tips to choose the best CrossFit shoes for you.

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