5 Tips to Setting Goals for the New Year

Published on: 03 January 2019
5 Tips to Setting Goals for the New Year
Setting goals for New Year

Many people look forward to the start of a new year because it gives them a chance to start life afresh.

Before every New Year begins, resolutions are set either on paper or mentally for accomplishment. However, people tend to set unachievable and unrealistic goals, and still call them resolutions.

If you’ve always struggled with your resolutions each New Year, you can still come up with SMART goals and work on achieving them.

Here are some goal-setting tips to assist you in making this year different in both your health and general life:

Top 5 Tips to Setting Achievable New Year Goals

  1. Gain New Knowledge

Lack of knowledge can be a setback to attaining both personal and business goals. For instance, your business might require a website, but you might not know what it takes to have one developed.

Many business owners and individuals fail to get started on their goals because it often takes time to learn new ideas.

Learning is an important aspect of getting started with New Year goals. If you don’t know how to create a website or do marketing on social media, find time to learn it.

Take a class, search for information you might need on the internet or read a book. If not, you can hire a developer to create a website for your business.

  1. What Stopped You in the Past?

The past is often a predictor of the future, meaning doing things as you’ve always done them in the past is likely to yield the same results.

Figure out what could have gone wrong in the past to get a different outcome. The same is applicable, if in the past, you were always unsuccessful in your business attempts or whatever goals you tried to work on.

Think well and be honest with yourself about what could be the root cause of the challenges you’ve encountered in the past when setting goals.

You can easily blame the weather, economy or even your own family for your own failures.

However, the truth is likely to be something more personal such as resistance to or fear of doing what needs to be done.

  1. Work on Your Personal Growth

Businesses owners and individuals struggle to succeed for many reasons such as giving up too soon. Building a business or personal plan needs mental stability, skin thickness, tenacity and an eye opener on the prize. You naturally need these attributes.

Get a mentor or hire a coach to guide you in the right direction. Alternatively, join a mastermind group or become your own coach.

Read and follow advice on motivational and success books. There’s no better way to setting and achieving personal development goals than through personal growth.

  1. Work with a Tracking System

A successful plan has many moving parts. As a result, it’s easy to get lost and feel like there’s a lot of work involved in setting goals with little or no outcome.

But, with a tracking system, you can easily accomplish tasks and notice visible growth in your efforts.

  1. Re-frame Your Obstacles and Setbacks

Most people view failures and difficulties as a stop sign. Instead of considering your challenges as a reason to stop, reframe them into something that can push you forward.

Difficulties and challenges can be learning opportunities for you. Problems are challenges you’re expected to overcome to attain your goals.


Commit to the goals you set at the beginning of every year. It takes action and a willing or motivated mind to achieve the set goals.

It begins with making a plan that can help reach your goals. With a working plan in place, commit to working on it a daily basis to reap the benefits of working on your goals and achieving them.