A quick guide on the top betting sites in Bangladesh

Published on: 20 April 2024
A quick guide on the top betting sites in Bangladesh
A quick guide on the top betting sites in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of many countries in which there has been a rapid increase in internet penetration in recent years. As it happens in almost any other country around the world, following sports is one of the main reasons for people to be online. Along comes the opportunity for fans to place bets on their favorite sport or on the club they support or on any other event they feel like doing so.

With the increasing accessibility of the internet and the widespread use of smartphones, more Bangladeshis are turning to online betting as a form of entertainment and potential profit.

However, with the plethora of betting sites available, determining which are the best betting sites in Bangladesh may prove to be a quite challenging and time-consuming task. Let’s see which factors are considered as the key ones to reach a decision.

There are many considerations when it comes to deciding which betting site to choose. Perhaps the most important one is legality. Although it has been ages since betting and gambling have been legally prohibited under the 1867 Gambling Act in Bangladesh, there has been no massive progress in betting on sports other than horse racing and lotteries.

Hence, online betting is still officially not legal in the country. Nevertheless, the anonymity and convenience offered by online betting platforms are very appealing to Bangladeshi who appear to be eager to play on betting sites that operate under licenses from foreign jurisdictions.

The variety of sports offered for betting is also essential. For instance, it is no secret that cricket is the most popular sport in the country.

You would not want anything to do with a betting site in Bangladesh that does not offer odds on the major international cricket events. The same goes for all other popular sports like soccer, basketball, horse racing etc. so make sure to take a good look at the sports library and the relevant tournaments covered prior to making up your mind.

The odds and the variety of bets offered are crucial. Compare the odds at the selected site with the odds at other bookmakers.

A top betting site should not have odds that are lower than the average odds on the betting market. The better the odds, the higher the potential payout so competitive pricing is a must. You should also check how big the selection of betting markets is.

Almost any betting site will offer outright, over/under, Asian handicap and parlay betting options but there are a lot more and some of them are quite interesting and could prove quite profitable too. Make sure you choose a platform that offers literally hundreds of bet types for each event, including live betting markets.

Bonuses and promotions also distinguish a good betting site from ordinary ones. The best online platforms offer sign-up bonuses, deposit bonuses and free bets on a regular basis.

Apart from attracting new customers, a top betting site should always have ways to reward already existing ones. Check for websites that not only offer generous bonuses and rewards but also don’t have extreme terms and conditions when it comes to cashing them out.

Because of the legal status of sports betting in the country, it may be hard to find an online betting site that accepts Bangladeshi Taka for deposits and withdrawals.

Although the ideal situation would be to find a bookmaker that accepts the local currency, the next best thing is to find a website that provides lots of options when it comes to transactions. The best sites would accept credit/debit cards, PayPal, wire transfer, bkash and, of course, a variety of cryptocurrencies when it comes to depositing funds. The more options you have the better it is for you.

Tip: Make sure to check that a deposit method is also a withdrawal method. There are cases when a website will provide dozens of ways for depositing funds but very limited options when you want to claim your winnings, so check thoroughly.

The online gaming market is growing rapidly in Bangladesh and hopefully soon there will be new regulations governing the industry. More and more people understand and point out the need to look at the evolving reality with a fresh eye rather than trying to enforce obsolete laws. Better be prepared and ready when that time comes.


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