AC Milan clear Sulley Muntari of Inter shinpad reports

Published on: 11 April 2012

AC Milan have cleared midfielder Sulley Muntari over a charge of imprudence levelled against him.

Muntari was reported to have worn the shin guard of his former team Inter Milan whilst playing for rivals AC Milan in a match against Fiorentina.

Close camera shots had captured the shin guard as having the symbol of Inter Milan showing beneath the branded socks of AC Milan.

The shot sparked a huge controversy in the media with some criticizing the Ghanaian player as being imprudent.

But AC Milan cleared the doubt with a note on twitter in which the club placed the photo which shows Inter Milan has nothing to do with the shin guard.

Some media houses seeing the actual photo have described their early report as misstatement.


  • KanGaruu
    says: 7 years ago
    Eih. Media again! pls don't suppress my man 4me
  • Nana Mensah
    says: 7 years ago
    Nonsense! What Inter needed to do was fire that coach ealier than they did so they could start winning matches.
  • Vandal obese
    says: 7 years ago
    Why should Inter millan think that Muntari put portions of their symbols beneath his shin guard? Definitely, this is the work of a bias and unprofessional journalist.If i was or were Muntari, i would have sued the Journalist who want to make money out of his false stories in order to serve as a deterant to other infamous journalist who fabricate stories.
  • phrank kente
    says: 7 years ago
    Muntari you have stand firm cos vampires are over so just do what you know doing.if you can the take the journalist on so that he will know what he has to report in the game of soccer....
  • Pongojoshua
    says: 7 years ago
    Muntari is a greate man for AC MILAN future.