Adebayor considers helping out in Hearts' centenary celebrations

Published on: 05 July 2011

Organizers and managers of Emmanuel Adebayor's charity, Z-Sports International have revealed exclusively to the Man City striker is considering getting involved with Hearts of Oak's centenary celebrations.

Adebayor, 26, would like to use his international appeal to attract world class stars to play against Ghana's oldest club here in Accra to commemorate 100 years of its existence according to CEO of Z-Sports International, Foussena Djagba.

"To commemorate Hearts of Oak's centenary we are planning to organize a match to bring some of the big names in Europe here to play Hearts," she told during Adebayor's charity game in Dansoman.

"Proceeds from such a game will be handed to Hearts of Oak as a gesture from Adebayor to improve structures of the club."

The Togolese recently commissioned two water projects to serve the people of Koro and Hamile in the Upper West Region of Ghana.


  • Kuuku
    says: 8 years ago
    Thanks Adebayor for helping out in Ghana. He seems to be doing a lot in Ghana these days than in Togo. Maybe he feels more Ghanaian than Togolese.
  • Billymoore
    says: 8 years ago
    Kuuku, Adebayor has always sought to be a Ghanaian. He wanted to play for the Starlets team that Coach Jones Attuquayefio took to New Zealand but he was rejected. That is how come he went to play for Togo. He was born in Togo to Nigerian parents and raised up in Ghana. Naturally the Ghanaian environment and hospitality makes Ade feel more at home in Ghana than else where
  • Baron
    says: 8 years ago
    God bless Adebayor for helping our team out in da centenary celebration.
  • arkurst7
    says: 8 years ago
    let me update u about some info about Adebayor his father is a Nigerian teacher Mr Adebayo who came to live in Ghana but were not having children with her Nigerian so he engaged a Ghanaian woman who bore 3 sons for them before they move to stay in Togo so Adebayor's mother is a Ghanaian from the Volta region