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AIA president: Refs are ready but they need guarantees

Published on: 29 March 2020

AIA President Marcello Nicchi has revealed that the referees are “ready to restart the engine” but will need “guarantees” and are not willing to “risk lives”.

The Italian Referees’ Association has claimed that they will respect the decisions of the Italian government and insisted the match officials will only return to the pitch when it’s safe to resume play.

“Before talking about short and long-term prospects, we need to look at the present and the battle we are currently fighting,” he told Radio Sportiva. “The referees are people of rules. As always, we will respect the decisions of the government and the Federations.

“In the current drama, we continue to work on the resumption, but when doesn’t depend on us.

“We are ready to restart the engine, but we certainly can’t send the referees out there to risk their lives. We need guarantees for everyone, even for us.

Regarding the economical protection for the referees, Nicchi has claimed they will be discussed on due time.

“At the moment, these are futile discussions,” he said. “If the championship starts again, there will be things to do, if it doesn’t start again, other measures will be needed.

“We will do our part. We are professionals from every point of view. As referees, we are also being active in helping charities, but we do it in silence.”


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