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Andre Ayew Is Doubted to Perform Well in Clash with Cameroon

Published on: 01 July 2019

The Ghana-Belin game has surely ended in more than the 2-2 draw. Players have ended with injuries as a result of the intense match, and this could negatively impact their performance during the next games. This is the reason why there are many concerns surrounding Andre Ayew regarding the upcoming match against Cameroon. The captain of Ghana is doubted concerning their chances of taking over their opponents during the clash, and so people who bet on sports are also wondering what to do. Should they use a betting website to bet on Ghana or Cameroon?


What Happened?

During the game that has resulted in a draw, Andre Ayew and Thomas Agyepong have suffered injuries, which is why they had to be replaced during the second half. Ayew is somewhat more stable compared to Agyepong, though. The latter’s medical tests have revealed that he is not ready to go back to football yet, as his injuries are too severe and will not only decrease the winning chances but also put him in danger.

Ayew is still being monitored for his condition and receives treatment. The medical team will advise the technical one about his condition, depending on the results of the treatment.


Ayew Concerns

Ayew is participating in his sixth AFCON. He became popular for a goal in Ghana’s favor, which nominated him as the top scorer at this event. He has scored as much as nine goals.

But even so, people not convinced whether he’ll perform this good against Cameroon too. Because of his injuries, he might not have the strength to use his goal-scoring skills, so the team’s supporters are concerned that their favorite team could lose.

People can only wait and see the outcome of this clash. They are also eager to use a sports betting site and test their luck. This match is one of the most awaited ones in the whole tournament. After Cameroon beat Guinea Bissau and Ghana has a draw with Benin, fans are eager to see which team is going to thrive this time. This match is going to decide for the Group F summit.

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