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Animals Of Football Players: Favorite Pets Of Football Stars

Published on: 22 November 2022
Animals Of Football Players: Favorite Pets Of Football Stars
Dog love

Everything humanish is so true about football players. Many of them contain not only luxury yachts and mansions, but also pets. Some are very attached to them, and it looks very touching.

Marcus Rashford

This footballer today is perhaps the main hope of English football for the coming years. And he grew up in a very poor family and loved to bring hungry stray dogs into the house. He still has a dog named Sate as his best friend.

Memphis Depay

Memphis Depay was idle during the quarantine. To occupy himself with at least something, the Dutchman settled a small lion cub at home.

Depay didn’t think about the pet’s name for a long time and named it Memphis. Such an acquisition is not surprising, because the fact that the player is crazy about such animals can be understood by the tattoo of a lion on his entire back.

It is strange that Memphis has not yet reproduced the scene from The Lion King, because everyone wanted a lion cub to epicly lift him over his head while standing on a rock.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese footballer is unstoppable in everything: he has as many as three Labradors and a Sphynx cat. The owner admits that in appearance this animal is the most terrible in the world. But Cristiano loves all his pets very much and takes good care of them. Suffice it to say that in the morning he personally controls their menu.

Ronaldo is very caring, so we advise you to be that sensitive to our smaller brothers as well. To check your pet's health, do a cat dna test from time to time.

Ronaldo also owns an aquarium with four fish, including two Chinese goldfish and two Siamese fighting fish.


Perhaps this is the main football dog lover. He has six dogs in his family. They include Bulldogs, Newfoundland, Retriever and a rather cute Dachshund. The wife of a football player sometimes says that he pays less attention to his own children than to pets.

Lionel Messi

In 2016, the wife gave the eternal player of Barcelona a mastiff. The dog has grown to a very impressive size, Lionel jokes that he is literally as tall as him. The dog was named Hulk. He is very attached to Lionel and even plays football with him.


The Brazilian, in addition to football, has another weakness – card games. Therefore, when he had three retrievers in succession, he didn’t hesitate for a long time about what to call them. The dogs were named Poker, Truco and Flash.

Sergio Ramos

Sergio has always said that he loves German Shepherds. He believes that this breed simply has no equal in intelligence and devotion. Two representatives of these pets live in the football player's house – Lizzy and Jagger. But somehow, a Jack Russell Terrier with a funny nickname Chulo also got into this company. He is also loved by the family.

Mario Balotelli

Mario Balotelli, the talented striker for Milan and the Italian national football team, astounds with his choice of a pet in addition to his scandalous stories and spectacular haircuts. The player decided on a pig, but unlike Depay, he gave it his own name (Balotelli is often called Super Mario).

Mohamed Salah

The celebrity from Egypt prefers cats. Salah enjoys playing with the two Balinese cats. These long-haired cuties with sapphire blue eyes are captivating in Bali. By responding to a 2018 news release on the subject of his country, which was related to the export of stray animals from Egypt, the Egyptian Messi demonstrated his support for animal rights. Salah was concerned they might end up being eaten. "Cats and dogs will not be shipped anywhere," he tweeted. “It can't and won't take place.”

Chris Smalling

Things get a touch gloomy when we go to footballer Chris Smalling. The 32-year-old English star said in February 2020 his cherished dog Miley had passed away after ingesting rat poison, while three of Smalling's canines were free to wander the grounds of their expansive property in Rome. The player who is vegan described it as "suspected poisoning." Fortunately, Reuben and Summer, two other dogs, made it through the incident.

James Rodriguez

The Colombian soccer player owns a golden retriever, who are known to be nice, clever, trustworthy, confident, and sociable creatures. You may also discover photos of Rodriguez with two more his dogs – a British Bulldog named Maluma and a Cocker Spaniel, if you're seeking for football stars and their pets pics.

David De Gea

The Spanish goalkeeper's cute Chow Chow is known as "Maxto." This breed is renowned for its reserved nature. Do any of these qualities come to mind when you think of a goalkeeper?

Dogs are loved by footballers
Dogs are loved by footballers

Sportsmen prefer dogs

As you can see, football players prefer dogs. Largely because it helps them cope with severe stress. Most people don't really understand the level of intensity and stress athletes go through before a performance. Thus, adding a pet to the home environment provides unconditional support.

In addition, humans have been shown to be able to relax by demonstrating a decrease in heart rate and blood pressure in the presence of an animal. And for athletes, this is just the must-have stuff.

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