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Arjen Robben reveals his wife contracted coronavirus and 'had trouble breathing'

Published on: 09 April 2020

Arjen Robben has revealed that his wife Bernadien contracted coronavirus and struggled to breathe during her battle with the deadly disease.

The former Chelsea and Bayern Munich star opened up on the couple's health fright, and highlighted that Bernadien had struggled to recover from the virus over a sustained period.

Robben also hailed the invaluable support from their friends during the crisis, with the pair having been confined to self-isolation.

The now-retired ex-winger shed further light on his personal encounter with Covid-19, which continues to reek havoc across the globe as governments struggle to fight back.

Robben featured on a Bayern-centred podcast, via Bild, and said: 'The worst thing for my wife was that she felt this pressure on her chest and had trouble breathing. That was absolutely not a nice feeling.

'You also notice how long it lasts. It's not as if you feel better after a day or two. I'm very glad that it didn't get too bad.'

And with Robben and his partner restricted to their home, friends of the couple fetched groceries for them and took their dog out for a walk every day.

He added: 'Fortunately we have very dear friends who helped us then. But that was a strange situation, you can't go out at all.

'There are purchases that are then placed in front of the door. You can bring that in later.

'We also have a dog that we are not allowed to go to the forest with. Friends picked up the dog and went for a walk with it.'

Bernadien has since fought off coronavirus, and Robben admitted his relief.

'Fortunately, everything was still under control, but not nice,' he said.

She felt really bad, but fortunately she has been tested negative now and is feeling better.'


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