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Australian Guineas | WA Guineas Fields, Odds & Tips

Published on: 22 July 2019

WA Guineas has been running for decades, and it can offer you a chance to make a huge winning on sports betting sites. The race is restricted to three-year-olds, and it covers a distance of 1600 metres. Like other horse races, this one can be complicated to bet on. There are many betting options available, and they can easily confuse you. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about betting on WA Guineas races.


Australian Guineas Odds

Most betting sites will allow you to change the presentation of the odds from fractions to decimals. This format is a lot easier to work with since you will only need to multiply the odds by your stake to get your potential winnings.


Horse Racing Bets

There are many betting options in horse races, and it is essential for you to understand them perfectly. You can easily miss out on a good opportunity just because you don’t understand the betting options. Here are the options you will have when making bets on horse races:


  • Win bet- Here, you will be betting on the horse that will get the first place in the race. This bet usually has very high odds.
  • Place bet- With this option, you will be betting that a particular horse will be among the first three to finish the race.
  • Each way bet- This is a combination of place bets and wins bets. You will be that a particular horse will either win the race or complete the race in second or third place. In case the horse wins first place, you will receive payouts for the win bet and the place bet.
  • Quinella bet- Here, you will select the horse that will finish in the first two positions. The order in which the horses win does not matter in this bet.
  • Exacta bet- This bet is similar to the quinella bet, but you will also have to select the order in which the two horses will finish the race.
  • Trifecta bet- In this bet, you will have to select the horses that will finish in the first, second, and third places. You will only win the bet if the horses finish in the order you selected.
  • First four- Here, you will bet on the horses that finish in the first four positions. The order will also be important in this bet.
  • Quadrella bet- With this option, you will have to bet on the winners of four-horse races.
  • Field bet- In some cases, the winner of the races may not be included in the available selection of win bets. The field bet allows you to bet on a winning horse that is not listed. You will win this bet if any other horse, apart from those listed, wins the race.


Betting Tips for the Horse Race

It is impossible to determine which horses will get good positions, but you can increase your chances of success by considering certain factors. First, you should analyse the form and weight off the horses. You can then check the horses that have been trained locally. These ones will have an advantage over the other horses. Also, be sure to check the history of the horse. Those that have won races in the past are highly likely to get good positions in the WA Guineas race.



Betting on horse races do not have to be a challenge. You just need to understand the odds and betting options. Also, make sure you follow the tips offered in this guide.




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