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I am contacting you because I need your help. The 88mansion bookmaker confiscated money from my account. At that moment, I had 1246.59 euros in my account. I opened the account on November 5, 2023. In that period, I made 2 deposits totaling 990.52 euros (payment was made via crypto). My profit is approx. 256 euros. I was accused of having multiple accounts and of being involved in some kind of syndicated betting for the purpose of obtaining bonuses. The current balance in my betting account is 356.44 euros. But I don’t know how they calculated that amount?

First of all, I have never asked for, nor received or used any bonus. Second, they don’t even want to carry out the KYC procedure, in order to remove any doubts about my profile. Which I am absolutely willing to go through. They don’t want to carry out the KYC procedure, but they want me to play the remaining amount they left on my account (356.44 euros) one more time!?! Although they blocked my access to sports betting page!?! Even if I want to play, I am not able to place any sport ticket. A really silly request!?!

As I said, I made 2 deposits totaling 990.52 euros. Of that, I spent 8,942.05 euros on NBA player’s props and 430 euros on other sports (tennis, basketball games…). I didn’t play some suspicious leagues with some “strange” results. My rollover was almost 10x. And now they want me to play one more time!?! Nowhere in the rules does it say that the deposit amount must be played 11 times. I am a sport bettor from Croatia and I am not interested in casino games, slots and etc. only sport.

My betting range was between 45 and 125 euros. At that moment, the bet limits per ticket were up to 400-450 euros, depending on the coefficient. Which means I was betting with 15-35% of the allowed amount. With such payments, I could not use myself in some kind of syndicate schemes, arbitrage betting, “bonus hunting” or something similar.

I am 45 years old. I bet for about 20 years now. And of course, some bookmakers blocked me, or limited my ticket payments to the amount of approx. 1 euro. I would even understand that they took my earned profit, but they also took my deposit money! It’s more about unprofessional behavior, refusal to communicate. In the end, everything turns out to be a stealing of money. So I would also like to warn other players to avoid this bookmaker if they don’t want similar problems. This is an obvious example of blocking a player who has a positive balance and refusing to pay the remaining amount.

That’s why I need your help to solve this situation.

If necessary, I can forward e-mails where my communication with the bookmaker can be seen.

Kind regards,

Igor Klepac

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