Comparison Mostbet vs 1xBet in 2024

When it comes to online sports betting, there are numerous platforms available, each with its own unique features and offerings. Two of the prominent names in this space in Bangladesh are MostBet and 1xBet.

In this article, we will delve into a detailed comparison of MostBet vs 1xBet, focusing on various aspects such as mobile application version, user-friendliness, betting options, deposit and withdrawal methods, customer support, reliability, betting odds, and more. By the end of this article, you should have a clearer understanding of which platform better suits your preferences and needs.

MostBet vs 1xBet – Mobile Apps

MostBet vs 1xBet - Mobile Apps

Comparing the software of MostBet and 1xBet reveals distinct differences between the two gambling platforms. MostBet, known for its authority and technological advancements, offers a lightweight application with a user-friendly desktop interface and quick access to a wide range of sports events. With convenient navigation, real-time odds updates, and various deposit options, MostBet provides a comprehensive mobile device betting experience.

On the other hand, 1xBet’s official software weighs more but offers features like bypassing country restrictions, stable performance even with limited internet connectivity, access to statistics, and the option to play both sports bets and casino games. Both platforms have their unique advantages, catering to different user preferences and betting needs.

So as you can notice, both apps are good and unique; meanwhile, 1xBet’ application is the winner of the comparison because of the great range of services and opportunities it suggests.

MostBet vs 1xBet – Which is Easier to Use?

MostBet vs 1xBet - Which is Easier to Use

When it comes to ease of account use, both MostBet and 1xBet offer user-friendly interfaces, but with slight differences. MostBet prides itself on simplicity, providing a clean and straightforward layout that makes account navigation a breeze. With a compact application size of just 8.8 megabytes and no cache installation required, MostBet offers an accessible and hassle-free betting experience as soon as you download the application.

On the other hand, 1xBet’s software weighs more at 40.6 megabytes, but it compensates for this with additional features and customization options. While the 1xBet application may require more familiarity to fully explore its capabilities, its stable performance and comprehensive functionality cater to users seeking a wider range of options.

Ultimately, here we don’t have a winner, as the choice between MostBet and 1xBet in terms of user-friendliness depends on personal preference and the desired level of complexity.

MostBet vs 1xBet – How to Bet?

MostBet vs 1xBet - How to Bet

Placing bets on popular betting platforms like MostBet and 1xBet is a similar, simple, and straightforward process that allows users to engage in the excitement of online sports betting.

  1. Register an account.
  2. Deposit funds.
  3. Choose a sport and event.
  4. Select bet type and odds.
  5. Place your bet.

Now after account registration, let’s delve into the comparison of betting odds between MostBet and 1xBet to see how they stack up against each other.

As the process is similar for both bookies here, we can’t have a winner privilege as they both are convenient and easy to navigate.

MostBet vs 1xBet – Betting Odds

MostBet vs 1xBet - Betting Odds

Betting odds determine the potential payout of your bets, and it is essential to compare the odds offered by different platforms. Both MostBet and 1xBet strive to provide competitive odds to attract bettors. However, it is worth noting that the odds can vary depending on the event and market. It is advisable to compare the odds for specific bets across both webs to determine which one offers better value.

So, let’s make the comparison together. For comparison, we have taken the Chelsea vs Liverpool match odd.

Markets MostBet 1xBet
Chelsea win 2.9 2.98
Draw 3.45 3.725
Liverpool win 2.4 2.432
Margin 5,13% 1,52%

Now after comparison, as you can notice, margins are quite different, and 1xBet odd are incredibly more profitable.

Moving on to the next aspect of comparison, let’s explore the deposit and withdrawal options offered by MostBet and 1xBet.

MostBet vs 1xBet – Deposit and Withdrawal Options

MostBet vs 1xBet - Deposit and Withdrawal Options

When comparing the deposit and withdrawal options of MostBet and 1xBet, there are some notable differences.

MostBet offers a variety of popular payment methods, including cryptocurrency for Bangladesh players, such as Bkash, Nagad, Rocket, Perfect Money, AstropayCard, and various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin. The minimum withdrawal amounts vary, ranging from ৳500 to ৳2,500, and there are no maximum withdrawal limits specified. Withdrawals are processed within 72 hours, and there are no associated commissions. For deposits, the minimum amounts range from ৳200 to ৳75, and the maximum deposit limits are up to ৳150,000 for Perfect Money and ৳9,375,800 for cryptocurrencies. Most deposit methods provide instant processing, and no commissions are charged.

On the other hand, 1xBet offers different options for deposits and withdrawals. The minimum deposit amount for bank cards is ৳500, while e-wallets like MoneyGO, Perfect Money, and AirTM require a minimum deposit of ৳55. The maximum deposit amount for bank cards is ৳100,000, and it can go up to 100,000 Bangladeshi Taka for other payment methods as well. Withdrawal amounts depend on the chosen method, with minimum withdrawal amounts starting from ৳105 for e-wallets and payment systems like Neteller and ecoPayz. The maximum withdrawal limits range from 2,500,000 to 3,000,000 Bangladeshi Taka. Deposits are mostly instant, while withdrawals can take from 15 hours to 7 days, depending on the payment option.

In terms of deposits and withdrawals options, both MostBet and 1xBet offer a number of choices. However, 1xBet provides more flexibility with its higher maximum limits for deposits and withdrawals. Additionally, 1xBet offers a wider variety of payment methods, including options like ecoPayz and Neteller, which are not available on MostBet. Therefore, 1xBet has an advantage in this category, providing users with more extensive options and greater convenience when it comes to managing their funds.

MostBet vs 1xBet – Support

MostBet vs 1xBet - Support

Examining customer support services, 1xBet bookmaker outshines MostBet with its extensive number of contact options. 1xBet suggests multiple channels for account users to reach out for assistance, including phone numbers, email, live chat, Imo, Twitter, Signal, and Whatsapp. This wide array of contact methods ensures that users can easily and conveniently get in touch with the support team for any inquiries or issues they may have.

In contrast, MostBet falls short in terms of contact options, providing only email and live chat as avenues for customer support. While MostBet does have an FAQ section to address common queries, the lack of diverse contact methods may limit immediate access to support for their customers.

Overall, 1xBet’s comprehensive number of support channels gives them a clear advantage in this category.

MostBet vs 1xBet – Reliability and Reputation

MostBet vs 1xBet - Reliability and Reputation

When it comes to reliability and reputation, both MostBet and 1xBet maintain high standards that instill confidence in their users. MostBet demonstrates its commitment to fair and honest practices by ensuring timely and full payouts of winnings, transparent transactions, and a secure verification process to protect accounts from potential hackers and scammers. As a result, players have expressed satisfaction with the company, and there are no notable complaints regarding their services.

Similarly, a key aspect of 1xBet’s reliability is its compliance with legal requirements in various jurisdictions, including Bangladesh. By operating within the framework of local regulations, 1xBet provides a secure and transparent betting environment for its users. This commitment to legal compliance enhances the trustworthiness of the platform and ensures that players can engage in betting activities with confidence.

Both MostBet and 1xBet hold Curacao Gaming Licenses, further bolstering their credibility as regulated and trustworthy betting operators. With positive reviews from their users and adherence to regulations, both companies have established themselves as reliable choices for online betting experiences.

MostBet vs 1xBet – Line and Markets

MostBet vs 1xBet - Line and Markets

Both MostBet and 1xBet offer an extensive range of betting markets, providing users with a wide selection of methods to choose from. MostBet presents markets such as 1X2, handicap, win match, Asian total, correct score, and many more. Similarly, 1xBet suggests markets like goal interval, correct score, double chance, both teams to score, and Asian team total.

However, when comparing the number of markets available, 1xBet stands out with a more extensive offering. In addition to the commonly found markets, 1xBet includes unique methods such as goal up to the minute, the digit in the score, cup winner, and more. With an impressive array of markets, 1xBet provides a greater variety for users to explore and experiment with their gambling strategies.

The abundance of gambling lines and markets guarantees that users can find the bets that best suit their strategies and interests, enhancing the overall betting experience on both sites.

Therefore, considering the broader range and diversity of the market, 1xBet emerges as the winner in this category. Its expansive selection allows customers to delve deeper into different betting methods and find more specialized markets to suit their preferences.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, both MostBet and 1xBet bring their own strengths and advantages to the table, providing customers with enjoyable and exciting online betting experiences. Whether it’s through user-friendly mobile apps, diverse deposit, and withdrawing methods, reliable customer support, strong reputations, or extensive betting lines and gambling types, both webs strive to meet the needs and preferences of their customers.

Ultimately, the choice between MostBet and 1xBet will depend on individual preferences and priorities, as both bookmakers offer compelling features and opportunities for bettors to explore and engage with their favorite sporting events.


Which side should I choose: MostBet or 1xBet?

While both MostBet and 1xBet offer compelling features, our assessment leans towards 1xBet as the better website for gambling. However, it’s important to note that the final decision ultimately rests with you. We recommend thoroughly considering your specific preferences and requirements before making a choice between the two platforms.

Are MostBet and 1xBet legal for Bangladesh players in 2023?

MostBet and 1xBet hold licenses from the Curacao Gaming Authority, which allows them to operate as online gambling platforms in some countries.

Which operator offers the best welcome bonus for sports betting?

When it comes to the welcome bonuses for sports gambling, 1xBet suggests a more substantial package compared to MostBet. With 1xBet, new players have the opportunity to receive a welcome package of up to 150,000 Bangladeshi Taka, along with 150 free spins. On the other hand, MostBet suggests a generous welcome bonus of 25,000 Bangladeshi Taka for new players who make deposits within a 7-day period. Considering the higher value of the welcome package and the inclusion of free spins, 1xBet’s offer presents a more enticing opportunity for players seeking a substantial bonus when starting their sports gambling journey.

How fast can I make my first deposit?

The speed at which you can make your first deposits on MostBet and 1xBet will depend on several factors, including your chosen payment method and any additional verification processes required by the platform. In general, both MostBet and 1xBet strive to provide fast and convenient deposits methods for their customers, and deposits are instant.

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