Best Soccer Betting Apps Right Now

Published on: 22 April 2019
Best Soccer Betting Apps Right Now
Football fans are keen on using betting apps

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. But few countries have the same love and appreciation for the game as the United Kingdom. Few things are of such great importance to the average Brit as their football team.

In addition to being a popular sport to watch, plenty of people also enjoy betting on soccer matches. This used to mean going to a high street bookies but can now be done from the comfort of your own home.

Mobile casino and sports betting apps have completely transformed the way we that we think about gambling. But with so many apps out there to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. The following are the most popular and highly regarded apps out there for betting on soccer.


Bet365 has earned its reputation as the most popular betting app in the world. The Bet365 app provides users with a range of sports to bet on and includes real-time updates of in-progress events. If you don't want to bet, the app can still be used to stream various sports events. Bet365's various auto cash-out options are also extremely useful and give the user complete control over their winnings.

If you want to bet on sports, there are few apps more essential that Bet365. Combine it with some insight from this sports betting strategy guide and you have everything you need to start betting on sports with confidence. Check out Bet365's pages on individual soccer teams for an example of the kind of statistics they make available to inform your decision.



The Betfair sports betting app is another very popular choice that earns frequent glowing reviews from users. Although the Android version has suffered from some developer oversights in the past, Betfair has managed to combine a simple and intuitive interface with a dizzying array of features.

When it comes to soccer betting, Betfair is definitely one of the best apps for you to turn to. As well as offering in-app streaming of soccer matches, Betfair also makes it possible to place a bet with just two taps, using the 'quick bet' feature.

William Hill

The William Hill betting app is another example of a troubled development process. Previous iterations of this app have been slow and unresponsive, making it difficult to use. Fortunately, William Hill seems to have overcome many of these technical issues in their latest release.

While most of the app is mundane, offering everything you would expect, but nothing more, the enhanced football odds that are frequently available are definitely attractive. If you are a regular customer of William Hill's high street bookies, the William Hill app enables you to keep all your gambling with one service.

Paddy Power

The Paddy Power app seems to be one of the more divisive betting apps out there with passionate supporters and detractors. As with all the apps on this list, the Paddy Power app is constantly being updated, improved and having its user interface refined. It's not perfect by any means, but the current iteration of the Paddy Power app is leaps and bounds ahead of what came before.

By using a pin code to log in, players can load up the Paddy Power app and start betting more quickly and more easily than those using other apps. The built-in sports streaming and advanced live statistics are both perfect for those who are more methodical with their sports betting.

10Bet App

The 10Bet app is relatively stripped-down, skipping the live streaming feature that is standard on most soccer betting apps. However, this makes for a much simpler and more straightforward user experience. Without all those superfluous features taking up valuable space, the user interface is much more straightforward.

With access to 150 professional football leagues, what the 10Bet app lacks in features it more than makes up for in its accessibility. If you would prefer a simpler, less cluttered gambling experience, or you only want to use an app to make bets, 10Bet is a fantastic choice.

Coral App

The Coral app is a fairly run of the mill sports betting app but remains one of the most highly-rated betting apps according to user reviews. The Coral app has received particular praise for its user experience and interface, making it simple and straightforward to use.

Users can take advantage of in-app live streaming of selected soccer games, a variety of automatic cash-out options and a single wallet that is used to hold funds for both sports and casino betting. The app even allows you to watch a live streaming broadcast while you are browsing available markets.

The above apps are just a small selection of the many thousands that are now out there. However, they represent the most popular and highly-regarded options on offer. If you want to place bets on soccer games from your mobile phone, make sure you choose one of the above apps.