Betting on Individual Football Players

Published on: 24 June 2019

The king of sports betting is Football. There are a lot of aspects that make it the ideal sport for betting. First of all, Football is played across the globe and all year round. In addition to that, it also provides a wide range of matches.

Domestic leagues provide a huge variety of bets. Furthermore, there are also international tournaments and national cups as an added bonus. This includes Champions League and a rising trend of pre-season tournaments. There are also major events for national teams that are done regularly. This includes Copa America, Africa Cups of Nations, European Championships, and the World Cup.

In Football, betting on matches is a standard. That is why by adding new categories you can bet on, bookmakers are trying to make it more interesting. This includes combination bets for maximum odds.

Betting on individual players is a feature that is quite popular in Basketball but is only gaining popularity in Football. Today, we are going to talk about the possibilities that a bettor has if that individual wants to earn income through their knowledge of individual players.

Keep in mind that the stakes could be higher than normal online casinos where you sometimes can play without doing any deposits.

Bet on football at online casinos in the US

Even though the American betting market is heavily regulated, It’s not uncommon to be able to bet on European football at online casinos in the US. One quick search on google and you will probably have no problem in finding something that will work for you.

Betting on Individual Player

To win a huge range of awards, you can bet on a particular player. You can bet on the top scorer throughout almost every big league across the world. Thus, you can back a particular player.

In addition to that, you can also bet on the top assist maker in a particular tournament and the player of the tournament. These are pre-tournament bets. However, several markets would provide different odds halfway across tournaments.

Also, you can bet on individual players hitting the crossbar, being sent off, and being booked first during matches. Bookmakers usually place more markets depending on the match’s stature. Thus, you can bet on every single thing you can imagine.

Betting on the Performance of Individual Players

Sometimes, when devising your bet, we may don’t feel link following the entire team. There are a lot of variables to account for. That is why betting on individual players is gaining popularity. You can simply follow the form on an individual player and put bets specifically on that particular player. Nowadays, bookmakers provide a huge variety of bets on individual players modeled according to the ones present already in basketball betting. For beginners, you can actually bet on whether that particular player scores or not. This is probably the most obvious bet. However, this is where things go wild since you can even specify the way that a particular player is going to score. It can either be from a corner kick, with a header, or outside the box. You can even mix this wager with other game result predictions and/or other player wagers.

You can also bet on a particular player getting a red/yellow card if you think you know his/her character extremely well. In these situations, in order to assess better the performance of individual players, it actually helps to follow a local team that you can actually see live. In addition to that, betting on local players provides you the advantage of having rumors that the bookies may not have or inside information from the local media.


Playing Fantasy Football

While a lot of individuals consider fantasy football to be a simple game, you can actually present your knowledge of individual players here. The concept is that you’ve got a limited budget provided by the site to make an ideal team. After the game begins, the performance of the individual player is calculated towards your total score. There are a lot of sites out there that typically offer really valuable prizes for the best fantasy football players. Also, there are other sites that let you play fantasy football for real money.


Betting on Transfers

Football transfer is another feature where you can bet on an individual player that comes into play. Because these days, betting operators provide almost all types of bets, you can make predictions easily on whether a player will change teams in the pre-season period. In order to assess whether it is worth your money and time, it is best to follow closely all the news channels that both the potential club and the player have.