Ghana's No. 1

By heading to court with defamation claims, shamed Armiyaw Anas thought swimming as hard as he could to escape an alligator (Kennedy Agyapong), only for him to be met by a famished lion (Judge Eric Baah) on the shore. 

The lover boy of Ghana and founder of investigative journalism in the country, is at the edge of a cliff; inches away from the obscurity chasm.

All his works have come to zilch, sadly, but his ashen-faced disciples are struggling to light their candles in such a breezy winter condition.

Those skivs and duplicitous chancers have no shame- they can never have. These are the deformists of journalism in Ghana.

His fanboys, with hearts and minds like sponges and soaked up that specious No.12 ‘cantata’ documentary.

And the judgement by Judge Eric Baah was a nettle-like sting .

He said: "What the plaintiff is doing is not investigative journalism but investigative terrorism”.“From the above, I hold that the plaintiff is a blackmailer who uses blackmail to extort money from his opponents and people he does not like.

"What the plaintiff is doing is not investigative journalism but investigative terrorism,” the presiding judge, who awarded cost of GH¢50,000 against the shamed journalist.

Anas dragged the top politician to court over defamation charges in the wake of his popular 'Number 12' video documentary targeted at former Ghana FA boss Kwesi Nyantakyi and his allies.

Mr. Nyantakyi paid the heavy price - ultimately losing his position in Ghana, CAF and FIFA.

A former Fifa Council member and vice-president of the Confederation of African Football, Nyantakyi is serving a reported 15-years by Fifa since  October 2018 for allegedly breaking bribery and corruption rules.

But the latest judgment from Ghana's court has thrown the credibility of the decision in the air.

The top Ghanaian parliamentarian Kennedy Agyapong has been on a crusade against the journalist since 2018, insisting he is a blackmailer and an extortionist which has now been  gazetted by an Accra High Court.


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